AN: This story comes from an episode from one of my favorite shows. I won't say what it is now because if I do you guys may guess and know what happens before I want you to. This story is kind of silly and meant to be funny so don't take it too seriously.

Chi-Chi's Surprise

Part One

"Hello, Bulma. This is an unexpected surprise," Chi-Chi greeted Bulma at her door. She looked passed Bulma and didn't see Trunks with her. Whenever Bulma arrived at her house, she always brought Trunks and he and Goten would go outside to spar and play. "Where's Trunks?"

"Where else? Training with his father," Bulma said as she walked in. She found Goku and Goten at the table eating lunch. "Hey, Goku, Goten."

Goku and Goten gave a wave to Bulma and continued eating.

"So, what brings you here?" Chi-Chi asked as she closed the door.

Bulma pulled out two white envelopes from her purse. "These are two invitations to a new spa in the city. I want you to come with me."

"Really?" Chi-Chi was surprised. "I don't have time to do that today. I have clothes to clean and to finish the dishes from lunch."

"This isn't for today. It's for tomorrow. I got this for free. Since I'm the daughter of the creator of the capsules, I'm a celebrity and my endorsement as well as other celebrity endorsements will bring the spa lots of money. They gave me two and said I could bring a friend. I thought you could really use a spa treatment."

Chi-Chi wasn't sure how to take Bulma's last words. "No, thanks, Bulma. The offer is tempting but I don't have time for that."

"Ah, come on. You can take one day off. Just think about it. A whole day of getting facials, massages, pedicures, manicures, even body waxing--"

"I do not need my body to be waxed!" Chi-Chi yelled insulted.

Goten looked up from his lunch, his eyebrows furrowed in confusion. "Momma, what's body waxing?"

"Something that's extremely painful, Goten," Chi-Chi answered.

"It's painful but it's worth it, Goten," Bulma said.

"How can it be worth it if it's painful?" Goten asked confused.

Bulma sighed. What had she gotten herself into? "Never mind." She looked back at Chi-Chi. "I'm not saying you should, Chi-Chi. I'm telling you what they have. This place also gives plastic surgery, but you don't you need that. All I'm asking is one day away. You can come back the next day looking like a whole new woman."

"A day? I can't spend an entire day away from Goku and my sons. They need me to cook their food and who's going to do the laundry?"

"It's time they learn. Come on. Don't you want to get out of the house?"

"I get out of the house just fine," Chi-Chi said matter-of-factly. "Why, just the other day, Goku and I went in the city to do some shopping."

"All right, fine you go out, but at this spa, you will get pampered. Other people will wait on you." From the look on Chi-Chi's face, Bulma knew she wasn't going to get anywhere so she decided to go to the one source that would convince Chi-Chi.

"Goku, help me convince Chi-Chi to come with me," Bulma requested.

Goku looked up from his bowl of food. "If Chi-Chi doesn't want to go, then why should she?"

"Because it would be great for her!" Bulma yelled finally losing her temper. This was hopeless. Goku wasn't going to convince Chi-Chi so it was up to Bulma once more. "Come on. I'm sure you think Chi-Chi should get out by herself and get a facial done."

"But Chi-Chi already has a face," Goku stated simply.

Bulma rolled her eyes. "That's not what it means!"

"Is it painful like body waxing?" Goten asked.

"No, Goten, it's not," Chi-Chi responded. The thing was Chi-Chi didn't want to go and Bulma just didn't seem to get that, so she thought of someone else who would. "Why don't you ask 18?" Chi-Chi suggested.

"18?" Bulma scoffed. "Please. She's never going to age thanks to Dr. Gero for altering her body. She doesn't need it. Come on, Chi-Chi," Bulma begged. "I don't want to waste this invitation. Please."

Chi-Chi sighed, giving in. Bulma would never leave until Chi-Chi agreed and she didn't want to deal with this any longer than she had to. "Oh, all right. I'll go. "

Bulma's face beamed in joy. "Great! I'll come get you tomorrow at eight! This is going to be so much fun!" She squealed with delight and gave Chi-Chi a hug. "You're going to be so happy that you did this!" She dug into her purse and pulled out a pamphlet. "Here are all the things that you can get. You can read it over if you want. I'll see you tomorrow. Bye, Goku. Bye, Goten."

