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Right out side the house was a big sigh that said HAPPY BIRTHDAY YUKINA in bold letters every one yelled surprise and yukina felt tears coming to her eyes "Thank you every one I guess I was so busy looking for my brother I for got my own birthday. "Well we hoped that you would like it because after shopping were going to a WATER PARK!" every body backed away from botan with major sweat drops." Well what are we waiting for lets go." Koenma stated, "Wait were is hiei?" Yukina asked softly "Don't worry about that he'll show up later with an even bigger surprise just for you." Kurama spoke up. The group headed to the car and yusuke was humming road trip. When they got to the mall they went into the swim suit store @@@@@in the dressing rooms@@@@ Botan came out in a pink bikini and a purple towel, yukina had an ice blue bikini and a red towel to mach her eyes. I don't think I'll need to tell you what the boys were wearing they got to the car and set off for the water park.