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Part 1: Confession

Akane stood frozen at the bottom of the stair case with one foot on the first stair. Her hand was holding onto the railing. She knew now she truly had feelings for Ranma, but the question was, did he feel the same? She wasn't sure if she should go up and talk to him. Lately they hadn't been talking because of another stupid argument they had and she was more then afraid of telling him how she truly felt. What would he do? What would he say?! She didn't think that she'd be able to live with the rejection, which she was sure she'd get. But then again, he might actually feel the same. Maybe he wanted to be with her as much as she wanted to be with him. Could it be possible? NO! He hated her and there was nothing in this world to change his mind. Or maybe . . . She just didn't know! She went back and forth with each thought, contemplating the situation at hand.

For a long while she just stood there, thinking. Thinking back to the day when it all began. Two weeks before Ranma had been acting strange. Shampoo too had started acting strangely. At times she would complete whole sentences which had only amazed her. Neither Ranma or Shampoo acted themselves, but Akane could care less about Shampoo. Her main concern was Ranma. At times it was almost as if he had become a whole different person. He'd do things that just weren't him. And then after he'd act as if he had never done such a thing. A week after Ranma began acting differently, she and he and the fight which stopped all conversations between them. The fight had all been because Shampoo had been all over Ranma. He didn't even try to remove her from himself. Instead he had encouraged her! It had made Akane very angry and very jealous. Though she had denied it the first time. But now she knew the truth. But why had Ranma done that? She had no idea, but she wanted an answer. He hadn't been himself and he still wasn't. He became different at times. Especially, around women. All women, except for her.

Well, the day of the fight, Akane had walked over and pushed the two apart after catching Shampoo all over Ranma. She yelled at both of them, using "We're in public!" as her excuse for pushing them when they asked. Ranma then after played stupid. He pretended he had no idea what she was talking about. He said that he had not encouraged Shampoo to do anything when Akane asked him. It created a big conflict. Akane had called him a liar and a couple of other names as well. Ranma had told her she was over reacting and that he had done no such thing, but of course Akane knew better and pretty soon Shampoo had gotten into the act and told him of the things, the disgusting things he had said to her to encourage her to come on to him. Akane was disgusted beyond words. She remembered walking away, but not before slapping Ranma across the face. Shampoo had been a little upset that Ranma had pretended not to know what he said, but she had forgiven him.

The conflict grew bigger from there. When school was out they continued to fight. They argued on and on about what Ranma had done in the morning and yet Ranma still protested against it. With one last slap across the face for Ranma, Akane finally shouted, "Don't ever speak to me again, do you hear me?!" Ranma had fallen to the ground by the force of the slap, but he quickly lifted himself up and replied, "Fine then! I won't! It's not like I was planning on talking to you again anyway!" And with that they had gone their separate ways. Ranma didn't come bak to the dojo till late that night.

Akane had cried that night while Ranma was out. After denying it for hours she had realized that she was indeed in love with him. More than anything she wanted to fix the problem between them, so she had gone to Ranma's room to talk to him when he had returned to the dojo, but he just wouldn't listen and told her she was wasting her time trying to apologize because he wasn't going to forgive her and he had reminded her that she no longer wanted to talk to him. Ever since that day about a week ago, they stopped talking. And if they did talk, it was just more arguing, which let's face it, it was not talking.

Akane shook her head, wanting to erase the memories that clouded her vision of the day of the fight. Finally, she had got up her courage and walked up the stairs. She slowly walked to Ranma's room. She stood outside his door wondering if she was about to do something wrong. She took in a deep breath and cautiously knocked on the door and then waited. There was no answer. Was Ranma really sleeping? She knocked again, but this time she heard a voice. The voice she was waiting for.

"Go away, Akane!" Ranma's voice penetrated through his bedroom door. Akane opened it only slightly, disobeying him. "Damn it! I said 'go away!'" His voice was harsh.

"How did you know it was me?" she asked, as she opened the door a bit wider. She took one step inside, keeping the door close to her body. She watched as Ranma sat up in his bed. He brought his knees up, placed the palms of his hands on his forehead, and his fingers in his hair. He then slowly placed his elbows on his knees.

