Valentines' Hijinks

By Lady*Wildfire*Star

Rated :PG-13, subject to change.

Author's Notes: I'm not sure if this idea has been used or not before. If so, I'm sorry. I'm relatively new to fanfiction as far as writing goes. James and Lily stories are personally my favorite so I thought I would try this! Bear with me people! So I didn't have to create all kinds of new characters I chose to make certain ones from the Order of the Phoenix go to school with the Marauders.

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This contains, Order of the Phoenix Spoilers(somewhat) case there is anyone out there who has not yet read the fifth Harry Potter book!


Summary: James, Remus and Sirius decide that by Valentines' Day they will have their dream girls, and they will do whatever it takes to get them. Even if it means countless detentions, embarrassment, or even manipulation. Little do they know that someone else heard their pact and is planning on turning the tables...



Monday, January 31st

The bright sunlight beamed in through a dusty glass window, and went straight into the blue green eyes of a boy with light brown hair that had flecks of grey in it. He always looked tired no matter how rested he was, and was greying early, a direct result from the changes he endures because of the full moon. The boy was Remus Lupin, who sat in the Gryffindor common room waiting for his two best friends and their tag -along. James Potter, who had probably overslept as always, Sirius Black who always wanted his hair to be perfect, and Peter Pettigrew who nobody really liked anyways so they forgot to wake up him. Remus moved into a chair closer to the fire, that wasn't close to a window, so he could not be blinded by sunlight. He was going over his notes for today's History of Magic test when Sirius Black came charging into the common room. Sirius Black had raven black haired that fell gracefully into his big dark blue eyes, and was considered to be one of the best looking guys in school. He had always been one to draw attention and make dramatic entrances, so of course he was nice and loud.

"Hey Remus!! I have got to tell you something!!" yelled Sirius as he hurried over to the overstuffed armchair where Remus sat. Several people stopped their conversations to watch Sirius talk to Remus. Remus looked up from his notes and removed his reading glasses.

"Remus! James said that Frank said that Monica said that Lena said that Lisa said she overheard Emmeline Vance telling Lily Evans that she thinks I'm kinda cute on the way to Advanced Potions yesterday" said Sirius with a hopeful look on his handsome face.

Remus stared at his friend, "Oh not this again Sirius. We discussed this. Emmeline hates you and Lily hates James. I thought we were moving on from this whole obsession?"

Sirius narrowed those dark blue crystal eyes, "While James might be obsessed with Lily, I assure you that I'm not obsessed with Emmeline. I just enjoy a challenge , mate. James is plain loony anyways, we all know that."

Remus smiled, "Keeping telling yourself that Padfoot."

Then another boy emerged into the common room. The boy was rather short, had dark brown almost black hair, glasses and soft hazel eyes. James Potter walked straight over to his friends with a tired look on his face.

"Morning, Padfoot, Moony", he said as he yawned.

Sirius nodded and Remus said good morning , then he asked. "I suppose we better go to the Great Hall , eh?"

And with that they were off . As they walked Remus asked, "Where's Peter?"

Upstairs in the Marauders's(as they liked to call themselves) room Peter had fallen asleep again and was snoring louder than a train. He was not likely to wake up until most of their classes were over.

Once in the Great Hall, the boys were seated next to each other and eating. Sirius was talking to James about quidditch in between stuffing his face with bacon and eggs. Remus was sitting by them, next to Frank Longbottom, a friend of theirs and was comparing notes for the test. In walked four of the most beautiful girls in all of Hogwarts. The four boys stopped as Lily, Emmeline , Hestia, and Alice sat down at the Gryffindor table and began to eat breakfast. All four boys had a crush on the four girls, but three of the girls did not return the boys' feelings. James Potter was the most outwardly spoken about his feelings for Lily Evans. He had asked her out each year of school (them being in the seventh year so that makes six because had not tried yet this year), and each year she rudely turned him down. He had liked Lily since the moment he ran into her and knocked her down on the train to Hogwarts as a first year. Lily Evans had long dark red hair and piercing green eyes and was very well liked by almost every house, with the exception of Slytherin. Emmeline Vance was a platinum haired blue eyed bubbly witch, that most people considered funny but rather snotty. And then there was Hestia Jones, superbly intelligent and rather mysterious. Hestia had black hair, rosy cheeks, and bright hazel eyes. The last of the four wasn't considered as pretty as the other girls, and she was quite clumsy, but very well known because of her quidditch skills. Alice Kensington(made up last name because it didn't say what her last name was before she got married to Frank), who had medium length light brown hair and big chocolate colored eyes. And it was obvious that Alice liked Frank back. The marauders(with the exception of Peter who was still sleeping) and Frank watched the girls. Without saying goodbye to his friends , Frank Longbottom, got up and went over to sit by Alice. Frank began making friendly conversation with all four girls and Sirius watched him jealously.

"Why can't we do that? Every girl in school wants me, umm I mean us and the ones we want, don't want us" , Sirius spat as if the words "don't want us" was a disgusting heinous crime.

Remus looked up from his notes, "Maybe try not pulling pranks on them."

"You were involved too!" retaliated Sirius.

"So what! I'm Remus Lupin , I'm the sensible, nice one!"

"But- " Sirius began to argue back, but was silenced by an annoyed look from James that clearly meant drop it.

Sirius gave a frustrated sigh. James took a bite of his bacon and looked over towards the girls. "I have an idea." , he said with a mischievous smile. "You know that Valentine's Ball that Dumbledore announced a couple days ago. Well let's say we get them to go with us."

Remus snorted, "You don't have that much money , James."

James rolled his hazel eyes at Remus' comment. "No Remus , I'm serious. I think- "

Sirius cut James off at this, "No ! I am!" he exclaimed.

James turned to Sirius, "It's getting old Padfoot. It's getting really old." Sirius just glared at him.


"Remus I think that the reason were are not dating those girls is simply because we haven't tried hard enough. We haven't tried conventional methods," stated James.

"Like bribes?" questioned Remus.

"No I mean like chocolates, flowers, poetry, all that nasty Valentine's mush," stated James.

Sirius laughed , "Sirius Black doesn't read poetry."

"I doubt you even know how to read," joked Remus. Sirius glared at Remus too.

James turned to Sirius, "Do you want Emmeline or not? You have to be willing to agree to my terms. I'm not doing this alone."

"I smell a bet coming on." said Sirius

"No! No bets! Don't you remember what happened last time you two made a bet," Remus said.

Sirius immediately put a hand up to his cheek remembering the sting that had been caused by a slap in the face. James touched his hair remembering what it was like to have been hit by a hair removal curse and being bald for three weeks. That included his eyebrows.

"Okay so no bets", said James, "We call it a pact."

"What are the stipulations", asked Remus.

"We use the methods that I said. And it must be done by Valentine's Day. We start tomorrow", responded James. Then James went on to say, "Agree?"

Sirius and Remus both said agreed at the same time.

Passing by to get to their house table a white-blonde haired man and a man with greasy hair had overheard the so called pact. And instantly the two of them decided to do whatever they could to destroy the Marauders's attempts, and for very good reasons....

- Lady*Wildfire*Star