Valentine's Hijinks

BY: Midnight Starfire

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Bonus chapter

Chapter Five: Marauders plus Firewhiskey = Chaos

Saturday, February 13th. The day of the ball, one day from Valentine's Day.....

Sirius Black was an impatient and agitated soul. Waiting and sitting still were among the many things that Sirius Black detested about life and found near impossible to do. Sitting in HIS, not anyone else's but HIS, overstuffed armchair by the fire he waited. And he waited. True it was midnight and everyone else was lost in dreamland, yet his eyes could not help but dart to the entrance of the dormitories every once in awhile. While Remus and Peter sleep soundly (Peter a little too soundly, for Sirius had once succeeded in setting their room on fire and Peter did not awake as his bed caught fire), James did not. James had always been a light sleeper, constantly given to insomnia and sleepwalking. Sleepwalking which almost lead to his expulsion when he slept walked into the girls' dorms and woke up there.

Sirius once again looked around the room, finding nothing. It was a relief, yet discouraging all in the same breath. He was hoping to see a specific someone, yet hoping not to see anyone else. Sirius did not fear expulsion, he was a favorite with all of his professors and the headmaster because of his charm. The marauders were notorious for their pranks but that didn't mean the teachers weren't fond of them because of their wit and intelligence. Being very tired Sirius truly hoped he would not have to invent some sort of falsehood to save himself. He couldn't begin to fathom what would happen if he was caught.

About to give up, literally believing he could hear his bed calling his name, a lone figure stumbled into the room. Sirius stared at the person, dumbfounded, wondering why in Merlin's name they were dressed in a filthy set of black robes. This individual's face was covered causing them to look like a Dementor. Forcing himself not to laugh at this person's so called cunningness, Sirius motioned for them to come over to him. The figure seemed to float to him and Sirius found himself unable to stifle the laughter. When Sirius had said make sure to be stealthy, he did not say dress like a Dementor and try to scare the wits out of anyone who spies you wandering down the halls.

"You're lucky they didn't change the passwords," mumbled the cloaked figure.

"Am I?" retorted Sirius. "Where's the....stuff?"

The hooded figure held up a small velvet black satchel and waved it in front of Sirius. Promptly, Sirius reached out to try and retrieve the satchel.

"No," said the figure shaking its finger. "You must first promise not to tell that I was the one who brought you this," it demanded.

Sirius nodded his head in compliance. "I don't actually know who you are, Frank said it was a friend who would retrieve it. He did not speak your name."

The figure was silent for a moment then said, "that is well, I wouldn't want you getting me expelled. Finest stuff in the whole castle this is."

"Finest stuff?" interrogated Sirius, "you mean other professors actually keep this stuff around?"

The cloaked figure nodded, "Dumbledore's just happens to be the strongest, and I'll testify to that." The figure abruptly laughed an odd shrill laugh that almost sounded forced. "Imported, this stuff is." The figure then proceeded to hand the velvet back satchel to Sirius.

Sirius snatched it eagerly from its hands and said, "Right then, what's the price for this?"

"I'm not fond of money, I have enough of my own. Have you brought the cards?" it questioned.

"Indeed," replied Sirius pulling out a tiny brown sack. "How many?"

"I'm thinking around six, perhaps. Yes, six of your rarest ones. No I changed my mind, make that seven. Yes, seven my lucky number," chattered the cloaked figure.

Sirius's deep blue eyes widened, "SEVEN?!" he exclaimed.

"Yes seven, this stuff is rare. It was quite the task getting my hands on it as well. Now seven or I'll be leaving," said the figure.

"Six?" bargained Sirius.

"Do not gamble with me," laughed the figure, "seven or you can find another way to get your hands on this. I doubt you will, it's not easy to access when you're at school."

"Fine," said Sirius handing the figure the cards, "Seven of my newest and rarest ones. Are they to your liking?" he asked.

