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Us After This

Chapter 11: You and I

By: S3r3nity

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Kaoru woke up the next morning, her stomach roared endlessly. She rose from her bed and straightened her white tank top and her baby blue long pajamas. Then she carelessly grabbed a robe from her closet and wrapped it around her. Kaoru brushed her teeth and took one last glance at the mirror. "Screw the hair, no one's up at five in the morning…" she murmured and ran down the staircase.

"The house is so quiet and it's so dark…" She whispered at the silence, "It shouldn't be any different than before though…after all…I'm always the first to wake up…"

She made her way down the hall and into the kitchen. Kaoru peered into fridge and looked at its contents then grabbed a milk carton out. She then walked to a cupboard to grab a bowl. Soon dishes, cup, and utensils came pouring down to the girl.

At the sound of the crash Kenshin ran into the house and into the kitchen.

"Who's there?" he yelled as he saw a dark figure rising up. He walked cautiously towards the intruder.

"Who are you!?" Kaoru stared into the darkness and towards the shadow. She saw a masculine figure approach her slowly. With quick thinking Kaoru grabbed a nearby pan and slammed it against the figure that was approaching. Surprisingly, the figure collapsed on the floor in pain. Kaoru quickly ran to the light switch and turned on the lights. She then noticed what she hit. "Kenshin!!!" Kaoru cried as she ran to him.

Kenshin winced as he felt Kaoru's hand on his newfound bruise. "OUCH!" he cried, "Kaoru…that hurts!"

"I'm so sorry!" Kaoru replied as she rubbed his bump gently, "I got scared…"

"What? That I was going to rape you or something!?" Kenshin snapped and looked at Kaoru's clothes then at her bushy hair, "Whoever wants to do that to you is probably mental or very desperate…"

Her eyes widen at his words. "Jerk!!!" she declared angrily.

"I was just joking!" he cried and rubbed his head once more, "I was just trying to lift the mood…"

Kaoru pulled a chair out from under the table and sat down. She rolled her eyes, "Right…since when did you care?"

'When you risked your life for mines…' Kenshin thought inwardly. "Since you pounded me on the head…" he muttered. Kaoru kept quiet and rolled her eyes once more. She grabbed her milk carton and noticed a note.

"NO WAY!!!" Kaoru shrieked and dropped the carton. Milk spilt all over the floor and creating a large pool of white.

Kenshin twitched at her scream and covered his ears, "WHAT is it!?" he cried.

Kaoru calmed down and whined, "Aoshi, Sano, Megumi, and Misao are GONE! They left the whole house for us to clean before NEW YEARS DAY! What are we going to do?"

Kaoru looked around and saw Kenshin exiting through the back door. "What do you mean 'we'?" he replied while looking straight into her eyes.

"Well…you're living here…and you're my 'personal maid' remember?" Kaoru informed while avoiding eye contact with the man in front of her.

"You're not blind anymore, do it yourself…" With that said, Kenshin closed the door leaving Kaoru by herself. Kaoru stood wide-eyed and then grabbed her forehead. "What happened to him?" she wondered and headed upstairs. Her mind was reeling from the last incident. 'And what did I mean by "we"?'

Kenshin walked down the beach and sat on the soft sand. "What's wrong with me?" he asked to himself. 'You're afraid of getting near the girl huh?' a voice in his head teased.

"No I'm not!" he argued back and punched the sand.

'Oh, being touchy now aren't we?'

Kenshin growled with frustration. "I'm NOT!"

'You just don't want to admit that, what a loser…'

Kenshin growled and grasped his head with both hands. "SHUT UP!" he cried, "I just don't want to experience the same pain…" Finally the voice disappeared

"Why can't you just leave me alone!?"

Kaoru said at the edge of her bed and stared at her hands. She gently took off the rubber gloves and sighed from exhaustion. Since Kenshin mysteriously went out Kaoru occupied herself by cleaning the house. She blew a strand of hair covering her face.

