What You Need By Margarita Neko

Chapter 7: Sunday/Escape

When I woke up, Gar's place on the bed was cold.

I shot up immediately, terrified that he might have left to go... Wherever it was that he was planning on going. Thankfully, he was just sitting on the floor by the window, fully clothed and peering out through the blinds. He glanced over at my sudden movement, and I sighed in relief.

"I thought you were gone," I confessed as he walked back over to the couch. "What time is it?"

"About four in the morning," he said, glancing to the window nervously. That disturbed me.

"What's wrong?" I asked softly, and he sighed.

"They found me," he said dejectedly. "I've gotta get out of here, dude, and soon. I mean, I've heard stories about people like them from Michael. They're likely to *lynch* me if I don't get out."

"What do you mean, they found you?" I asked, stunned. Somehow, this wasn't exactly the way I pictured my first "morning after."

"I mean, we didn't close the blinds last night," he explained, regret and bitterness in his voice. "I woke up, and that freak Mammoth was staring right at us from the street. God, how could I have been so stupid...?"

He buried his face in his hands, and I heard him sniffling a little. I moved to wrap my arms around him, to comfort him, but he fought me off, shaking his head and trembling slightly.

"No... No, they're still outside, Mammoth must've called them all together, they could see you do that," he said in a rushed whisper. "Listen, you have to stay here. I don't. Don't give them any incentive to start after you, too. They already saw us through the window, yeah, but as long as you don't act like it was anything special at all... If you can just pretend that it was just one night of sex, that I manipulated you into doing it, you'll be fine. So please, *please*... Just stay away from me..."

It hurt to hear him say that, but I managed to nod an agreement through my shock. The fact that he was actually encouraging me to deny something like this, the most important night of my entire adolescent life, even after what he'd said just Thursday about the shame of lying just because someone else can't accept it... That freaked me out. It showed me just how scared he really was.

He chewed on his thumb, staring off into space. "I've gotta get to the train station," he muttered under his breath, thinking aloud, apparently. "But if I step one foot outside, it's lights out for me... Shit..."

"My... My parents left one of their cars here when they left..." I offered hesitantly. "We could take that if you want. The garage is attached to the mudroom, so we wouldn't actually have to go outside..."

His eyes brightened. "That's perfect!" he exclaimed, that beautiful grin of his back for a moment, before faltering slightly as he asked, "Can you drive...?"


"WE'RE GONNA DIIIEEE!" Gar screamed from beside me as I tore down the street. He was so encouraging, really...

"We're not gonna die, Gar!" I yelled at him angrily. God. So what if I'd failed my driver's test? I wasn't *that* bad, and besides, we were in a rush.

"Turn right turn right turn right!" he commanded, near hysterics and clutching the dashboard like a lifeline.

I turned the wheel right sharply, not bothering to slow down, and Gar screamed as he was pushed up against his door. "Stop complaining!" I told him. "You're the one who needed to get to the train station! And there's no one on the road at four A.M. anyway!"

"I'm not gonna live to see Lauren again!" he wailed, and I reached over to knock him lightly upside the head, causing the car to swerve slightly as I tried to steer with one hand. Needless to say, he just screamed louder.

A few moments and very many screams later, I screeched to a halt outside the train station. I hopped out of the car and, being the gentleman that I was, I even opened the door for Gar and helped him out. He was shivering badly. I wondered if he had a jacket in that backpack of his...

I supported him as we walked over into the terminal and towards the ticket counter. He asked for a one-way ticket to Gotham, explaining to me when the ticket-lady's back was turned that right now he just needed to get out of town. He'd get his real tickets home in Gotham. Besides, he couldn't have me knowing where he was going, exactly.

He paid for his ticket, and then we made our way to platform 10. The train was leaving in less than five minutes, so we had to hurry.

Unfortunately, Fate was deciding to annoy me again.

"Well, well, well," came a taunting voice from the shadows to our right. Gar and me came to an abrupt halt. Blocking our path with his huge bulk was Mammoth, and from the sound of it, Gizmo was to the right. I guessed that Jinx was behind us, and, with the tracks to our left, we were effectively boxed in. I realized that they must have followed us, and then snuck ahead while Gar was buying his ticket. They picked a perfect spot too; this area was completely abandoned.

Gizmo stepped up to us, trying his best to look menacing and smug despite his small stature. "Hey there, faggots," he said with an evil grin, and I growled.