The figure examined the cards and nodded. "Perfect! I have none of these!"

Sirius was laughing inwardly, what kind of fool trades CHOCOLATE FROG CARDS for this?

"T'was nice doing business with you, Mr. Black. If ever you need anything again, be sure to look me up," said the figure.

Sirius lifted one eyebrow quizzically at the figure's statement. "Righttttt......"

Without another word the two parted ways.

Upstairs in his room Sirius laughed evilly to himself as he picked the lock to his secret chest, where he kept all sorts of things. Most of the things the marauders knew about, but some they didn't. Like Sirius's teddy bear named Mr. Hugs. Throwing the black satchel into the box and re-locking it, Sirius then jammed the box under his bed. He hopped into bed and rolled over to fall asleep.

James, who had been awake since Sirius left inconspicuously the first time, couldn't help but wonder why Sirius was laughing evilly and what he had brought back with him.

The next morning at breakfast.....

Sirius as usual was helping himself to all the bacon at the table, including that which was on other people's plates. Especially when they were not looking. Remus was reading at the table, which in some cultures is considered rude, Peter overslept, Frank was talking to Alice, and James was oddly missing from the whole equation. As he chewed yet his twentieth piece of bacon, Sirius pondered whether or not to tell James and Remus of his exploits last night. James would probably laugh and say he wanted to be part of Sirius's no- good -underhanded- plan but Remus would probably panic. "Now Sirius, you must give that back. You know we will all get expelled blah blah blah...." and that's when Sirius would stop listening. Sirius already had one mother that he hated, he didn't need another.

James then came hurrying into the Great Hall. As everyone milled out of their dormitories to breakfast, James had stayed behind. When he was positive that only he and Peter (who was asleep) was in the room he picked the lock on Sirius's secret chest. James had to laugh when he saw some of the items in there, but deciding this was not the time for that, he retrieved the black satchel. Opening it up he received quite a surprise......

Sirius was interrupted from his thirtieth piece of bacon by a puzzled James clambering into the Great Hall. James hurried over to Sirius, moving and tripping over people in the process, and sat down. "Padfoot, we need to talk!" he exclaimed.

Sirius once again lifted the signature one eyebrow, "Whut fur?" he asked with his mouth full of food.

James immediately fetched the black satchel from his robes, "Padfoot, old friend, what do you intend on doing with this? And a bottle this size, that's insane! Do you have some sort of problem I do not know about?" rambled James.

Sirius chose to temporarily dismiss the fact that James had invaded his personal space and gone through his belongings. "SSSHHH!" he hissed grabbing the satchel from James. "It's for the ball."

"You're going to drink this whole bottle of fire whiskey before the ball?" asked James.

"No!" yelled Sirius a bit too loud because some scared first years scurried away. "I was thinking it would be....well interesting to add this to the punch at the ball," said Sirius.

A sly, mischievous grin spread across James' face faster than wild fire. "Good point, Padfoot. But none the less where did you get this?"

Sirius smiled as well, "I have connections and I'm afraid I'm not allowed to say. But I'll leave you with an amusing thought, it came from Dumbledore's office."

"Dumbledore?" asked James dumbly in disbelief, "No way!"

"Way," said Sirius. "I have never seen dark blue fire whiskey before, I didn't even know it existed."

"Well, it's imported. From....Russia?" said James trying to read the label.

Sirius looked at the bottle trying to make out the script, "something like that."

Upstairs in the girls' dormitories......

"Emmeline, please tell me that you're not already getting ready for the ball, it doesn't start until nightfall," bellowed Hestia, "by then your hair is going to be mussed up anyway."

"I'm not getting ready Hes," said Emmeline, "I'm merely deciding what jewelry and make up to wear tonight." Emmeline had gotten out a large box full of jewelry and make up and was going through all of it. Of course she had also retrieved her emerald set of dress robes and was trying to match the jewelry to it.

