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My undivided attention

I'm lying upon my bed in the hotel room, my eyes half shut as I watch the ceiling expressionless and silently. An open bottle of vodka is hung in my right hand that dangles limply across the edge of the bed, my mind whirring in one direction as my concentration fails to serve me. I've only just woken up, the orange glow of the sunrise beaming through the thin curtains and making me squint where I lay. Groaning miserably, I turn my body away from the window and accidentally spill some alcohol on my shirt as my arm is brought to my chest.

"..Shit…" I mutter, my eyes encircled with dark rings and my whole body aching with confusion, nausea and depression. Ray and Max had returned to their room last night and hadn't seen me since then, and in the meantime I had been drinking and as a result, hardly got any sleep. My head is pounding, it feels as though it's going to split in half and my garnet orbs are dreary and lifeless.

"Ugh…I'm gonna be sick…" I mumble, before my suspicions are confirmed and my whole body heaves upwards and my insides are hurled to the floor below me, making me splutter and gasp for breath as I use a pale hand to wipe away the sick from my mouth. I cough a bit before my body flops back onto the bed; I don't have the strength any more, I feel like I'm going to die any minute although I want so badly to help Tyson…

Just thinking about what could be happening to him right now makes me tremble, as I remember his innocent laugh and wide eyes that would often beg me to let him have some fun as I ordered everyone to train…I wish I'd said yes to him, anything to make him love me…

And suddenly I hear a knock at the door, my eyes opening a little wider just in case it's the next clue arriving. I try to sit up, my torso weak and sore.

"Kai! Hey Kai! It's us!"

I moan, my eyelids drooping as I realise that it's just Ray and Max with their daily wake up call; my body falls back onto the bed and I bring the vodka bottle to my lips and take a few gulps to try and help ease my mind off my depression. But somehow, it just seems to be making it worse…

As Max and Ray stumble through the door that had been left unlocked for them, they immediately squirm at the strong smell of alcohol and vomit in the stuffy room and grunt in disgust.

"Kai! What the hell is that!" Ray exclaims, pinching his nose as he steps further into the room and sees me strewn across my bed with a vodka bottle to my lips. I don't really have a reaction to their entrance, probably because I'm not even aware that they're in here and the fact that I'm pretty intoxicated with lots of Russian brand vodka.

Max hastily follows the neko-jin, copying his gesture as he immediately notices the puke on the floor next to my bed. "Eeewwww!" he shrieks in repugnance, turning his crystal blue gaze away from it and clinging onto Ray's shirt with a fragile hand. "Ray…what's wrong with him!" he asks in almost a hoarse whisper, watching me as I lay still and comatose.

"Uh-Kai?" Ray says, watching me with a quirked brow as I hardly move. My blood red eyes slowly skim to Ray's face, although he's like a strange blur to me in this state. "You feeling ok?" he wonders aloud, the answer quite obvious to anyone who had eyes; but of course, that's the first question you direct to someone when you realise they're not ok.

"Ugh…" I groan, my eyes closing in exhaustion as the vodka bottle falls limply to my side and lets a river of clear alcohol run onto the sheets and then onto the already stained carpet, causing a breach of concern to arise in the other bladers.

"Ok, lets get you cleaned and sobered up," Ray suggested, his hand extending to my arm and clasping it in an attempt to drag me from the bed; Max quickly mimics the dark haired teen and unpeels my fingers from the empty bottle, both of them enough to haul me to my feet and support me as they stagger over to the bathroom with me hung between them.

"I'll turn on the shower!" Max says as Ray slowly lowers me onto the toilet seat, resting me there as he has a go at removing most of my clothing for me. It's strange, I can't really tell what's going on because my mind is messed up with different thoughts…now I can hear running water and my face feels warmer, but the rest of me is slightly cooler as I feel no fabric against my skin anymore.

The next thing I know, I'm leaning against a wall with warm water spraying down on my half naked body, refreshing me slightly but also giving me less fresh air to breathe in; I begin to cough and splutter, my scarlet eyes widening and realising that Ray and Max are standing propping me up, both of them are drenched with water too but they're fully clothed.

"Ugh…what the-" I mumble, water falling onto my lips as stray slate bangs fall soaking wet to the sides of my painted face. I look to one side to see Ray, and the other to see Max.

"Finally, you're conscious!" Ray said, a faint smile on his lips as his hands grasp my arm and shoulder, keeping me standing upright as I notice an arm around my waist belonging to the blonde blader standing on the other side of me.

"You really shouldn't have drunk so much," Max adds, looking up into my eyes with wide azure orbs, as his flaxen locks were drenched with warm water that continued to spray down on the three of us. I now realise that without these two, I would probably have drunk myself to death or maybe worse by now. Especially seeing as there was a full case of aspirin on my bedside table, which I'd forgotten to take last night.


