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Kagome awakened to a scraping sound. She looked up to see Aneko sitting cross-legged on her bed carving, what looked like, a piece of bone. Kagome yawned and Aneko looked up at her.

She smiled and said, "Welcome back to the land of the living, or awake… However you wanna put it."

Kagome laughed a little. "Feeble attempt at humor."

Aneko smiled sheepishly. "Yeah… I know…"

"Wow," Kagome marveled, "you knew what I meant."

"Whaddaya mean?"

"If I would have said that to Inuyasha or Kouga, they would have asked me what it meant," Kagome answered, hoping she didn't offend Aneko when she talked about Kouga.

Aneko snickered. "Yeah. My little brother can be kinda stupid and dim-witted at times."

Kagome studied her for a minute then said, "You seem well-educated."

Aneko shrugged. "I just like to read. I read a lot when I'm traveling."

"Where do you go?" Kagome inquired.

"No place really. I just go to where my feet take me."

"I see…"

Aneko went back to carving the piece of bone. The tip was sharp and pointed and was starting to look like a sword. Kagome asked what it was.

"Yup. Swords made outta bone are my favorite. My other one kinda decayed on me. If I'm not mistaken, doesn't Inuyasha have a sword that's a fang?" Aneko smiled at Kagome's shocked face.

"Yes. How do you know about that?" Kagome looked at her oddly.

Aneko laughed. "Most all the demons I've talked to know about Inuyasha and his sword. Sesshoumaru's too."

The other girl gaped at her, causing Aneko to laugh again.

"Sesshoumaru and I have been friends for a long time. Kinda friends anyway. Acquaintances is more the word," Aneko yawned. "I think I could use a nap…"

"Then why don't you?"

She shrugged. "I don't like to sleep more than once a day. I guess you could call me paranoid." Aneko grinned widely, showing off her sharp, pointed fangs.

"I don't think I'll ever understand you," Kagome chuckled.

"You get used to it. Most of the tribe has already," Aneko looked at the fur over the door as if it wasn't there and she was off in another place. "I stay gone too long for most of them even to remember me."

Kagome frowned a little in sympathy. "It must be awful…"

Aneko paused a moment to think. "No not really. I like traveling by myself; I'm the lone wolf of the pack I guess…"

Kagome looked down at Aneko's sword, which was almost done. She had to admit, it was a beautiful sword. It looked as if it was ivory and was the perfect length; not too big or small. Then Kagome remembered the only weapon she could use were arrows. Those weren't exactly good for fighting with the wolf tribe in battle.

"Hey Aneko?" Kagome said.


"Do you think you could make me a sword and teach me how to use it?" she asked nervously.

"Sure," Aneko got up and walked to the entrance off the room. "Come with me."

Kagome followed her out of the room, and out of the cave. After being stopped by Kouga, they walked into the forest. Kagome asked Aneko where they were going. Aneko replied with a shrug saying they were looking for a demon. Kagome found this odd since there were many bones back at the den.

Sensing her confusion, Aneko said, "A certain breed of demon makes the best bone swords."

"Oh," Kagome sighed in relief. "What kind?"

Aneko thought for a moment then answered, "Well, it's not really a demon…"

"Oh? Then what is it?"

"Dragons," Aneko muttered.

"A dragon?!" Kagome exclaimed.

Aneko shushed her. "Sssh! Now, normally, I don't like killing dragons. That's why I use their bones 'cause they last longer."

"Oh," Kagome still didn't understand. "Do you know where to find them?"

Aneko shrugged. "It depends."

"That doesn't help…" Kagome muttered.

The wolf demon laughed. "It wasn't supposed to."

They walked deeper into the forest until Kagome had absolutely no clue where they were at or how long they'd been gone. Aneko seemed to know where they were going, so Kagome didn't question her. After all, Aneko knew the woods better than she did.

All of a sudden, Aneko went rigid and turned around. Thinking she had heard a dragon, Kagome sucked in her breath. Slowly, she turned around to face the ice blue eyes of Kouga.

She gasped in surprise as Aneko growled, "What are you doing here?"

"Makin' sure you don't kill my mate," Kouga replied arrogantly.

"If I remember correctly," Aneko smirked, "she hasn't promised anything yet."

Kagome was about to thank her when Kouga draped an arm around her shoulders, silencing her. Again, Kagome felt herself enjoying his embrace. She mentally kicked herself.

Kouga said, "I'm takin' you two back to the den. Now."

"What?!" they both exclaimed simultaneously.

"Kagome want me to make her a sword!" Aneko protested.

"Yes, well Kagome doesn't hafta be with you when you get the materials, right?" Kouga asked smugly.

"No… Not really…" she muttered.

"I thought so. Now," Kouga picked Kagome up bridal style, causing her to yelp in surprise. The he turned to Aneko saying, "Get on my back."

"I don't want to…" she said crossing her arms.

Kagome gave her a pleading look that pretty much said 'Don't leave me!' Aneko sighed and walked over to Kouga. She stood behind him, wrapped her arms around his neck, and placed her legs around his waist. She hated doing this. She looked at Kagome, who had a relieved look on her face now.

Aneko sighed. "Will you just get going now?"

Kouga nodded, and sped off back to the wolf den at a mind-numbing speed.


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