"Listen, he's leaving like you told him to," I told them angrily. "Now if you'll excuse us, he's got a train to catch."

"Ah, ah, ah..." came Jinx's voice from behind us. "We gave him that note yesterday. He didn't get out fast enough. And besides, from what Mammoth tells us... You've joined the dark side yourself, Grayson."

"Mammoth was mistaken," Gar stated defiantly beside me before I could say anything otherwise. "I got him into bed with me, yeah, but it was just a one-night stand, experimental kinda thing. He's straight."

I shot him a hurt look, but he ignored it. He was too busy trying to stare down Mammoth. He was thinking again, I could tell; he had this weird calculating look on his face. I cursed silently. He did really stupid stuff when he tried to think.

What he did, however, was stupider than even *I* thought he was capable of.

He hurled himself at Mammoth.

I choked back a scream of horror as Gar, MY Gar, was sent hurtling into a wall. He gave out a muffled yelp, and then sank to the floor and was still.

"GAR!" I yelled out, starting to run towards him, but that bastard Mammoth blocked my path.

"You ain't goin' nowhere," he said in that pathetically primitive, growling voice of his. I just glared.

"Watch me!"

With that, I used every skill I'd ever learned in my nine years of karate practice, six of yoga, and four of fencing, fighting like a man possessed against this... This *hellion* who had just hurt my love... My extremely stupid love, but my love nonetheless.

Now, he was big and strong, so he had endurance, but I was faster, and I had more skill. I dodged every punch he threw at me, returning with two more until he was roaring in frustration. After a few moments of this, I swept down and kicked is feet out from under him, then went back to the old fashioned methods: Pummeling his ugly face bloody.

Jinx was on me in a second, screaming in rage, but she wasn't nearly as big a threat as Mammoth, and I managed to fight her to the ground in an instant. As soon as she was taken care of, I turned back to Mammoth, ready to continue my beating.

Or at least, I would have been, if not for the little brat.

"Dudes, the fag's gone!" he yelled from his spot safely to the side of the fighting grounds. Surprised, I looked up, and Mammoth took the opportunity to launch a punch right at my face. Pain exploded across my cheek, and I could tell that I'd have one hell of a black eye the next day.

But I didn't care.

Gizmo was right. He was gone.

I stood up in a flash, bolting down the empty tunnel to the platform. By the time I got there, the train was just closing its doors, getting ready to pull away. I began pounding on doors, screaming at the top of my lungs for Gar, for the doors to open, for *anything* that would bring him back to me.

It was no use. The train pulled out, and Gar was gone. Possibly forever.

I felt about ready to cry. My love, my life... He had just left me here, staring after him, without even a goodbye. I couldn't believe it. I couldn't do anything except watch as the train's lights faded, and as the tunnel blurred through my tears.

After a few moments of painful silence, a faint chirping sound caught my attention, and I glanced through tear-filled eyes to one of the benches in the station. There, all alone, sat Angel's box.

I walked over to it, barely able to believe my eyes. I lifted the lid carefully, and the little creature's deep brown eyes stared up at me curiously. I smiled.

"Hey there, Angel," I said softly, picking him up and placing him on the bench. "So... I guess I get to take care of you from now on, huh? Be your new mommy."

Not surprisingly, he just chirped, hopping around and pecking at an envelope, half-hidden and weighted down by his box. I wrinkled my brow and slid it out from beneath the little bird's home. It had "Robin" written on it, in Gar's elegant looped handwriting.

I tore it open immediately, taking out a short letter. Ignoring Angel's persistent chirps, I read:

"Dear Robin,

I'm so sorry about all of this. I don't want to leave you, not now, not ever. I hope you understand why I have to do this.

I'd like to thank you, Robin. You are like no one I've ever met before, and you are seriously everything to me. I love you, and I'll always, always need you. If I'm lucky, the memory of you will keep me alive long enough to get home, and maybe, someday, we'll see each other in Heaven, but until then... Just take care of Angel for me, okay?

Love always,

Your Gar"

And that was it.

I was left alone, crying in a train station, clutching to my memories of him like a drowning man to a life vest, with only a bird for company. I knew he was going to be free soon, that he wouldn't be sick anymore. He'd be an angel. He was good at that, from what I'd seen in the play.

I knew I'd never see him again.

But humans need hope, so I kept hoping.

~*End Chapter Seven*~

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