Lily came practically bouncing into the room. "Morning everyone!" she said cheerfully. Emmeline and Hestia turned to stare at Lily, who was ALWAYS grumpy and impatient in the mornings. A pretty little smile graced Lily's face and her eyes twinkled, and she had an air of sheer excitement about her. Hestia and Emmeline exchanged surprise yet delighted faces.

"You do like him!" chortled Emmeline.

Due to her comment a fifteen minute long argument about the fact that Lily wasn't sure or not if she did like him unsued.

After the argument the girls headed to breakfast.

But Emmeline brought up James which egged Lily back into their discussion.

"I never said I liked him. Not once!"

"You didn't have to, you spoke with your eyes my friend."

"That's impossible! Besides even if I did like him, which I can assure you I don't know for sure yet, he probably likes some tart. Some girl with a food name or something like his last girlfriends. Trixie, Candy, Buttercup, whatever!"

Emmeline put her hands on the door to the Great Hall and then turned around, "Yeah I bet you're right he does like one of them. That's why he's taking you to the VALENTINE's Ball and not them, hmmm?"

Lily was silenced from her tirade by Emmeline's comment. It was well known that if anyone even went to the Valentine's Ball they took someone they were INTERESTED in or someone they were DATING. A dainty smile of realization took over Lily Evans' features.

The girls entered the Great Hall in silence and headed over to their table.

All was well and the disagreement was ended.

They sat down to eat and Emmeline just had to start up again. "So Mrs. Potter what are you naming your first child?"

Thus causing a two hour tirade from Lily.

The marauders (minus Peter because he couldn't get a date, even bribery did not work) and Frank stood in front of large mirrors in the bathroom getting ready for the ball. As boys, there wasn't much work to be done, yet somehow Sirius managed to keep them in the bathroom for a year. Sirius had to perfect his hair, which consisted of doing and re-doing his hair, using too much gel and then complaining about it. Remus straightened out his dress robes and noticed that he had a large hole eaten in it from a moth. Frank offered Remus his extra set and Remus took the offer, though it wounded his pride. Remus then left to retrieve Frank's extra dress robes and change. Right after Remus left, Frank left to go see Alice.

"Hey....uhhh...Prongs?" asked Sirius.

"Padfoot?" replied James.

"Are we still going to...spike the punch?"

James smiled wickedly and nodded, "I think we should sneak down there while they are setting up and offer to help. That way we can add the special ingredient in, and no one will see us."

Sirius nodded and grinned. "Absolutely brilliant, Prongs. You have just reminded me why you are my partner in crime," he told James.

They then exited and headed towards the Great Hall, where the ball would be held. Not before Sirius checked his hair once last time though. The professors would think they were too kind offering to help like that. Even though there wasn't much help needed because everything was done with magic.

Remus came hurrying back in to see his friends, to find that they had left. "Where did everyone go?" mused Remus aloud.

In the girls's dormitories.....

"Hold still Hestia! You act like you have never worn eyeliner before!" yelled Emmeline who had been attempting to put eyeliner on Hestia for about an hour now, just to have Hestia move whenever it reached her eyes.

"I've seen how you wear your makeup, Em, and I don't want to look like you! So just get back!"roared Hestia as she jumped up. Emmeline then chased her around the room.

"Oh stop! My makeup doesn't look bad at all, it looks beautiful! Just like me!" joked Emmeline.

"CONCEITED!" yelled Hestia.

Nearby curling her hair with her wand, seated upon her bed, was Lily. She was in great spirits today, especially after the walk she and James took. She looked adoringly at the small vase of daisies he had picked for her.

Alice was rummaging the closet, desperately searching for her shoes. Every once in awhile she would mumble something incoherent and run around the room throwing everything in sight out of her way as she searched for her shoes.

A small strawberry blonde haired girl entered the room. "Alice, Frank's waiting for you in the common room. He wants to talk to you or something," she said.

