Author's Note: Today is my day for updating my work, eh? I've made a few minor changes to the poem, nothing significant, but I think it solves the characterization problem pointed out by observant reader Donroth (to whom I am forever indebted). Thanks very much to everyone for the reviews. I think more updates and new poems may be in the works, so stay tuned.

Thranduil's Song

I bade thee go, Greenleaf my son,
To Imladris, to seek the One.
To speak thy message, then depart—
To Greenwood fair, return, my heart.

I never bade thee tarry there:
Where art thou now, my Greenleaf fair?
Wilt thou sail far upon the sea
And never then return to me?

Though many years thou wand'rest free
Thou art still but a child to me.
Return! return! Greenleaf, my child,
Wilt thou yet traverse in the wild?