I have always been a HUGE fan of the original AVALANCHE, and of Jessie in particular. But I find it very hard to write anything satisfactory about her though for some reason... Anyway, Friday I was feeling pretty awful and after some pathetic rambling about myself, this developed.

by JestaAriadne


You used to tell me stories
As I slipped slowly into sleep.
Well, I wish you could be here now,
And catch me.

It's not too much to ask, is it?
Here. Now.
Here, at the end of the world,
When life spews up in my face
Sulphur, and the smell of burning hair,
Now, before I lose the rest of my blood,
It isn't too much to ask
Just for you to hold me?

You used to tell me I was strong;
It doesn't make much matter now.
My candle is burning from both ends, as they say.
We're dying, you know.

We were always frank with each other, right?
Almost, anyway.
It seems silly, to say this now.
When we are past all hope,
(I would like to cleanse your face
But I don't have enough blood left)
Love, love, my love,
I would like to promise you something...

I believe I can hear you whisper.
"I am falling out of it all now."
I think that I shall break through to the sky
Somewhere above.

This is it here now -
(Love, love, my love.)
I wish I could see you.

My sky splits slowly
Hell beckons,
And everyone who can run is gone.
I'm sorry...

I whisper I believe you can hear
And I am slowly slipping away...


(I don't write much/any poetry normally as you can probably tell.)
Um... maybe I do have some sort of morbid preoccupation with this moment in time, but like I've said before, it's very overlooked. If this was a fic of course I would have mentioned more - about saving the world, Shinra, Cloud etc etc, but my I was trying to FOCUS for once in this poem.
Final Fantasy VII is not mine...