Stolen Hearts Across Time

Chapter One

Lily sighed as she looked over at her father. He was still weak, despite all her efforts to heal him. When some evil person had stolen his millennium eye, he had been badly hurt. After the theft, Croquet had called her, informing her of her father's condition. Of course, she had immediately rushed to Maximillian Pegasus's side and had healed him as best as she could. Her efforts had paid off after about six months. His condition was finally stable, thank Kami, but he was still not as well as he could be. He needed his millennium eye.

"Daddy..." she began, worry on her lovely face. "I need to leave you soon." She only called him 'daddy' when she was scared or nervous. At that moment, she was a little of both.

"I know," Pegasus replied with a faint smile.

"I've used some magic to track the eye to Domino. It's somewhere in that city, but I'm not exactly sure where," Lily informed him, taking his hand in hers and giving it a small squeeze. "I've already arranged for a helicopter to take me there in ten minutes."

"I suppose that you're going to visit your friend while you're there?" he wanted to know.

She nodded her head, curly blond hair spilling over her shoulders. "I've already sent him a letter, telling him that I'll call him once I get to town." A pleading look entered her teal eyes. "You don't mind me visiting him, do you?"

Pegasus softly chuckled. "I could never deny you anything," he replied. "You're my little angel."

Smiling, Lily gave his hand another squeeze. "I love you, Daddy. Thank you."

Croquet suddenly entered the room. "Mistress Lily, your helicopter is waiting."

"Thank you, Croquet. I will be along in a minute," the girl answered, not even turning to look at the man.

"As you wish." He bowed and left.

"It seems that you must go now," Maximillian commented sadly. He really didn't want to see his daughter go off on her own; however, he knew that he had to let her go eventually.

"I'll return as soon as I can with the eye... promise," Lily replied, giving her father a gentle hug. "It's going to take some time and quite a bit of luck. Once I'm in the city, I'll have to physically search for it. I'll only sense the eye when I'm near it."

"I know." He returned the hug. "I'm not worried about that though. You're a thousand times more important."

"Oh, Daddy." She gave him a child-like kiss on the cheek. "I'll be fine."

"If you run into any trouble, then you contact Yugi-boy. Even though he doesn't like or trust me, he'll probably help you out. He's a do-gooder," Pegasus suggested.

Lily laughed. "I was already thinking about contacting him. The princess wants to meet the pharaoh."

"And what the princess wants, the princess gets," he stated, briefly closing his eyes and smiling. "Now, get going, Lily. I'll still be here when you come back."

"Promise?" she wanted to know, sticking out her right hand and extending only her pinkie. Pegasus linked his right pinkie with hers. "Promise."

Lily dumped her two suitcases on the couch of her apartment. Croquet had been kind enough to escort her all the way to her new living quarters, but he hadn't stayed very long. She had ordered him to go back to her father's side.

'Well, Princess, from here on out, we're on our own,' the blond thought, raising her right wrist until it was level with her eyes. A golden bracelet dangled there, the small charms with Egyptian eye designs on them flashing in the light.

~Not totally. Your friend Seto is here,~ a musical voice responded in her head. Truthfully, the voice probably came from the bracelet, but Lily could never tell.

'He's going to be a pain to contact though. He runs that big business...' The teal-eyed girl picked her suitcases back up and dragged them to the bedroom, sighing at the sight of all the white walls. She hated plain, white walls. They were so boring.

~It'll be fine. Just give him a call.~

'I will... eventually. First, I want to walk around town for a while, see if I can at least try to locate the eye,' Lily replied, beginning to unpack.

~And the boy with the puzzle,~ the princess added.

She sighed. 'Yes, we'll visit Yugi. He is the reincarnated pharaoh, after all.'

~I hope that he is no longer angry with me.~

'Why would he be angry with you?' Lily couldn't imagine anyone being angry with the princess, least of all the pharaoh. The princess was a sweet person (albeit unpredictable at times), even though she had a nasty streak that revealed itself whenever they dueled.