"Mmm…c'mon, lets get out of here," I murmur, using the other boys as support as one of my feet steps onto the floor outside the shower cubicle; I reach for a towel on the rail and wrap up my body immediately, as do Max and Ray who are equally as wet. We have to get dried off and dressed - before the next clue comes along.


Tala, Bryan, Ian and Spencer sit in their room comfortably, the window letting the morning sunrise spill into their room to highlight their twisted smirks and triumphant expressions. And even though Spencer had lost to me, the blonde had still won some kind of victory over me by not giving me the next clue.

"So, when are you gonna tell us what you did to Tyson?" Bryan asks impatiently, watching Tala with fiery ashen orbs and a sly smirk on his pale lips.

Tala's cerulean eyes glance over to his teammate and he grins, raising an index finger and wagging it in the air. "Uh-uh, you'll have to wait and see, Bryan," he replies, knowing this would infuriate the intolerant falcon, but knowing that he'd have to tell them sooner or later.

"Damn!" the lilac haired blader grunts, folding his arms across his chest and huffing. "Well…will you tell us if I go and deliver the next clue?" he asks, his eyes widening with a glimpse of hope.

Spencer and Ian look up at their leader at the request, the wolf sighs and lays his hands calmly on his lap. "Hmm, I suppose so," he answers, his grin still clear in his expression as Bryan's smirk widens and he stands to his feet.

"Yes! Right, what do I do?" he asks, wanting to get to work straight away as he crunches the bones in his arms and hands in front of him, watching the wolf for a reply.

Tala looks up at Bryan and then reaches into his pocket, handing the lavender haired teen a piece of paper with writing written on it's surface. "Deliver this to Kai, but make sure he doesn't see you." The crimson haired boy then reaches into a different pocket, pulling out yet another piece of paper and passing it to Bryan. "And then do what it says on here, but don't give this to Kai."

"Right, gotcha," the malicious blader says with a nod of his head, before heading for the door and then exiting the room swiftly.

Tala smirks with a hidden motive, before stands and follows Bryan's path; he reaches for the door handle and turns back to his teammates. "I'll be with Tyson, so don't disturb me," he ordains, before opening the door and stepping out into the corridor. The wolf shuts the entrance quickly before approaching the room of his 'Guest'.


I'm now dried and fully dressed in a new attire of black cargo pants and a dark blue shirt, as my other clothes are currently being washed. I'm sitting on the edge of my bed with my head in my hands, my fingers running through my thick slate bangs as I try to help my head recover from alcohol abuse and lack of sleep. I groan once in a while, the painful throbbing piercing my mind as I sit here and wait for the next clue to arrive.

Ray is standing by the window, watching the fog hang thick over the air as per usual, but occasionally looking over to me to check that I was ok. His brows furrowed as he watched me, passing a glance of concern over to Max who sat near me on the bed.

"It won't be long now, Kai," Ray tells me optimistically, noticing how depressed I look.

Yeah right.

"Hn," I grunt with so little enthusiasm I might have to start drinking again, just to increase my chances of talking.

We've been waiting for some time now, Ray's been pacing the room and Max has just been sitting quietly twiddling his fingers coyly. I've been sitting with my head hung, desperately wanting to know where Tyson is but knowing that I won't find out for a while.

'Where are you, Tyson…?'

I then hear a firm knock on the door and jump to my feet, ignoring the splitting pain in my head and rushing past the other boys that immediately look round to watch me break for the entrance. I swing it open and leap out into the hallway; looking down both directions only to see a mop of lilac hair flee from view.


"GET BACK HERE!" I scream, completely oblivious to the small note below me as I break into a strong and swift run that makes my whole body ache in pain; but I don't care, if I can catch up to Bryan then I can confront him and get some real answers.

"Oh shit!" the falcon exclaims, hearing the heavy pound of footsteps thundering behind him as he speeds up incredibly to escape my pursuit. "Shit shit shit!" he repeats, mentally scolding himself as he speeds up and reaches the elevator and stairs. He slams his fist into the button, but upon hearing my voice come ever closer, he swears again and bolts for the stairs instead.

But I'm not far behind.

"BRYAN!" I yell after him, my breathing heavy as I see him take flight down the stairs and follow him; I can see him jumping down the steps speedily and decide to take a risk, otherwise I'll never be able to catch up to him.

The steps spiral down to the ground floor, a long and narrow gap in between the coiled stairs that I could probably jump through and land at the bottom. It would probably hurt like hell…unless I landed on Bryan.

So I wait, my chest heaving up and down in heavy gasps as the echo of the falcon's footsteps on the metal stairs resounds through the constricted passage; but I can't wait for too long, I might miss him and just end up in a mangled heap at the bottom.


