Howdy everyone! This is my second Final Fantasy 7 fic.... You may or may not have read my other one called Troubled Sins.... Well I decided to put that one off to the side because it was getting lame you know it was just a small retake on the game with some differences..... Anyway... on to new and better fics.. like this one! I'm began to think last night or early this morning.... it doesn't really matter..... And I think I hit something good. Anyway It takes place two years after the game.... and no it's not going to be my attempt on what Advent Children will be like..... Wutai was attacked by some unknown creatures, Godo and the rest of the Pagoda (Big Tower thing) Warriors were missing and the rest of the citizens are dead..... Yuffie wounded and tired travels to Coast Del Solo to ask Cloud for help...... Oh and everyone when you review tell me if you'd rather this be a Cloud/Yuffie fic or a Vincent/Yuffie fic... I'm kind of stuck on decisions here.

Chapter 1 - What Happened?

~Outside of Coast Del Solo~

An eighteen year old female was slowly walking through the ran... She was covered in mud and her own blood. Her clothing which was a green tank top and tan short shorts were in shambles. In her right hand she held onto her Conformer. She had chocolate brown hair and misty gray eyes... She was about 5'5" lean but tough... Despite her situation she had a small smile on her face. Her name is Yuffie Kisasagi... Princess of Wutai and skilled ninja. She's part of a group called AVALANCHE... The group that defeated a powerful man named Sephiroth and saved the planet from Meteor.

She continued to trudge through the muddy plains of Coast Del Solo, Fighting the simple monsters that dared to cross her path. She had a destination to go to and she aimed to reach it by tonight or else... she thought as lightening flashed through the sky and thunder roared.


"Tifa... I'm closing the place up now!" A spiky blonde headed man yelled. He is twenty three years old... has blue eyes that glowed a bit green from the Mako he contacted for the years he was a soldier for the disbanded company Shin-Ra. He was lean but built at the same time. He's known as Cloud Strife.... He was the leader of the group AVALANCHE two years ago. After defeating Sephiroth and coming to terms with his past he and Tifa Lockheart, his childhood friend and comrade in the group, opened up a bar in Coast Del Solo called, "Final Paradise" The bar was a instant hit in the beach resort.

"Ok Cloud!.... I still have some cleaning to do up here though" Tifa yelled from the second floor. Cloud walked over and locked the door. He stood by the window a bit watching the rain fall through the night sky as thunder and lightening clashed across the sky. Cloud sighed and walked over to the bar counter and cleaned the dirty glasses. 'This is Tifa's job... I'm the bouncer... she should be cleaning' Cloud thought irritably as he heard the ran fall on the roof of the bar, 'When the hell is it going to stop raining?... It's been raining for two days straight now!' Cloud thought as he heard another clap of thunder.

Cloud suddenly heard a loud 'THUMP' from upstairs. He stared up at the ceiling, "You alright Tifa?" There was a pause, "Yea! .... stupid fricking boxes.." Cloud grinned amused at Tifa's frustration. He snapped out of his thoughts when he heard a knock at the door, "We're closed buddy." Cloud said not moving from his spot. The soft knocking continued, "You're twenty minutes too late.... come back tomorrow." There was on loud thump on the other side of the door as the person leaned their head against it... Cloud let out a frustrated breath as he walked towards the door, "Alright.... You can have ONE drink.... but after that... you're gone."

Cloud unlocked the door and stood back in surprise from what was on the other side... It's a woman covered in mud and blood soaking wet from the rain. She looked up at Cloud and gave him a half smile before collapsing into unconsciousness. Cloud caught her with ease before she hit the floor and carried her inside. After placing her on the bar counter he walked back over to the door and locked it. Cloud quickly walked over to the woman and examined her... He couldn't really recognize her.... the clothes looked a bit familiar even though they were a bit ragged.

Cloud's eyes widened when he noticed the weapon in her right hand.... it was a Conformer... and only one person he knew could handle that thing... a person he hadn't seen in two years, "Yuffie!?" Cloud asked a bit worried. She looked totally different... She let her hair grow out... she was a bit taller and she wasn't the little twig she used to be... she filled out in some places nicely. Yuffie made a painful sounding groan but remained unconscious. Cloud couldn't think of anything.... so he did the only reasonable thing that came to mind, "TIFA!" He called Tifa down for help.

(Now y'all should be happy because I WAS going to end it here but I figure to write more so you know what's going on... Aren't I the greatest?)


Yuffie slowly opened her eyes... her vision was a bit blurry as it adjusted to the light from the lamp. She noticed she is in a bed. She groaned in pain as she turned to the side. She was surprised to see Cloud asleep next to her bed... He's sitting in a chair next to her bed with his feet crossed resting on the nightstand. Yuffie would of giggled if it didn't hurt so much. Yuffie pushed the covers off her and almost gagged at the sight. Almost her entire body was wrapped in bandages and you could see blood still managed to seep through them. She quickly covered herself back up and laid back down.