~I don't remember. All I can recall is that he was furious with me.~

'I don't think that he's carried a grudge for five thousand years. It just doesn't seem likely. Besides, my father says that Yugi is a do-gooder. Do-gooders don't hold grudges for any length of time.' No one could house hostility towards a person for five thousand years. It just wasn't possible.

The princess was silent for a few minutes. ~Yes. I do remember that fact about Yugi.~

'How about I leave this unpacking for later? Let's walk while the sun's still out.' Lily didn't wait for a response from her spirit; she just walked out of the apartment, locking the front door behind her. The only things she carried were money in her back shorts pocket and her deck in her front pocket.

Warm, summer air greeted her the instant she stepped outside, and the sun caressed her face with its cheery rays.

"This feels wonderful," Lily said, stretching her arms above her head, her tank top raising to reveal an inch of her well-toned stomach. "And Domino is such a pretty city." She admired the beautiful trees that appeared every so often, along with the vibrant colored flowers in window sills. The clean air was refreshing, especially after she had become so accustomed to the salty sea air at the castle.

She began to walk around, silently conversing with the princess as she did so. Neither of them could sense the millennium eye; however, they both tried their hardest. Unfortunately, their efforts left them exhausted after a few hours.

~We should head back to the apartment and rest,~ the princess advised.

'Not yet. I want to walk around some more and just enjoy myself,' Lily replied, mentally shaking her head at her resident spirit. "Ooooh, a Duel Monsters card shop." With a small smile on her face, she made her way over to the doors.

"Look out!" a blond teenager shouted as he ran out of the store, knocking the teal-eyed girl over. "Sorry!" he yelled over his shoulder before disappearing around the corner.

The girl just shook her head and stood up, brushing herself off. 'Well, he was in a hurry.'

"Coming through!" a brown-haired teen declared as he rushed out of the shop just like the last male. He knocked Lily back to the ground. "Sorry 'bout that!" Then, he ran into an alley and vanished from sight.

"I'm almost afraid to get back up," the blond girl muttered, still sitting on the ground.

A young boy with blond, red, and black hair styled into lightning bolts walked out of the shop, his kind purple eyes immediately noticing her on the ground.

"My friends knocked you over, didn't they?" he asked, offering her a friendly hand. "I'm sorry about that. Here, let me help you up."

Lily took the hand. "Thank you, Yugi."

"You know me?" the young boy inquired as he pulled her up.

"You're the winner from Duelist Kingdom and the Battle City Tournament," she replied with a kind smile. "Of course I know you. Who were the other two though? Do you know the blonde and brown-haired guy who came charging out of this store?"

Yugi nodded his head. "Yeah. They're my best friends. Joey was the blond, and Tristan was the other guy."

"Joey placed second at Duelist Kingdom if I remember correctly," Lily stated. "What were they rushing for?"

"I don't know. They said something about a supermodel at the nearby mall," the short male answered.

'Dear Kami, that's just plain sad,' she thought, fighting back the urge to roll her eyes.

~I'd have to agree with you on that.~ The princess laughed.

"Well, do you think that it's safe to enter the store?" The teal-eyed girl jerked her thumb in the direction of the card shop.

"It should be. My grandpa runs it," Yugi replied.

"And you help?" Lily inquired, earning a nod. "That's really sweet of you." She patted him on the head before walking into store, a surprised and confused reincarnated pharaoh following her.

"Hello. Can I help you with anything today, miss?" an old man asked from behind the check-out counter. His gray hair was styled into lightning bolts, much like Yugi's, and his purple eyes were similar as well.

"No, I'm just looking," she replied with a smile. 'This must be Yugi's grandfather. I can't believe Dad stole this man's soul. Poor guy.'

The old man nodded his head. "If you need anything, just ask."