"Now I can get my shower…" Kaoru frowned. "That bastard should die for leaving the whole house for me to clean and not coming back in the late afternoon…"

She grabbed her clothes out of her drawer and placed it on her bed. Then she grabbed a towel and headed down the hall towards the bathroom. She closed the bathroom door and removed the ribbon that was holding up her hair. Kaoru watched as her long black hair cascaded down over her shoulders. She sighed. 'I wonder when Kenshin will be back?'

Kenshin entered into the house and peered inside hoping to not see a fuming girl. He noticed that the coast was clear and went inside. The first thing Kenshin did was walk into the kitchen.

'So Kaoru was smart enough to clean the mess…' Kenshin smirked and headed upstairs. He noticed something that wasn't right…a hint of jasmine lingered in his room. "What was she doing in her?" His eyes scanned around his room and his eyes caught his bed. Kenshin saw all his dirty laundry folded neatly and placed on top of his use to be-messed- up bed.

He walked across his room and looked at his desk that was also cleaned up. On top of it laid a note. Kenshin quickly glanced at the note.

Dear Kenshin,

Since I happened to be cleaning up the house hours earlier after you stormed off, I have cleaned your room too! Hoped you didn't mind! And if you are wondering…I won't bother asking you why you were so moody earlier. I guess that's your problem. See you!


Kenshin held the note in his hand as his heart beat steadily. "Kaoru…" He whispered. Old memories of her flooded back: the first time they met at Starbucks, the coffee burn, and how he insulted her…then the worst happened…when he agreed to toy with her feelings and then…

He crumbled the note in his hand… 'She nearly risked her life to save me…' He closed his eyes and opened them once more. "Why do you make me feel this way?" he whispered.

'I can't keep this sealed within' me forever'

He took out his cell phone and dialed a few numbers, "Hello, Yumi?"

"Yes, Kenshin?" a female voice rang into his ears.

"Tell Mika the deal's off…" he murmured, "I can't do it anymore…"

"Very well…you know she's not going to be very happy right?" she informed.

"I know…" Kenshin replied, slamming his fist against the driving wheel.

"May I ask why you decided to stop?" Yumi asked, "You've never done this with anyone else before…"

"Because…" He began to form a reason in his mind that wouldn't include Kaoru, but it was inevitable, "I just don't want to hurt anymore people …after what happened with the car…"

There was a short pause. Kenshin could picture Yumi holding the phone and howling with laughter at the thought that Kenshin didn't want to hurt people. "Okay…so you saying that you won't hurt people now?" Yumi finally replied back.

"That's right…" There was another pause.

"Are you serious?" Her voice was filled with absolute disbelief.

"Yes, I'm serious!" Kenshin practically yelled into the phone. Yumi winced and held the phone further away from her ear.

"Okay…then I guess you wouldn't mind dating Shura right?" She asked a while later. "She's the richest girl in school and our club needs the money." There was a long pause.

"YOU MUST BE KIDDING!" He bellowed, once again making Yumi wince, "She's the most demanding and violent girl in the whole school!"

"Yeah…but you wouldn't mind right?" Yumi replied, "After all…you don't want to deal anything with Kaoru right now, am I correct?"

Kenshin paused. "It's not true," he whispered. A chuckle was heard on the other line.

"Just admit it…" Yumi taunted, "You have a thing for Kamiya…"

Kenshin blushed and shook his head violently. "NO WAY! I'm just happy to not do anything with her anymore!"

"Then you're going for Shura now…" she snapped and waited for Kenshin's reply then added, "Unless if you admit it…"

He sat up in his chair and sighed, "I don't know…I just want to do anything to happen to her…" Yumi on the other end of the line giggled. "I thought so…"

"Don't tell Mika!" He warned. "If Mika finds out—Kaoru's life will be in danger…"

"You don't think…" she replied while rolling her eyes then smirked, "I really got to see who this Kamiya is…since you seem so worried for her of all the girls you toyed with."

Kenshin paused once more and blushed furiously. "Fine, whatever…just tell Mika the deal's off since Kaoru is hurt already."