Chi-Chi closed the door after Bulma left. She looked at the pamphlet Bulma gave her. "I wonder if this is really a good idea."

Goku and Goten sighed together and rubbed their stomachs lovingly after stuffing their faces with Chi-Chi's delicious lunch. "Ah, that was good," Father and son said together.

"You were a big help," Chi-Chi said to Goku derisively as she sat the pamphlet on the table, gathered the dishes and placed them in the sink.

"I don't see the big deal if you go or not," Goku said simply. "Gohan, Goten and I can handle the house by ourselves for a day."

"I know," Chi-Chi said placing a soapy dish in her rinse water. "I just wanted to get out of going but it seems I couldn't have. Oh, well. It's just one day. Nothing can happen."


Bulma picked up Chi-Chi at her house on time and drove the long drive to the clinic. It was relatively small talk with the two women and listening to the morning's radio show mostly on the way there helped passed the time.

Chi-Chi looked in awe of the building when she was inside. It was very fancy looking with the clean, polished tile floors, people in professional attire walking by greeting them and the decorated painted walls. Chi-Chi hadn't been in such a fancy looking place like this except her father's castle.

"This place is very nice," Chi-Chi commented.

"Of course it is. No way would I go to a shabby place. Did you read over the pamphlet and decide what you want to get?"

"I'm getting the facial and massage," Chi-Chi answered.

"A facial and massage?" Bulma couldn't believe this. With all the things offered, Chi-Chi just wanted a facial and massage. "Come on, Chi-Chi. You should get more than that."

Chi-Chi raised an eyebrow. "What's that suppose to mean?"

"I'm not meaning anything bad, Chi-Chi. I'm saying you can get so much more done. This is free you. Why not get a manicure and pedicure, too? There's also a great mud bath here. It really relaxes the muscles and relieves stress and you got more stress than anyone I know."

"I don't need all that."

"Come on, Chi-Chi. Why not do it all for once? I bet Goku would think you look great. You can even get your hair done here. It's all apart of the full treatment."

"Hmm, it would be nice to get my hair done professionally," Chi-Chi said finally warming up to the idea.

"So, you're saying you go for the treatment?" Bulma asked hopefully.

"If it will get you off my back."

"That's the spirit!" Bulma said joyfully. "Let's go quick before you change your mind."

"Ha. Ha," Chi-Chi said dryly.

The two walked to the receptionist who was busy answering phones. She was a young, pretty blonde who obviously had a few enhancements and a few nip and tuck. She looked up once her call was through, smiling recognizing Bulma. "Hello, Ms. Briefs. Let me say our company is very glad to have you come to our spa."

"It looks like I can really get pampered here. I brought a friend just as the invitation said," Bulma said handing the receptionist the invitation.

The receptionist looked at Chi-Chi. 'She's definitely in need of getting some work done. She looks so house worn.' "Great idea," she said and looked at Chi-Chi. "Is this your first time to a place like this?"

"Yes, it is," Chi-Chi answered.

'Why doesn't that surprise me?' "Well, you will find it well deserved and wonder why you gone all these years without it."

Chi-Chi raised an eyebrow. She didn't like the way that sounded. "What are you--"

"My friend is here for the full treatment, except for the waxing," Bulma jumped in.

"I think that's a wonderful idea. What will you have, Ms. Briefs?"

"I want the full treatment, too, waxing included."

The receptionist took in the request of the two women. "Just have a seat and one of our workers will be with you."

"Go ahead and have a seat, Chi-Chi. I want to talk to the receptionist for a moment," Bulma said.

"All right," Chi-Chi said and went ahead to sit in the waiting area where it was nicely decorated with the finest furniture and magazines to pass the time.

Once Chi-Chi was out of site, Bulma turned to the receptionist. "I want my friend to get a real makeover. So have the people here do a really good job on her. She never had anything like this and probably won't again. I bet even her husband won't notice her when the people here are through with her," Bulma said with a laugh.

