Title: Secrets (1/?)

The Secret I Keep (Prologue)

Author: Lauren Metal


Rating: PG- tame for now

Pairing: Elliot/Olivia- angst/romance

Spoilers: nothing yet

Disclaimer: We all know E/O romance will never happen on the show, so clearly...NOT MINE!

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Summary: One secret opens the door to so much more...

*** *** ***

I watch you sleep, but then, I've watched you sleep before. I already know you snore a little more than softly, the noise rumbling deep in your throat, unaware. I've seen the drool that gathers in the corner of your tired lips and I think it's quite endearing, if not a little more than sexy.

I know everything there is to know about you. I know secrets deeper than the drool pooling on the pillow as you sleep, secrets that you do not even tell your wife.

We are so close in part because I've seen the things you've seen. The horrid images that burn your baby-blues have set themselves in the sight of my brown eyes too. I feel your pain. We feel the pain and suffering of others every day. It hurts.

I know what this job does to you. I see you hunched over at the end of the day, muscles taut and eyelids heavy. I bear the same scars, the battle wounds that set us apart from the rest of the world.

I know you endure it all for a reason different from my own. I do it for my past, you do it for your future. You have a family. Your wife and kids have sacrificed so much for the good of your job, just as you have sacrificed so much to protect them. You will not let them down.

You love them as any good husband and father should, though sometimes you wonder if that is enough. But you are a moral man, a Catholic who holds his values as dear to him as I hold you. I know you will never leave them.

I know you like I know myself, maybe more because while you are always honest, there are things I know I can not say.

"I love you Elliot," I whisper softly, letting slip the one secret I know I must keep.

You continue to sleep- snoring, unaware.

*** *** ***

Author's notes: For those of you who read the beginning of "Was Blind But Now I See, " I have not forgotten about it. My muse got...um...sidetracked, by later (read: smuttier) chapters. Chapter 2 will be along shortly.

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