Alice looked up from ransacking her truck, "Tell him I'm busy and I cannot find my shoes, I'll see him later," she said.

The strawberry blonde haired girl nodded and exited.

"Lily, are you sure that you do not know where my shoes are?" asked Alice exasperatedly.

"I haven't seen them, Alice. I'll help you look in just a second if you want," responded Lily.

Alice frantically searched under her bed, while Emmeline began doing her eyeshadow. She had decided on a shimmery baby blue to match her light blue eyes. Lily had moved on to pinning her hair in a updo. Hestia was putting on some light powder and curling her eyelashes with her wand.

Alice finally found her shoes under Hestia's bed. After putting them on she returned to straightening out her long wavy hair. Lily had moved onto to makeup and Emmeline was curling her hair, while Hestia put on some of Emmeline's jewelry she borrowed.

All in all it took the girls a couple hours to finish getting ready. They wanted to look perfect, no hair out of place, no makeup smudged, and for everything to look just right. Hestia hardly recognized herself, because she always wore light makeup or none at all. Alice was impressed with how pretty her hair looked straight, because she always wore it wavy and a lot of the time she wore it pulled up. Emmeline was impressed with how well emerald green flattered her and Lily felt like a princess with all the diamonds she was wearing. After a final touch-up the girls left their dorm room and headed down the stairs to the common room to meet the boys.

Downstairs in the Gryffindor common room, the four boys waited for the girls. Sirius had decided, on a whim, to explain to Remus why he should not drink the punch. Well, he could if he wanted to, but Sirius doubted Remus could hold his liquor.

"You did WHAT?" asked a rather irate Remus. "You got to be KIDDING ME!"

Sirius laughed nervously. "Yes, we did put fire whiskey in the punch, no joke," he said.

"We?" asked Remus but Frank cut in.

"I'm definitely having some punch. I think I'll get Alice to have some too," laughed Frank.

"We?" repeated Remus. Sirius tried to avert his eyes from James, but to no avail.

"Ohhh," said Remus, "So you helped him, huh James?"

James gulped, how does Remus always make one feel like they have done something wrong?

James slowly nodded his head.

Remus let out an sigh and grinned slightly, "Well I suppose we could always blame it on Snape and Malfoy, right?"

James and Sirius had to laugh at their friend's sudden change of demeanor. Sirius was about to ramble onwards about the punch when he noticed his friends' mouths hanging open in awe. Turning to see what they were gaping at Sirius received quite a surprise himself....

Ascending the stairs were four girls that were the epitome of beauty and perfection. Sirius had never seen any of the girls that done up and was rather surprised how flawless they looked. They were always beautiful, but now they were perfect. Sirius felt a sudden wave of self consciousness hit him as he looked at Emmeline. He had never felt that way before....

Sirius looked around him, and decided to break the gawking spell. "Right then,"he said, "Shall we go?" he asked learning forward to offer his arm to Emmeline in a gentlemanly gesture. Emmeline blushed and giggled, carefully linking her arm with his.

"By the way Emmeline, you look very very beautiful tonight," Sirius added.

Thus setting off a chain reaction of compliments from the boys to the girls.

And with that, they were off.

At the ball.....

"I don't know how to dance!" whispered Remus to James.

"What do you mean you do not know how to dance? Everyone knows how to dance!" James exclaimed boisterously causing a group of Slytherins to turn around and cast him death glares. James returned the death glares and tapped his robes with his hand, which was his signature move. Almost every student at Hogwarts knew the robe tapping was a indication of the words "don't piss me off, or I'll curse you". The pocket he tapped was the location of his wand. As they hurried away, a small snicker erupted from James' throat.

"I do not know how to DANCE!" repeated Remus.

"Then avoid the dancing. Take Hestia over to a table and sit down with her and talk. Don't avoid the slow-dances though, females get offended if you do so," said James.

Remus nodded, and hurried away to find Hestia.

