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~*~*~*~*~ Us After This ~*~*~*~*~

Chapter 1: Rude Awakening


The light from the sun shone down into and through the window. The alarm clock rings and an arm reach out to push the button off. A pair of blue eyes began to stare at the clock to see what time it is. All of the sudden a loud scream emerged throughout the whole house.

"Oh my gosh! I'm going to be late for school! And today is the first day…okay, less talking and more moving…awww man, no time for a shower…oh well…"

She runs to the bathroom and begins to brush her teeth.

~ Why didn't Misao or Megumi wake me up this morning? Oh yeah…I forgot they had to meet up with their boyfriends…*sighs* ~

Kaoru ran to her closet and grabbed an outfit to dress. She takes a last glance at the mirror before running downstairs to eat. She grabs a toast, hurriedly gulps down a glass of orange juice, grabs her shoes, and runs out the door.


~ I'm Kaoru Kamiya and I'm a sophomore at Serenity High School. My parents died while doing their job when I was a few months old. Luckily one of the victims my parents saved adopted me and has raised me till now. That woman was Tae, I'm really grateful for what she has done. Also Tae adopted two other girls when their parents died. Their names are Megumi and Misao. The three of us have become really close, like a family. Tae provides money, security, and shelter for us, since she has her own family to raise. So basically we live by ourselves in a 7 room, 4 bathrooms, a huge living room, and kitchen house. Yeah, it's really big…the best thing is that in the back yard we have our own private beach! Oh wow…school is just up ahead…with 5 minutes to spare I might as well get some coffee. ~

Kaoru walks into Starbucks and orders a small coffee. While she waited for her name to be called her eyes caught a certain guy with red hair walking in with a group of her classmates from school, mostly girls.

~ I wonder if that's Kenshin Himura. I think it is…all the descriptions fit him…fiery red hair, gorgeous purple eyes, a killer smile, and a cross-shaped scar…yup, no doubt about it. Wow…he is handsome… he's only been here since the second semester from last year and yet he has his own fan club with a whole bunch of female members in it. ~

Before Kaoru can think anymore a loud voice booms throughout the whole café shop.

"Kaoru…you can pick up your coffee now!"

Kaoru walks up to the counter, takes her coffee, turns around only to realize that she has crashed into someone. Before she fell, she saw a flash of red, and after that her hot coffee spill all over her. A bunch of girly screams began to echo throughout the whole shop and Kaoru's head began to have a splitting headache. A while after the screams calm down Kaoru began to worry.

~ Oh my gosh! I just spilled coffee all over myself… wait, who cares about me! What about that person I just crashed into!? I hope I didn't hurt him…or get coffee on him-- stop talking to yourself and see if he's all right! ~

Kaoru gets up and ran over to the fallen victim. She let out a sigh of relief. No one fell…just every girl crowded all over Kenshin to make sure he's all right. Right then Kaoru walks up to Kenshin.

"I am so sorry! I'm very clumsy sometimes! Did I get coffee spilled all over you? Are you hurt? Do you need an ambulance?"

Kenshin turns around and was going to say something until one of his fan members said something.

"Watch where you're going next time you hippo! You could've hurt our dear Kenshin back then! You are so clumsy! Who…" a voice then interrupts her.

"I think she learns her lesson already…I don't think you need to say anymore."

Kaoru then looks up to Kenshin and began to apologize a million times or at least she hopes to. Then Kenshin began to say something.

"Next time if you wanted to approach me, why don't you come up and say 'hi' or something? You know, it's better than making a fool of yourself in front of everyone here. I know I'm handsome and everything but don't be so shy ok?"

Kenshin's words began to sink in and the entire shop began to rumble with laughter filling Kaoru with anger. She began to blush bright red and looks as if she was ready to cry. Kenshin waited to see what Kaoru was going to do…run and cry…or just cry…

But instead she said something that no one ever suspected.

"Pa-lease…the only reason why I came to talk to you was to see if you're all right. But now when I think about it…it should've been you to come to me and apologize for having all this coffee spilled all over me!"

Kenshin, now dumbfounded finally began to argue back. "Oh really? How is that?"

"If it wasn't for your cow-sized body and herd, I wouldn't have crashed into anything when I was turning around. Now look…my outfit is completely ruined and I have a really bad burn all thanks to you!"

Kenshin let all the words sink in and was going to say something until Kaoru interrupts him. Kenshin notices that her eyes got softer.

"Well as long as you're fine then I guess that's all that matters. I'm sorry for what happened earlier. I have to go now."

With that Kaoru turns around and began to jog to school trying to hold back her tears from embarrassment.


Kenshin, who was still back at Starbucks began to feel guilty but let it pass by.

~ Nah…she couldn't have gotten any burns now…could she? What if she did?~

Kenshin began to fill up with concern and was going to run until someone until someone told him that school was about to start soon. Then he shrugs the problem off his shoulder…


Kaoru walks down the school hall way and towards her locker. She totally forgot about her burn and her small encounter with Kenshin earlier.