"She's married?" The receptionist gasped in surprise. 'I guess there is someone for everyone.'

"Yep. She has two kids, too."

"I'll take care of it," the receptionist said. Bulma smiled appreciatively and left to sit beside Chi-Chi. The receptionist looked at Chi-Chi. "She may need more than a makeover. I'll add something else. She'd probably like it and it will definitely get her husband to notice her."


Chi-Chi was first up and was separated from Bulma as they got their own individual full treatment. Chi-Chi enjoyed getting her hair done. She was used to washing it on her own with regular shampoo. She didn't mind it but it was great having someone else massage her scalp gently and used the finest shampoo and conditioners on her hair. Chi-Chi didn't have anything special done to her hair other than getting a neat trim on the ends. Chi-Chi preferred her hair long even though it could get in the way sometimes when she worked around the house, but it was worth it to have Goku run his fingers through it.

The body massage was great too. Chi-Chi never felt so relax. It really was a stress reliever to have her muscles soothed like this. The masseuse was good a massaging her shoulders, arms, back and legs. During her massage, Chi-Chi thought about saving some money and getting Goku to come here. She thought for sure he would love a good massage. He always liked hers when she gave him one.

Though Chi-Chi had her reservations about the mud bath, it was actually quite comforting. Her facial was great as well. It really made her skin feel years younger. As she was getting a facial done, workers gave her a manicure and pedicure. She didn't go out extravagant for the colors on her finger and toenails. Keeping to her simple roots, Chi-Chi kept it simple.

When it was done, Chi-Chi was taken to another room. Chi-Chi thought the room was odd from the others. It was large like an exam room with many bright lights and medical instruments on a table on the other side of the room. Chi-Chi wondered why it was there and why she was in here. Chi-Chi wasn't sure what was next. She thought she got all her treatments but she guess she was wrong.

"I wonder if I'm getting a physical exam. I don't think I read that in the pamphlet." She tried thinking back to what all the full treatments required. She didn't get a waxing because she didn't want one. There was something about personal teeth cleaning and whitening but Chi-Chi didn't think she needed that. When she last went to the dentist, she got a good bill of health on her teeth.

The door opened and a man in green scrubs and a woman in a white uniform entered. Chi-Chi suddenly became nervous. What was going on here?

"Um, why am I here?" Chi-Chi asked.

The doctor looked at Chi-Chi confused. "I think you know why you are here otherwise you wouldn't have signed up for this."

"I get it. You're nervous," the nurse jumped it. "We were told that you might be since this is your first time. Don't worry. This is a very common procedure and it's very safe. I've got it done myself," the nurse assured Chi-Chi and accentuated her figure to put emphasis to the point.

That didn't help Chi-Chi at all. In fact, it made her even more confused.

"How about we get started?" the doctor said. "Nurse Bambi, give our patient the gas."

Nurse Bambi? Chi-Chi started to feel nervous, especially when the nurse took out a mask and put it over Chi-Chi's mouth and nose. The gas started filling in around her and Chi-Chi was getting sleepy.

Chi-Chi started to panic as she fought the sleep. Something wasn't right. Since when getting a spa treatment required a gas mask? "No…wait," Chi-Chi said drowsily as the gas began to take effect. "Stop…please… I didn't… want…this," she slurred before she fell asleep.

"What did she say?" the doctor asked.

The nurse shrugged. "I don't know. Something about wanting this please?"

The doctor laughed. "She'll get it all right."


Chi-Chi slowly opened her eyes. She blinked a few times as she fought off the last vestiges of sleep before taking in her surroundings. Chi-Chi was in a room by herself in bed on the softest mattress. She looked around and saw a vase of flowers in the room filling it with its scent. Overhead, she could hear soothing music playing over the radio in the room, making the setting a calm one.

Chi-Chi started to think back to her last memories. She was in a different room with a man and woman. Chi-Chi tried to tell the woman something but the nurse didn't seem to listen as she put a mask over her and then…

Chi-Chi shot up in bed. She didn't remember what happened next. What had happened to her? What was done to her? That was when she noticed it. Chi-Chi screamed so loud that the entire building heard her.


To Be Continued