Just as James turned around, Lily and Emmeline with Sirius trailing behind hurried up to him. Emmeline had a glass of punch in each hand and Lily did as well. Sirius, however had no punch with him, but was stumbling as if he had quite a bit earlier. Lily and Emmeline began to converse with James as Sirius stood in the background wide-eyed trying to signal to James that the girls were suspicious.

"I think there is something in this punch," complained Lily, "I feel really light-headed all the sudden."

"Well, whatever is in this punch, it's addicting," said Emmeline chugging down another glass, "I cannot get enough of it!"

In the background, James saw Frank pouring Alice some punch, just as he said he would. Remus, however was trying to engage Hestia in conversation, avoid dancing and drinking punch all at the same time. A lot of people were walking around with a glass or two of punch and were laughing insanely or tripping over their own feet. The situation, all in all, could only be summed up with one word: comical.

James was about to converse with Sirius when a loud crash was heard from outside of the Great Hall, which was where the Valentine's Day Ball was being held. In stumbled Professor McGonagall(sorry I don't know how to spell this), and the whole room stared. "What's with those stairs today?" she asked, "it seems as if they increase each time I descend them!" James deduced by her disheveled condition, and her slurred speech she had probably fallen down the stairs. James fought to keep his composure, because he knew she had some punch. Absolutely genius, Padfoot. Absolutely genius....

A slow song began to play and James noticed the starry skied ceiling, began to dim. He looked around for Lily and found her slowly ambling over to him. She took his hand gently, interlacing her fingers with his, and lead him to the dance floor. Once they reached the dance floor, Lily turned to face him and draped her arms around his neck. James placed his arms around her waist and pulled her close, to the point where there was hardly a gap between them. Lily's cheeks flushed at their closeness and she was more than thankful James could not see her blushing because of the dim light.

In all of their years at Hogwarts, all of their years fighting and torturing each other, James would have never guessed it would have come down to this. And to think that it started out with one little incident on the train, when James knocked Lily clean off her feet. As they swayed gently to the music in the soft light, James' mind could not help but wander to all their memories. He could see nothing around him but Lily and could not even hear the music, all was perfect and he was practically walking on air....

"I never would have thought it would come to this," James mumbled.

"Hmm?" asked Lily.

James looked down at the ground, and repeated loud and clear, "I never would have thought it would come to this."

Lily smiled and whispered happily, "Neither did I. But I'm glad I did, and you know what James?"

"What Lily?"

"I'm sorry about all the nasty things I said about you, I wish I would have given you a chance sooner," Lily admitted nervously.

"Don't be, I took me seven years to grow out of cursing and hexing people for fun, I'll admit I was a bit immature," said James.

Lily looked at James, "A bit?" she asked sarcastically.

"Okay, a lot. But that's done with now," he said as he pulled Lily a little bit closer.

Little did James know that he would have to eat his words....

An irate Malfoy and Snape watched from a distance as the people they hated most, the marauders, danced with "their" girls. Malfoy had his eyes narrowed on Remus Lupin who was awkwardly and clumsily attempting to dance with Hestia Jones. While Snape had his sites on Sirius Black who was charismatically charming Emmeline Jones as they swayed and laughed together.

"I thought they would have been rather displeased with the marauders' pranks," said Snape.

"Obviously they had plotted against us, Vance and Jones were supposed to look angry at them. That way they could humiliate us by going with the people we hate most and leaving us with rather unfortunate woman," slurred Malfoy, who had obviously indulged himself in the punch. To anyone who wasn't intoxicated and of a stable mind to begin with, it would have been obvious that the whole situation was not a conspiracy against Snape and Malfoy. But the more punched they sipped the more angry they became as they slowly lost grip of reality. Malfoy turned around and eyed the girl he was supposed to be dancing with, while she was not unattractive, she was no Hestia Jones. Angrily, Malfoy crunched the plastic empty punch cup in his hands.

