The Blob

A/N: A possible explanation for the disturbing deviation I drew the other day: About Rudy, Penny, and a blob. I don't know... I'd just had a LOT of sugar. I mean like... sugar to the level you should never, ever reach. The Blob was my sugarhigh brainchild.

Part I

Once upon a time, there lived a blob. It was a blob unlike any other, drawn by a four-year old kid who'd just sprained his drawing arm. This blob (as it is often referred to) was promptly erased after its creation, where it was spirited away into a world occupied by all sorts of other hideous blobs. However, the existence of these other blobs is irrelevant, for the blob of which we speak never happened to encounter those other blobs.

Blob oozed and slithered its way past ChalkDad's restaurant. Blob was very hungry, but it had no food or money with which to buy some. In a moment of desperation, our poor, famished Blob attempted to take a bite out of a nearby civilian's leg.

"Aah! Hey, what do you think you're doin', you blob?!" Unfortunately, this aforementioned civilian happened to be the irritable Snap, a powerless superhero with which we are all familiar. He is easily annoyed, especially by hungry blobs.

The blob gazed up at Snap pleadingly. It was very hungry. It clung to Snap's leg tightly, whimpering in hunger, trying to earn some pity.

"Aww, look at the poor little guy!" It was Snap's half-witted companion, Blocky. Blocky almost resembles a blob himself, but he has pointed corners and a few twig-like appendages. "Can we keep him, Snap? Can we? Can we? Pleeeeaasse?"

"No. It's hard enough keeping up with Musty*. I don't want ANOTHER pet." Snap desperately tied to pry the sticky, gelatinous mess off of his leg. "...Especially not one so... blobby."

Blocky started to pout. He had already begun to warm up to this strange blob. He wanted to help this strange blob. After all, simplistic drawings must stick together. A blob in need is a blob indeed. Treat other blobs the way you'd like to be treated. Do unto your neighboring blobs just as...

Yes, point taken.

Anyway, Blocky bent over to touch the blob. It wiggled and jiggled under his touch. It was like jelly, only bigger, more blobbier, and alive. Blocky giggled rather girlishly, fascinated with this amazing, versatile blob. He easily gathered it up off of Snap's leg, holding it in his primitive arms, thrilled. "Aw, but look how cute it is!"

"Fine, whatever! You can keep the blob! Just make it stay away from me!" Snap cried, upset.

Blob took offense. A low growl, not unlike that of an agitated guard dog, emitted from its throat. Within seconds, Blob started to BARK ferociously at Snap!

"Bark! Bark!" Barked the blob.

Shrieking, Blocky dropped the barking blob. Shortly after being dropped, Blob became a hideous splat on the ground. However, this was not much of a problem for Blob, for it simply re-assembled itself all into one piece.  Seeing the blob was now tame, Blocky picked it up again, and patted it affectionately on the part that appeared to be the head.

Blob purred. Snap stared at the Blob.

"Whatever. This is getting a little too weird. Seeya, Blocky."

Disturbed, Snap did a full 180 and started on his way back home.

"Bye, Snap!" Blocky called, still cradling the innocent blob within his arms. Humming a carefree tune, Blocky and his new pet strolled down the road.

*Musty is Snap's pet mustache, though he is only seen in 'Hair to Stay'.