"Very well…" she replied and hung up immediately.

Kaoru came out of the steamy shower and wrapped a towel around her small body. She quickly opened the door and stepped out, then a delightful mouth-watering aroma filled her senses.

"Kenshin must be back…" she murmured and walked back into her room to change. She simply changed into the baby blue nightgown on her bed and ran to the kitchen.

As she approached the dinner table she eyed at him carefully. "What are you doing Kenshin?" she asked.

Kenshin turned from his spot in front of the stove and was about the reply until he saw her. Kaoru's nightgown fitted her thin frame and her curious sapphire eyes shone with innocence. Her long wet black hair made her look like a lost angel. Realizing that he was gawking at her for a while, Kenshin looked down and replied, "I was hungry…"

"Oh…" was all that Kaoru could say.

"And…I thought you might've been too…" Kenshin was now bright red. Kaoru failed to notice as they both stood awkwardly in silence.

"So, uh, should I set the table?" Kaoru asked while trying to lighten the mood.

"Yeah…you should…" Kenshin replied and resumed back to cooking. Kaoru ran to the cupboard and began to set the table. Kenshin finished everything and place everything on the table. Once again everything was quiet. Kaoru slowly began to chew her spaghetti slowly. Soon Kenshin followed and stuff the food slowly into his mouth.

"This is good!" Kaoru said happily while shoving more noodles into her mouth.

"It's not that good…" he snapped and sipped from his glass of water. Kaoru rolled her eyes and continued to eat. Soon after Kenshin lazily picked up his plates and tossed it into the sink. Kaoru watched him carefully as he headed upstairs.

"I'm going to shower!" he declared and walked out of the dining room.

Kaoru sat silently and continued to chew her food. A while later she found herself washing the dishes.

"Yeah, sure…" she muttered as she scrubbed angrily to remove tomato sauce from the plate, " Leave me to do the dishes…" She continued to scrub the dishes while her long hair kept falling into her face. Kaoru quickly brushed one strand away and continued to wash, soon after a few more fell down. She stopped washing and huffed.

"At this rate I'll never finish washing the dishes!" she murmured and was about to brush the strands of hair off her face until she felt a pair of warm hands gathered it together. "Don't mind me…" a voice whispered behind her.

"Kenshin?" Kaoru questioned while attempting to look behind her. She felt Kenshin holding her hair with one hand and looped a ribbon around with the other. "There…" he murmured, "Now you won't be bothered."

Kaoru blushed as she felt him tighten the ribbon securing her hair. "Thank you…" she replied gratefully and resumed to washing the dishes once more. She felt Kenshin's presence next to her and began to blush deeper.

"I'll help you…" he said above the sound of running water. Kenshin grabbed a plate and began to wipe it dry with a towel. He watched Kaoru carefully and smiled. Her face was now pale white, her sapphire eyes looked almost black, and her hair now was tied back just like… 'Like the one I once loved…' Kenshin's eyes flashed amber 'I can't love anymore because of her…because of all the pain…damn…why does she have to look like…'

"Tomoe…" he growled angrily while holding tightly to another plate, he was at the verge of breaking it. 'Damn that bitch who took her away from me…' Kaoru turned off the water and stopped washing.

"Who's Tomoe?" she asked, though it was an innocent question it made his blood boil. He faced her with his usual lavender eyes.

"No one…" he replied, trying to sound like his normal self. However, his hands were showing a different sign. It kept shaking and Kaoru did happen to see it.

"Kenshin…" she began to worry. "Who's Tomoe…?"

"I said nobody!" Kenshin cried and threw the plate on the floor. He grasped his head in pain. He shot his eyes open gazed around for Kaoru but all he sees now is an auburn headed girl.

Kaoru looked back and saw his piercing amber eyes. And for the first time it was up close. She cowered in fear. "K-k-Ken…" she started but couldn't find her voice. His eyes were like a hawk…watching her every move…only it was blood red. Kaoru couldn't breathe. 'What's going on?!'