"We cannot stand for this, Severus," he said.

Snape turned and looked at him, greasy hair flying around his face as he vigorously nodded his head in agreement. "Using magic would lead to expulsion," said Snape, trying to formulate a thought and finding it rather hard to do because his head was swimming with alcohol. "But no one ever discussed with us the reprimands for physical inflictions."

Malfoy smirked, "Leave it to you to use your in depth vocabulary when drunk."

Snape nodding feeling the room spin even more, "Well, what are you waiting for?"

The two Slytherins, made bold by alcohol consumption, waltzed over to where the marauders danced. Snape laughed, how perfect, attack the prey from behind.

Malfoy leaned forward and bravely punched Remus in the back of head, while Snape pushed Sirius with all of his might, causing him to release Emmeline due to being startled. Tackling Sirius to the floor, the two began to roll around on the floor screaming obscenities and punching each other frantically. Remus and Malfoy remained standing, however, and normal taciturn, docile Remus began screaming expletives as his hands found a tight hold on Malfoy's throat. While Malfoy's face began to turn blue from lack of oxygen, Remus was thankful that it wasn't a full moon currently. James and Frank who had heard the commotion came running and found themselves engaged in the fight. James had jumped onto Snape, and a few Slytherins had joined trying to help Snape, thus a furious, frantic, swearing doggy pile was formed. Frank had pried Remus's hands off Malfoy and was beating him to a pulp himself, while Remus battled another Slytherin. One would be surprised how well trained in hand to hand combat they all seemed, considering they were attending a school for witchcraft and wizardry. Lily and Hestia were shrieking their heads off, while Alice ran to fetch Dumbledore. Still others, like Emmeline had decided to use this as an excuse to pick a fight with others females from others houses. Emmeline stalked right up to a Slytherin female she hated, that allegedly had a crush on Sirius and slapped her across the face. This caused the two of them to start pulling hair out, and frantically slapping each other. Pretty soon, almost everyone from the houses of Gryffindor and Slytherin were involved. Hufflepuffs stood there dumbfounded, while Ravenclawes laughed maniacally cheering for the Gryffindors. Professors hurried to the brawl, trying to intervene, but to no avail.

"SILENCE!!!!!!" echoed a forbidding, powerful voice throughout the Great Hall.

Remus released his death grip on yet another Slytherin, Sirius stopped his fist in midair from crashing in Snape's face once more, Frank turned around from where he was standing, and James jumped up off the ground. An extremely angry Dumbledore made his way to the battle and took in the scene before him. His pale blue eyes flashed dangerously as his eyes scanned each and every student, glaring at them with utmost repulsion.

"At least no one used magic, like the Cruciatus Curse for example," muttered Professor Sprout to an appalled McGonagall.

"WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS MADNESS?" demanded Dumbledore, whose voice reached pitches none of the students have ever heard before. In all honesty, Dumbledore was quite frightening when angered. Several students turned rather pale, while others' jaws loosely hung open.

Bravely, Sirius Black came forward, "Snape and Malfoy, attacked Remus and I," he stated plainly.

Dumbledore's eyes turned to Snape and Malfoy, who cowered where they stood. Dumbledore observed the two, noticing what appeared to be the beginnings of a black eye around Severus Snape's left eye and a broken nose for Malfoy. Dumbledore couldn't help but wonder about the hand prints around Malfoy's neck either. "EXPLAIN YOURSELVES!" roared Dumbledore and the sounds of several students' teeth chattering out of fear could be heard throughout the room.

Malfoy and Snape couldn't muster up a good enough excuse in the short period while Dumbledore waited, so Dumbledore demanded that the two of them follow him to his office. Defeated, the two followed behind him. Sirius smirked and James smiled, while Remus wiped the blood from his lip.