"So you're finally awake?" Yuffie turned her head to Tifa's whisper at the door. Tifa's leaning against the door frame with her arms crossed and held a relieved smiled across her face. Yuffie sat her self up biting her bottom lip to fight the pain... She slowly nodded her head. Tifa let out a breath, "You've been out for about thirty six hours... Cloud hasn't moved an inch since we moved you.... I think this is the first wink of sleep he's gotten.." Tifa said quietly as she slowly made her way to Yuffie's bed.

Tifa knelt down on the side of Yuffie's bed... she tried to find something to say... she hadn't seen Yuffie in two years.. Tifa gave her a friendly smile, "You must be hungry.." Yuffie nodded her head vigorously. Tifa laughed softly and stood up to get her some breakfast. As Tifa left.. Yuffie noticed some clothing at the end of her bed... no doubt they were Tifa's.... She leaned forward and grabbed them. A white tank top and black cut off shorts. Yuffie slowly and painstakingly out the clothes on feeling a bit better now that she wasn't just in all bandages.

After she managed to get the clothing on... she lifted her feet off the bed and sat on the edge of her bed. She gazed outside through the window.... It was still pouring outside. Yuffie's fists clenched as of what happened. She needed to tell everyone... She need to warn them.

"Yuffie?" Yuffie's gaze went to Cloud when she heard his soft questioning call. Yuffie just sat there starring at him and Cloud did the same. Then he gave her a goofy little grin and stood up and stretched, "Glad to see your awake... Had me worried there.." Tifa entered the room with some breakfast for Yuffie. "Oh... So sleeping beauty is awake now too... I don't think beauty sleep will help with your hair problem though, Cloud" Tifa commented with a laugh. Cloud just grinned as he ran his right hand through his spiky hair. "Here Yuffie..." Tifa handed Yuffie a plate full of eggs, bacon, home fries, sausage, and toast. Yuffie happily dug in as Cloud and Tifa watched.

Cloud scratched the back of his head uncertain how to ask as he watched Yuffie finish her meal, "Yuffie,... What happened to you?" Yuffie's face went blank as she was brought back to the memories of four days ago....She took a deep steady breath to calm her nerves and said, "Godo and the Four Great Pagoda Warriors were captured.... and the rest of Wutai... was killed" Yuffie hung her head down. Cloud and Tifa drew back in surprise, "Wh-Who?" Tifa started. Yuffie covered her face with her hands as she broke down in tears, "I don't kn-know.... All I could see where these... these... shadows or... phantoms... they were killing.. everyone.... I couldn't do... anything..." Tifa hugged Yuffie to comfort her. Cloud took on a serious appearance, "I think we should call the others before we here the whole story." Tifa nodded her head and handed Cloud her PHS.

Cloud dialed up Cid number...

"Yea.. this is Cid.. What the hell you want?" Came the rough reply of the pilot.

"Cid... It's Cloud.... We got a situation.. think you can come down?"

There was a pause and then Cloud heard some cursing, "This had better be serious.." He hung up.

Cloud sighed as he dialed up Reeve's office in Midgar, the phone ran a bit before someone picked up, "This is Reno... What do you want I'm busy!" Came the angry reply from the TURK.

"Reno?" Cloud said questioningly, "Uh.. It's Cloud.... I need to speak with Reeve.."

There was a long pause, "Reeve has been missing for two days.."

Clouds eyes widened a bit, "Shit..... It might have something to do with Yuffie's situation... Think you and the TURKs can come down?"

"........I'll see what I can do Strife" He hung up.

Cloud turned to Tifa and Yuffie, "Reeve's been missing for two days." Tifa stood up, "Do they have any leads?" She asked hopefully. Cloud shook his head, "I don't know.... It might have some connection with what happened to Yuffie.... I better contact the rest." Cloud called Barret and then Red XII... both said they would be down in a few hours... Cloud looked at the phone in thought, "Should I call Vincent?.... He likes his privacy... plus he could be back in that coffin.." Cloud asked Tifa and Yuffie. "I think we'll need all the help we can get.." Yuffie said seriously. Cloud nodded his head and tapped his foot impatiently, "He's not answering.... His phone is turned off.... He's just not answering.." Cloud said. Yuffie got a little worried think something happened to him too, "Keep trying... " Yuffie pleaded a bit. Cloud sighed and nodded his head then dialed the number.

~Basement of Shin-Ra Mansion~

The mansion was dark and quiet... down the basement and in the lab... the place was in shambles.. Books were ripped from the shelves and scattered across the lab... The capsules that held specimens behind the lab table were shattered. All this caused from a fight that took place here. The light that hung from the ceiling was blown out leaving the room in darkness..... Leaned against the lab table on the floor was a man.... He had long jet- black hair.... He wears a crimson cloak and cape.... he had black pants... his left arm was a golden claw from the results of an experiment. In his right hand he held his most precious weapon Death Penalty limply. Ex-TURK Vincent Valentine... part of the group AVALANCHE. He sat there motionless as a pool of his own blood formed underneath him.... In the darkness there were four sets of glowing red eyes laughing wickedly as they made there way out of the lab and through the tunnel.... Leaving a beaten Vincent behind.

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