~ hm…what's my first period again? Oh yeah…Chemistry…better get my chemistry book…~

She arrived to her classroom only to notice that all the students haven't sat down yet. Turns out that the teacher wanted everyone to stand up so she can seat everyone in his or her seats quickly. The bell finally rang and the teacher walks in. She's small and petite with long black hair. Although she looks like the nicest teacher on earth then stern look on her face tells everyone that she isn't.

"Okay class my name is Ms. Miller. This is not a regular chemistry class so those of you who knows that you won't be able to handle it then get out of here right now."

The room was all silent and then a girl began to bawl and ran out the door.

"Any one else would like to join her? Guess not…well then…I guarantee that this class will move fast. And if you fall behind then that's too bad. Okay…let's get started with the seating chart. Kiki…Ayame…Yuki…"

This went on until the teacher was at the last row. Kaoru right then notices that Kenshin was also in her class…she began to boil inside…but quickly shrug it off.

The teacher quickly continues…filling the last couple of seats.


Kaoru stood there shocked but quickly sat down on her seat. As she sat down her arm brushed the corner of her desk sending pain throughout her body. She quickly hides her tears.

~ Darn those burns…NOW it hurts me…I picked the wrong day to wear a t-shirt…*Sighs* I'll just have to bear with it until lunch…~

Kenshin sat next to Kaoru and he began to stare at her. Finally he opened his mouth.

"Hey…look! It's that weird girl I encountered this morning at Starbucks!!!"

Kaoru began to get angry and decided to argue back.

"Hey look! There's that fat cow that got in my way! Did your herd run away from you?"

"If they did it's probably from looking at your face!"

Finally a new voice interrupted and said, "Kaoru…Kenshin…if you would like to flirt please do it after class otherwise there would be detention for the both of you."

Kaoru and Kenshin look away from each other. Kaoru began to feel people looking at her. She looks around and saw that the Kenshin fan club members were glaring at her. Kaoru looks away and face the board pretending to take notes.


Kenshin turns around looking at Kaoru.

~ That wasn't suppose to happen…I was suppose to apologize for hurting her this morning not rub it in her face! * Kenshin mentally kicks himself*…Remember! You're supposed to be the guy all the girls want! ~

Kenshin's eyes began to look around at Kaoru noting everything he sees…

~ Long black hair tied into a ponytail, nice white skin, soft pink lips, thin but not like a stick, wearing a tight white t-shirt, and a pair of low-rise jeans. She's just like every other girl I've seen. But why do I feel so attached to her? Is it because of the incident that just happened this morning? Or is it more than that? ~

Kenshin's eyes began to search all over Kaoru's exposed skin…then he finally saw something that gave him the answer.

~ That burn…the burn that happened this morning when we bumped into each other…coffee stained shirt…my guilt is probably telling me that I should be much nicer to her…but wait…what if she wanted me to trust her? What if that's her plan? To be friends and use me? I better be careful with this girl… ~

Kenshin's eyes began to turn amber and glare at Kaoru…


Kaoru turns to notice Kenshin's amber eyes…she started to shiver in fear…but then she notices someone else that's calling her…someone next to Kenshin…Kaoru began to smile happily.

"Enishi!" she whispered.

Kaoru moved her arm quickly that the edge of the desk brushed slightly over her burn. Sending pain through her arm again. She quickly grasps her arm and silently yells in pain.

She noticed that Kenshin's eyes turn purple again and was filled with concern. Enishi was also worried.

Quickly Enishi asked, "Kaoru, are you ok? That looks a pretty bad burn…"

Kaoru replied, "I'm fine…just needs a little bit of ointment and it'll be fine. Yeah, it's a burn…had a small coffee accident this morning. You know how I am…always clumsy…"

Enishi seemed satisfied with the answer and paid attention back to the board. Kenshin watched Kaoru as she gently tries to conceal her pain…

~ I might be wrong about Kaoru…guess I need to know more about her… ~

Right then the bell rang and it was time to go to second period. The teacher dismissed the class and everyone rushed right out. Right before Kaoru exit Kenshin's sight he called out her name.

"Kaoru, wait!"

Kaoru turns around only to be hit with a lightweight black jacket.

The last words she heard were "…take this jacket to cover the coffee stain and I'll meet up with you after school here to get it back ok?"

Kaoru nodded and smiled to herself as she watch Kenshin walk away with girls crowded all over him.

~ Maybe this year won't be so bad after all… ~

As soon as she turned around she saw one of Kenshin's fan member trying to catch up to Kenshin. But before the girl ran any further ahead she turns around and gave Kaoru one of those frightening glares. Turning Kaoru's smile to a frown.

~ …But then again I might be wrong…~


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