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Artemis is old, 73 to be precise. It has been 60 years since his mind wipe. In that time he has been married and widowed with a son. 11 years ago his son and his wife flew to the Caribbean leaving their 5-year old daughter with her Grandfather for a week. Unfortunately their plane never made it.

---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------

Artemis Fowl the 4th was sitting on the dryer watching her Bodyguard Kelly, who was only 3 years older then her, fold the sheets. She ran her figures through her short chin length black hair. After freeing a tangle she said.

"Can you tell me again why I'm not allowed to leave your site?"

"Because Master Fowl said so." Kelly put the last of the sheets he was folding in the basket and put them in the dumb-waiter.

"Can I ride in the D.W.?" She gave him her big blue puppy dog eyes.

"No, the last time you did that, you ended up in Master Fowl's room and you nearly gave him a heart attack."

"So? I said I was sorry and he didn't punish me."

Kelly covered his eyes with his hands and said in a low drawl, "Sometimes I wonder what you did that put my 2 older bothers in the loony bin."

Artemis then whispered, "And why, you will never know." Kelly looked up to find his charge gone.

"Aw, crap not again," He rushed out the door in pursuit, "she's going to drive me crazy before I turn 20."

Artemis rushed up the stairs glancing from side to side trying to find a place to hide. She then went up a second flight of stairs and ran to the end of the corridor to the only door in site. The door was locked, but that wasn't going to stop her. Artemis unpinned a 99% Angle pin from her shirt and stuck the pointy end in the keyhole. In three clicks the door stood ajar before her. She then quickly went in and locked it behind her.

The room was pitch black and a strong musty odor clogged Artemis's nose. She searched the wall for a light switched.

The light was weak throwing an eerie yellow light over the furniture. A chaise longue and an antique four-poster bed dominated the room.

Artemis was about to leave the room when she noticed on the floor that the dust was not so thick in some places. Her shoe fit perfectly into the indention.

"Guess I'm not the only one to visit this place." Artemis followed the tracks to the opposite wall where an oil painting of a young woman with blond hair holding a red rose hung. She curled her fingers around the gold frame and lifted it off the wall and placed it on the floor. Behind it was a vault with a password keyboard.

"Oh please," Artemis sighed, "corny or not this is probably right." She typed in her first name. A green light lit up and she opened the vault. Inside was a small red box with a ribbon and a nametag.

" 'Artemis must find Mulch'?" She raised an eyebrow, "What does that mean?"

"Artemis, please will you return to Kelly and follow him to the dining room I have something to show you." The deep old voice came from the intercom.

Artemis quickly pocketed the box and ran out of the room, making sure to lock it behind her, and down the stairs to find out what her Grandfather wanted.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------

Well? Do you like it? As you can tell the 4th Artemis is a girl who was named after her father who was named after his father. There is a point to this. Yes I know it's abit odd no one has been up there in so long but it's my story so ha ha ha.