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The Cat and the Canary

"You cheated." Arms folded across his chest, Will glared past the blade pointed at him at Jack.

Jack lowered the sword with a sigh of exasperation, "How many times do we have to go over this, mate?" He tapped himself on the chest with two fingers, "Pirate."

"Which means--"

"Which means, Will, that I'm unpredictable," interrupted Jack, closing the distance between them with flamboyant, sashaying steps that were more reminiscent of a whore's strut (more hips than steps) than of a dreaded pirate captain. Festooned locks swayed as Jack moved, the many trinkets jangling as they hit together. He stopped in front of Will, now so close that Will half expected to find his toes crushed beneath Jack's boots. "You can never predict when I'm going to play fair or when I'm going to cheat. In fact, you may expect one of the two but then I'll do the other or, maybe even in expecting I'll do one you'll expect the other and I'll surprise you and do the first thing you were expecting. Savvy?"

Finding Jack's penchant of standing so near a bit unnerving, Will took a step back, "So I can expect you to cheat during a spar then?"

Jack's grin, to the unknowing eye, was friendly and disarming but Will knew that grin, underneath was a spark of mischief making it the grin of a cat that planned on eating the caged yellow songbird once the master was away, "Or expect me not to cheat."

"So I should expect nothing of you?"

"I…" Jack paused, eyebrows knitting as he thought on this. "I wouldn't say that."

Indistinctly, the corners of Will's lips turned up in a smile of amusement. Though Jack, being a pirate and proud of it, was a man of questionable morals and, by the definition of the word 'pirate', a vagabond, one thing he was not was a fool. From what Will had seen, Jack could think of his feet, his mind even quicker and slicker than his tongue and smile combined.

"What would you say then?"  

A spark of something flared in Jack's eyes and slow smirk spread onto his lips. It reminded Will of how Jack had looked as their stol--commandeered ship grew closer to the Black Pearl. It was the look of a cat that had finally cornered the plump canary.

Jack leaned in closer, their noses now brushing against one another in a feather light touch. Brown eyes that were darkened by the black kohl about them and a single black lock that fell across the corner of one of his eyes filled Will's vision, blocking out any other sights.

"I would say that you should expect anything and everything from me." The smell of rum tumbled out with Jack's words, coating each uttered syllable, making it so Will could almost taste the words being said. He wondered if Jack's words were only silky and clever sounding because of the rum or if it only provided aid to the glossy way he laid out his sentences, smoothing out the words until they were as creamy as butterscotch toffee.

It was as this thought waltzed its way through the contours of his brain that Will felt a cool hand, roughened from life on the sea, slide to cup his neck. A calloused thumb traced Will's jaw line.  It was when Will's mind finally decided to make note that the hand belonged to Jack that Will felt lips press against his own. Jack's lips did not taste like the rum on his breath; instead they held the sharp tang of sea spray and a flavor of the same golden rays that had darkened Jack's skin to a dusky bronze.

The kiss was over as quickly as it had started and a satisfied, roguish smirk lazily settled itself on Jack's face as he met shocked eyes. It was the smirk of a cat that lay dozing, curled upon the hearth, a yellow feather stuck to its whiskers. "I told you, didn't I?"