I then launch myself over the railing, my body hurtling towards the metal floor at a tremendous speed and my slate bangs thrusting up behind my head; all I can hear is the thick rush of air against my ear as I rapidly plummet towards the bottom, but I then catch a glimpse of lilac tresses as my body crashes to the ground and my eyes shut to try and relieve the pain I'm feeling.

Did I get him?

My garnet orbs open and the first thing I see is a puddle of thick crimson blood, which I then realise is leaking from my leg that has been thrashed against the ground when I landed. But upon moving my hand to steady myself, I feel a bunch of fabric beneath me and I clench it.

"Bryan!" I shout, my eyes opening fully to see the teen beneath me with his eyes half open. My teeth grit in anger as I roll off him and then use my strong hands to lay him on his back, pinning him down although the pain I'm feeling is excruciating.

"Shit…" I hear him mutter, his pallid eyes slowly opening to see who had fallen on top of him. I raise a fist above his bloodied face, my breathing so heavy I feel that my lungs are about to collapse.

"Tell…tell me w-where Ty-son is…" I gasp, a trickle of blood leaking from the corner of my mouth to run a thin trail to my chin, droplets spattering on Bryan's shirt below me.

Bryan smirks maliciously, danger flashing within his expression. He then suddenly spits at me, taking me aback as I flinch and he struggles to get up quickly; my eyes close and I try and keep him pinned down, but he grabs hold of one of my hands and flips me onto my back, his muscular build now sat on top of my own.

"You…bastard…" I gasp, wiping my face with a free hand before it's restrained above my head by the blader's strong hold. He's still grinning above me, before his twisted lips part.

"You think I'd tell you?" he mocked, as I struggle beneath him but to no avail; his body is a lot heavier than mine and I'm weak enough as it is, my head feels like it's just been smashed into a thousand pieces and I can hardly concentrate on his words.

"You…you ba-bastard…" I repeat, as I strive to keep my breathing at a steady pace; it's the only thing I can do or say in this position, I feel so helpless and weak. Something I don't feel very often.

"Hey! Kai!" I hear a familiar voice call out to me. Bryan's face then quickly changes to fear as he staggers to his feet and releases his grasp on me, before dashing for the door that leads to the outside of the hotel. He grins at me, watching me suffer before he disappears without another word.

"Kai!" another voice yells, as two figures run over to me and drop to their knees beside me. Max and Ray.

"Br-Bryan was…it was…" I mutter, the words not coming naturally to me anymore; I wince and groan in pain as I try to shuffle against the floor, my leg causing me to bite down on my lip to stop me from emitting a loud Russian curse.

"Ssshhh, c'mon, we've got to call an ambulance or something," Max says, reaching for my hand and holding it firmly in his palm; Ray nods in agreement and begins to pin in the number on his cell phone.

I was so close.

This isn't what I wanted…


Tala had entered Tyson's room without even knocking, he felt as if they were familiar enough now that knocking would just seem informal. A smirk is brought to the wolf's lips as a dim light fills the dingy space, and he notices the midnight haired boy laying peacefully in his 'bed' that consisted of a dirty mattress and a thin white sheet. However, upon a closer inspection, the sheet would appear to have dark crimson spots splattered across it and the occasional tearstain.

"Tyson, wake up," the redhead whispers gently and calmly, falling to his knees and reaching out a hand to stroke the fragile figure of his toy. The Japanese boy's body shuffles against his bed, his brows furrowing and a shiver running through his spine as he feels a cold touch to his warm fleshy skin.

"Mmm…" Tyson murmurs sleepily as his mahogany orbs open slightly to see a flash of red; they focus vaguely before he notices that Tala sits still beside him, his hands creeping across Tyson's body and occasionally circling patterns with his fingertips.

"Time to wake up, there's a lot to do today," the cerulean eyed teen speaks softly, a faint smile curving on his lips as his fingers trail patterns across Tyson's arm and up to his shoulder where he brushed in quick sweeps on his skin.

A smile quickly forms on Tyson's lips and he begins to chuckle, his head tilting towards Tala's fingers where is being tickled. "Yes sir!" he says, laughing still as he rolls playfully onto his back and the redhead climbs on top of the younger boy.

"Actually, just call me Tala," the wolf corrects, his hands sweeping low to the dragon's waist where he squeezes the flesh and makes the other boy giggle even harder. A pure smile forms on Tala's lips; he never knew that he would grow to like him so much…

"Ok, ok! Tala!" Tyson squeals in delight, his eyes watering happily as Tala leans in to plant a soft and almost…loving kiss on his lips. Tyson soon calms down and lays still beneath the wolf, his chocolate eyes closing as a silvery trail slides down the slope of his cheek from his laughter.

The Russian then draws Tyson in closer, enjoying how Tyson adopts the position of uke so easily and how beautiful he feels. Tala soon finds out that Tyson is enjoying himself too, when he feels something pressing against his thigh and smiles inwardly.

'You have no idea…how much I…I love you, Tyson…'

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