"As for the rest of you," said McGonagall, "Don't think you're getting off easy. Detentions for each of you, and probably not just that yet. The Ball is officially over, tomorrow I will be calling each of you to my office to interrogate you and get to the root of the problem. Anyone with serious injuries, report to the Hospital Wing immediately," she took a sip of punch and continued, "As for whoever thought it to be amusing to add Firewhiskey to the punch, I'll deal with you later." Sirius stifled a laugh at this.

The next day...

"Hold still, Remus!" exclaimed Hestia as she attempted to force feed Remus the medicine he was supposed to be taking for his broken knuckles. Remus tilted his head back and let the putrid dark green liquid trickle down his throat, but not without making a disgusted face. The nurse had been up all night, regrowing bones, healing various bruises, cuts, gashes, scrapes, realigning broken noses, regrowing hair for students who had their hair ripped out, and trying to patch up black eyes. All in all, no one who fought escaped without some sort of damage, however minor or serious it might have been.

The Marauders sat at breakfast, James holding a goblet to his large welt on his forehead where someone had punched him with a ring on. Lily, who James, expected to be extremely tempestuous with the whole situation, was actually quite kind. Lily justified it as James being loyal to his friends, although normally that kind of confrontation was not something that appealed to Lily in the least bit. Emmeline kept playing with her split lip, and Sirius sat there silent, feeling very hung-over and feeling the sting as the large gash on his left cheek ached. Frank was in the hospital wing from receiving a couple blows to the head, and Alice was sitting by his bed keeping an eye on him.

Remus cleared his throat, "I hear they still have not found the culprits who stole some of Dumbledore's FireWhiskey and poisoned the punch."

A small chuckle escaped James throat and Lily elbowed him, right where a huge bruise on his ribs was. James winced and turned to Lily who shook her head and glared at him evilly. "It was good tasting punch, though, I'll give you that," she whispered.

"It wasn't my idea, blame Sirius," mumbled James.

Lily rolled her eyes, "But of course, you went along with it. Tell me, James, if Sirius asked you to jump off a bridge would you?"

"What's below the bridge and exactly how high is it?" James retorted, earning himself another elbow to the ribs.

"I think I'm going to have clean you up into a more sophisticated gentlemen, Mr. Potter," said Lily trying to banish a smile.

"Those two words don't even belong in a sentence with the words James Potter," chortled Remus.

"Piss off, Remus," said James, grinning broadly.

Remus didn't respond, but instead took his last dose of medicine and grimaced as he swallowed.

Sirius looked up from being lost in his reveries, "I'd say we won the war," he said grinning as he motioned to the doors of the Great Hall. Everyone turned around to see Snape and Malfoy enter and limp over to their house table. The two of them, to put it lightly, were a mess. Cuts and bruises littered their faces, Snape had a large black eye and Malfoy's nose was obviously broken. The two of them were banged up pretty well, and it looked as if Snape's wrist had been broken and repaired. Malfoy had large hand prints on his throat as well. The Marauders snickered at the condition of their enemies and went back to eating breakfast and talking.

"I don't think you could have won without Emmeline though. Her kicking Snape in the family jewels was one of the funniest things I have ever seen," laughed Hestia.

Everyone had a good laugh at this.

"Or maybe James's biting skills!" exclaimed Sirius. During the fight, somehow, James ended up biting someone.

"Hey it's not my fault that somehow someone's bloody fingers ended up being jabbed into my mouth during the fight and I bit them!"

Everyone once again had a good laugh.

"Hey Prongs?" asked Sirius.


"You're lucky that Lily put up with all of this, she must you," mocked Sirius.

James smiled, "Yeah well, she doesn't know about the prank we're pulling on Snape and Malfoy later. Let's just keep that a secret okay?"

The Valentine's Ball served as a prequel for Lily and James' relationship which continued to flourish for the rest of their seventh year.

But they hit a little bit of a bump in the road when Lily found James' pranking journal and found out that the person who had been causing her cauldron to blow up in potions was James.


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