His next move surprised Kaoru the most. A slap rang throughout the room, Kaoru collapsed on the floor. She held her right cheek and cowered back to a corner.

"You think just because I was acting like a sweet guy doesn't mean you can take advantage of me," he snarled and threw more plates on the floor. Kaoru screamed. She stood up to run until he appeared in front of her and shoved her against the wall.

"I don't know what you're talking about!" Kaoru yelled back while avoiding his deadly eyes by turning her head. He simply smirked and walked up to her. Kaoru sniffed and continued to avoid him. His hands went up to her sore cheek and to the back of her head. He then yanked her ponytail violently down to look at him. Kaoru yelped as she felt the pain coming from her head.

He leaned his head towards her face. "You know what I'm talking about…" he sneered and threw Kaoru across the floor. She was now crying uncontrollably.

"I don't…" she sobbed, "I don't know what you are talking about!" She lay on the floor and tears kept on coming out. She absolutely had no idea what's going on. Then Kenshin's presence hover above her, Kaoru simply covered her face with her arms. He simply crouched down and grasped her wrists tightly. Kaoru winced as he began to apply pressure on her fragile wrist.

"You're a liar…" he murmured and shook her violently, "Just admit it bitch! You took everything away from me!" Kaoru shook her head. "I don't know anything!!!" she cried, suddenly she felt like dying. She no longer felt blood pumping to her hands. Her head pounded with each shake she received.

"STOP LYING!" he bellowed and shook her more furiously. Suddenly Kaoru's ribbon came loose and her hair once again fell over her shoulders. She felt him release his iron grip and slowly opened her eyes. Her shimmering blue eyes shone fearfully at him.

Kenshin's eyes flickered back to lavender. He looked at her, both shocked and confused. "K-Kaoru?" he asked then looked at her, and everything of what he just did came back to him. "I didn't mean to…"

"Leave me alone…" she growled with a deadly tone. Kaoru slowly moved away from him and made her move to run. She ran upstairs and slammed the door, Kenshin immediately followed.

"Open the door, Kaoru!" he commanded while banging on the door, and then he listened closely to hear her. However, he covered his ears when loud music boomed throughout the whole house. 'What have I done?' he thought ruefully. Kenshin continued to bang on the door incessantly.

Kaoru quickly pulled a short black skirt over her legs and a black tank top over her head. "I have to get out of here," she murmured while grabbing her purse shakily, she then gently placed a letter on her table. "Sorry Kenshin…" Kaoru murmured while looking at the note she just put down, "But I have to do this." She then ran over to the window to climb out, Kaoru took one glance and gasped. 'I haven't done this for years!' she thought alarmingly, 'What if I get caught on the tree?'

She then looked back at the door that was still being pounded. 'Do you want to face him right now?' a voice in the back of her head asked. Kaoru looked outside then window then back at the door. "I don't know," she answered truthfully. 'Part of me wants to help…the other is too scared …'

Kenshin continuously banged on the door, and he finally gave up. "Dammit, Kaoru…" he muttered angrily, "Why are you so stubborn?!"

Kenshin sighed. "What got into me back there?" he cried silently and banged his head against the door. Suddenly an idea sprung into his head.

"I'm going to break down your door Kaoru!" He declaredwhile standing acouple offeet away from the door, "Be prepared!" He charged with full speed and made a break through to notice that the room was empty. "Where is she?"

Kenshin looked around and walked towards her desk. It was then when he noticed a white paper labeled neatly with his name. Kenshin scanned the letter and felt the cold wind against his face. He looked back up with a face of pain and regret. Kenshin crumpled the paper in his hand. 'Why?'


Kaoru ran down the street panting, she soon turned around and slowed her pace. She breathed into the cold air and shivered.

"It's not the right time to wear a skirt and a tank top," she murmured quietly while keeping her body warm. Her high heels clicked loudly as she walked down the street deep in thought.

'Dear Kenshin…'

Kaoru sighed as she thought about the letter.