"I will," Lily promised, beginning to walk around and admire all the cards. 'I remember helping Dad paint that one.' She picked up a trap card called Nightmare Wheel and smiled. 'I'd buy it if I already didn't have one at home.' Setting the card down, she looked at a few others.

Taking another look at the girl, the grandfather turned to his grandson. "You keep an eye on things. I'm going to go to the back and find a few things."

"Of course, Grandpa." Yugi went over to the girl. "Have you found anything you like?" he asked as he stopped to stand beside her.

She laughed, remembering that she owned many of the cards. "No, but thanks for asking."

'Why did she laugh? I didn't say anything funny,' Yugi thought.

~There is something strange about this girl. I have the feeling that I know her from somewhere,~ Yami replied. ~I would like to speak with her directly.~

'Sure thing.' The small boy relinquished his body to the spirit within his puzzle.

"What is your name?" Yami asked her, causing her to turn and seriously look at him.

"Lily..." she answered, studying him. "You look different. Your voice is deeper, and you're most definitely taller." She paused. "You're the spirit, aren't you? The pharaoh?"

He blinked in surprise. 'I didn't expect her to figure things out so quickly.' "Yes, I am," he replied.

The blond-haired girl smiled. "Well, it's very nice to meet you, Pharaoh," she stated. "So, I assume that you want to talk to me?"

The male nodded. "Yes, and call me Yami."

"Sure thing." Lily paused to briefly study a card. "You can begin asking me questions any time."

"You look familiar," Yami began. "Do I know you from somewhere?"

She shook her head. "Personally, I don't know you, but the princess does."

"The princess?" he repeated. 'I should know who she's talking about, but I just can't seem to remember.'

Lily seemed surprised. "Don't you know her?" she inquired, teal eyes watching his violet ones.

"I know that I should, however..." The man drifted off.

~He doesn't remember me?~ the princess thought, sounding shocked. ~I didn't expect this.~

'You and I both,' the blond girl responded to her spirit.

"Can you tell me a little about this princess?" Yami wanted to know, curiosity in his voice.

Lily nodded. "Yeah. She's a spirit that lives inside of me, much like you do with Yugi." She gave him a soft smile. "If I wasn't so weak, then I would have been able to sense you inside of Yugi; however, I used up all my energy earlier."

'This girl becomes even stranger by the moment,' Yami thought. "Can I talk to the princess directly?"

"No. She never takes over my body like you do with Yugi." She shook her head as she spoke, her golden curls briefly spilling over her shoulders before she tossed them back into place. "She just stays in my head and gives me advice and company."

"Why?" He had never heard of a spirit not taking over their aibou's body before.

The girl shrugged. "She doesn't want to, and I see no reason to make her."

~It is your body, not mine,~ the princess added. ~Tell him that please.~

Lily chuckled. "She says that it's my body and not hers."

'That does make sense,' Yami thought. "Well, how about you tell me the princess's name?"

She blinked. "I don't know it, and neither does she."

~It's Tigrililian,~ the princess suddenly said. ~That's my name, Tigrililian... Lilian for short.~

"Okay... Forget about the princess not knowing her name. She remembers it now," Lily stated. "It's... Tigrililian."

"Tigrililian..." the pharaoh repeated. "She was called by a nickname, wasn't she?"

The teal-eyed girl clapped her hands in joy. "Oh good! You do remember her a little bit! Her nickname was Lilian."

Yami sighed. "I still can't quite recall any other information about her."

"That's okay. I'm sure that you will soon enough," Lily assured him.

"You're probably right." He nodded his head. "I am curious though... what are you doing in Domino?"

"I'm here to retrieve my father's millennium eye from the person who stole it," the blond-haired girl answered. "It's somewhere in this town. I just don't know where exactly."

Yami's jaw dropped. "You father's millennium eye?" he repeated. "But that would mean that Pegasus is your..." He shook his head, refusing to believe his ears.

Lily smiled. "Yes. It means that Maximillian Pegasus is my adoptive father."

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