Wandering deep in the forest
No sorrow yet upon my heart
I hear a voice:
What! Beren fair, or one his like?
Tinúviel, Tinúviel!
Who calls thus, and wherefore?
For Lúthien so long is gone
Few but Elven-folk remember her tale
Yet no Elvish voice is this-
Teach me to dance, Tinúviel!

I turn
Seeking the one who calls
There is a Man in the shadow
He comes forward with wonder in his eyes
Is this the fair Lúthien Tinúviel
Or belike one her kin?
He looks so young
Yet there is age in his face
Here is one who has wandered long
But what does he seek?

Fair maiden, pray
Tell me thy name
For I have never seen such beauty in this world
His voice is soft and full of awe
This young hunter has captured my love
I smile at him with breaking heart
And answer him

I am called Arwen Undómiel.