'I know you're upset…and I don't blame you…however…'

She headed towards the subway. "Where do I go from here?"

'I do blame you for your past…you held onto it. Why? Why didn't you let it go?'

She paid for her ticket and waited for the subway to come.

'Not only it hurts you…but it hurts those around you. Like me…'

While waiting…she felt her bruised cheek and a lone tear fell down her pale face.

'I want to know what hurts you…to know what pains you…but you're not letting me, instead, you're pushing it away.'

Kaoru looked down at her bruised wrists and held them tenderly. "Tell me what's wrong, Kenshin…" she whispered.

'I want to help you…I want to ease your pain…and if you don't want my help…then I just want you to know…'

Endless tears began to fall from her crystal eyes. Kaoru didn't bother to stop the tears, she allowed them to flow out continuously like a river.

'…that I care for you…'

Kaoru heard footsteps behind her. 'Who's there?' she thought alarmingly, 'There's more than one person here…'

"You know…" a manly voice sounded behind her, "…There's not much rich men here around this time for you prostitutes…"

Kaoru quickly turned around and saw a group of men. She simply smirked and watched the man in amusement. A tall masculine man with spiky brown hair dressed in a tight black muscle shirt and pants stood looking at her with his dark black lust filled eyes.

He licked his lips in and purred in approval. Then he approached her and bent over to whisper into her ears. "But…" he murmured and allowed one of his hands to travel up her skirt. "I'll be glad to take you…" he replied huskily allowing his warm breath to heat up her face.

Kaoru smiled sweetly despite the anger that's building up inside of her at the moment. "Thanks…" she said seductively then saw the subway coming up. "BUT…I'm not a prostitute…AND you're violating me!" She cried and immediately kicked the man in the groin.

Kaoru ran into the subway door and simply waved good-bye.

"Find out where the subway is heading!" the large man cried while still crouching down in pain. "She'll pay for this…"

Finally one man approached the boss, "She's heading downtown…"

The muscular man stopped crying in pain and looked up. "Perfect…he murmured dangerously.

"Yamazaki, sir…would you like me to call for others to back in downtown?" a tomboyish brown headed girl approached him cautiously.

"Yes, Sakura…" he replied, "That bitch is going to pay for doing that to me."

Kaoru sat silently in the subway panting. 'You know…it's not over yet…' Her mind rang. 'They're gangsters…'

"You think?" she murmured, "What have I gotten myself into?"

Finally the machine came to a screeching halt and Kaoru took the opportunity to look out the window.

"Oh crap," she whisperedwith fear looming in her eyes, "No way…"

A group of figures gathered at the front door, all dressed similar to thegang she encountered earlier.

The door slide open slowly.

"Well, well..." Another man appeared and grabbed Kaoru's wrist. "Look at what we have here..."

Kenshin walked down the cold, dark street. He was dressed in a tight white t-shirt and a pair of dark blue jeans. However, it was all covered by a long black trench coat. He walked swiftly and silently down the road.

He passed by a group of people then heard something interesting.

"HAH…Yamazaki…" Sakura laughed, "You were beaten by a girl! Not to mention…you mistaken her as a prostitute."

"Shut the hell up…" he murmured. "At least I'm getting the revenge right now as we speak."

A group of people murmured an agreement to what he said. "Such a shame…she had really beautiful blue eyes…" He began.

Kenshin eyes flashed dark amber.

"Extremely nice white skin…and soft long black hair…" He replied and continued to speak, "And her scent of jasmine is a real turn on."

Kenshin had enough of listening to the ugly man talk about Kaoru as a whore. He made his move quickly.

"I really wanted to see how she was under me…" he moaned. Before he can say anything else a cold sword was pressed tightly against Yamazaki's neck. "What the hell?" he mocked. "A sword!?"

"Don't fuckin' toy with me," Kenshin replied dangerously while pressing deeper onto Yamazaki's neck. "Tell me where the girl is…"

To Be Continued...

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