"Because you're the only one in the house, other than me and also because you knocked on the door with caution like you did two nights ago when you tried talking to me and then you opened the door only slightly." He paused. "I'm gonna tell you what I told you before. Don't bother apologizing because your wasting your time. I'm not gonna forgive you, Akane. All those things you said I did, I know I didn't do."

Akane's anger began to grow. "Please, I'm sorry," she said through clenched teeth. She tried not to lose her temper. She couldn't believe he was still denying it. He sounded like he actually believed it too. That stupid jerk! "But you acted like you didn't encourage Shampoo with those, uh! Disgusting suggestions. But I just want your forgive - "

"My forgiveness? Why, Akane? Why do you have to have my forgiveness?" Ranma asked as he picked his head up and looked at her. She blushed as she looked away.

"It's - " She paused. Her anger began to subside. This was it. This was the time to tell him how she felt. He asked why she needed his forgiveness and she'd give him her answer. "Just listen, please," she pleaded as she entered the room more and shut the door behind her. She looked at him and he looked away as he nodded his head.

"Whatever," was all he said. She watched him as he looked away from her. She admired his muscular body. He was shirtless and she couldn't take her eyes off of him. "Well?" he asked impatiently turning his head to face her once more, she turned away, blushing furiously, wondering if he had caught her staring.

"I just wanted to say that I . . . Ranma . . . What I'm trying to say is that I . . . Well, to make things short I . . . See . . . It's like this . . . ," she began, but she just couldn't get the words out. She took a deep breath as she walked closer to his bed. When she was finally beside the bed she knelt down and looked at him. She saw something in his eyes that had not been there before. Almost as if he something was coming from the inside, slowly. It was almost like he was struggling from the inside, but struggling with what? He looked away and shook his head. He put his hands on his head and groaned.

Akane was taken a back by this. "What's wrong?" she asked quickly.

"Nothing! Nothing! Just go before I . . . AHHH!" His screams echoed outside. Akane shouted out Ranma's name with concern audible in her voice.

After about a minute or two of silence, Ranma shook his head and looked at Akane again, almost as if nothing had happened. "So, you were saying?" he asked. He didn't even sound one bit angry. It was like things between them were good again and they were talking about any old thing.

"I . . . I was saying that I think I'm . . . in love with you. No, I know I am. And I want to know if you feel the same. And about the fight I was jealous and a bit angry. I really am sorry, Ranma. Forgive me, please," she pleaded.

"You're forgiven," he said as easily as one, two, three. "I too, love you," he said. Akane looked deep into his eyes. They were different, almost as if they didn't belong to him, but she believed him and his eyes held no lie. "Come here," he encouraged softly. He extended his arm to help her stand up. While she stood, he patted the space on the bed beside him, indicating for her to sit.

At first she hesitated, but sat down beside him. He put one of his arms around her waist and pulled her close to him. Her body met his. She felt the warmth of his body mixing with her own. He leaned in a gave her a kiss. She kissed him in return. This was unbelievable! Was it truly happening? She hoped it wasn't another one of her dreams. He pulled away from her to look her in face. He smiled. Akane smiled in return, but she noticed that his smile was different. It wasn't his usual smile. It was that of a guy who knew what he'd be getting and where this would be going.

Slowly she felt his hand slid down her cheek to her thigh. He rubbed it and massaged it. Akane shut her eyes, loving the feel of his touch. His noticeably different smile was no longer any of her concern. He slowly moved up his hand from her thigh to the inside of her shirt. He moved his hands up and down her mid-section, touching every inch while Akane moaned. She then felt his hand slipping out of her shirt. That's when she began to unbutton it. He moved to help. They shed each others clothing one piece at a time, but for some odd reason Akane had felt that it was wrong. That she wasn't with Ranma. She felt it was someone else, like the Ranma she knew was no longer in the room. No where to be found. To her it felt like it was someone else touching her body. Someone else kissing her, but she shook the thoughts out of her head, needing this. Reasoning with herself, no longer wanting to stop what she knew was only natural for her and Ranma.