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Imoen had been waiting for what seemed like forever. Of course, she had never been all that patient, so it was possible that it hadn't been that long, but she had a sneaking suspicion that it had, in fact, been a rather long time.

Her antsyness could have been due to the fact that she was forced to sit still; Jaheira had halted her pacing some time ago, saying it was contributing to an already throbbing headache. And Imoen felt no need to indulge in fidgeting, leaving her to sit still and let out the occasional sigh, each of which was met with an angry glare from her half-elven associate.

Her worry ended when a flashing light came from the portal sight; Imoen jumped up and ran. She had been sitting in one of the seats for the audience. Now she ran up the stairs, unintentionally knocking down Kelsey in her rush to reach the stage first. The man in question stood up rather painfully, then shock his head with a small smile on his face for his beloved as he made his way up the stairs to the stage at a more leisurely pace.

Imoen watched the portal for a few moments, feeling a tad disappointed at the lack of people jumping through. That disappointment increased when Anomen emerged from the portal, looking slightly shaken, and with no Bhaalspawn or elf in tow. He moved away from the portal, trembling slightly with the most peculiar expression on his face. Imoen immediately moved to his side.

"Well?" she asked in a clipped tone. "What's going on? Where are they? Is Raziel kicking Quinn's a…."

Jaheira picked that particular moment to clamp her hand over Imoen's mouth, knowing the girl was too worked up to actually wait to get an answer out of Anomen. It was more likely she would just ask him constant questions.

So Jaheira just ignored the girl glaring out her and turned to Anomen. She raised an eyebrow.


Anomen shook his head. "No…ah…. Nothing's wrong…. All's well, forgiven…. I, ah, must be going now…. Work to do, you know…."

The knight, having given a rambling answer, turned and walked out of the theater. Jaheira shook her head at this and sighed, releasing Imoen's mouth. Imoen glared in the direction of the departed knight, before turning around to look at the others.

"That didn't tell us anything!" she shouted.

"No, it didn't, other than it appears that Raziel is free from Order, at least," Jaheira replied.

"Well then, what should we do?"

"We wait, child. No doubt answers will come soon, in one way or another."

In the end, the wait was not long at all; but a few moments after Anomen had appeared from the portal, Raziel walked out, much more calmly than she had walked in. But a few seconds afterwards Sarevok strode out too, looking as if nothing had happened.

"Well?" asked the excited Imoen. "What happened?"

Raziel had an introverted look to her eyes for a few moments, as if struggling to find the words to describe her meeting with Quinn. Imoen had started to get a bit worried, thinking perhaps something bad had happened to her.

Then Raziel shrugged, and smiled. "Nothing much."

She walked past Imoen, heading towards the stairs that led away from the stage. Imoen stood a moment, mouth gaping. Sarevok chuckled.

Kelsey walked forward a bit. "Raziel, wait!"

Raziel turned around, looked at him. "What?"

He smirked. "Where are you going, anyway?"

The elf tilted her head and put her hands ion her hips. "You know…. I'm not really sure."

Then she smiled. "Now that I think of it, I could go anywhere!" She laughed, and for a moment Kelsey's eyes saw not Raziel, the broken and cynical elf he had come to know, but Liaedra, whom he had come to know on the greatest journey of his life, so many years ago.

In a moment the sight was gone, but it lingered with Kelsey for a long time to come.

Raziel had had a thoughtful look on her face as Kelsey had his little flashback, but then she smiled again. "Hmm…. I've always wanted to see Icewind Dale. And I do love the cold. I'm getting sick of all the warm weather around here! Well then, it's decided!"

Raziel turned again, striding confidently up aisle way. "Well, I'll see you all in a few more years! I'm sure you'll be able to find me…. Somehow!" With that final shouted word, she jumped up the stairs and out of her friend's sight.

Imoen had been staring in her direction, but then turned to the still smirking Sarevok. She glared at him. "Well? You better tell me what went on, Sarevok!"

Sarevok shook his head slowly looking at her. "There was some talk. She hasn't quite forgiven him, he's forgiven her…."

"Alls well that ends well?" asked Kelsey, smiling.

"In a manner of speaking," said Sarevok.

Imoen threw her hands up in exasperation and walked away, clearly resigned to the fact that she would never hear what happened at the Throne. Jaheira chuckled quietly and turned to follow the girl, shaking her head. Kelsey smiled and turned to Sarevok.

"You should probably go after her, you know."

Sarevok faced the sorcerer, an eyebrow raised. "And why would I do that?"

Kelsey laughed. "You know the answer as well as I do. You love her, don't you?"

The look on Sarevok's face would have killed a lesser man.


Raziel raised her face to the night sky. The stars shone out at her from the sky, brighter than ever before. It was funny; she hadn't noticed them in the long years she had been in self-exile, but now…. Now they were everything, just as they had been so many years ago.

Just as they had been when she was a child, and her father had shown her the constellations.

Just as they had been when she had shown those very same constellations to Quinn.

She hadn't realized she had been standing in the road for so long until she heard the inn door open behind her. She turned around abruptly, staring at the figure that walked out the door.

Sarevok stood before her, staring at her with a blank expression. Raziel stared back. They stood like this for a few minutes, until Sarevok broke the silence.

"I've never been to Icewind Dale. Figured I might try it out, see how the cold suits me."

Raziel arched an eyebrow. "Oh? And how exactly are you going to get there?"

Sarevok grumbled slightly. "I thought I might…"


"I thought I might….. accompany you."

Raziel laughed. "There, now, was that so hard?" She shook her head. "Men."

Then she walked up to him and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. Sarevok stared at her as if she was crazy. Raziel laughed and turned away, striding down the moonlit street.

"Come on, Sarevok! Icewind Dale is a looooong ways away! We better start walking if we plan on getting there!"

Sarevok's shock wore off, and he shook his head slowly, a small smile growing on his face.

"Women," he growled. Then he strode off behind her.

Ahead, Raziel took one last look at the sky. No, she thought, the stars weren't the same as they'd been, all those years ago.

They were brighter.


The end! Yay!

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