Chi-Chi's Surprise

Part Six

Chi-Chi gazed at all the fun festivities around her as she walked back to her cookie station. She saw various stands where kids and adults tried to knock bottles down to win prizes and slamming a hammer with all their strength down so the little weight piece would hit the bell. Being a formerly trained Martial Artist, Chi-Chi knew she could win at those games easily but she rather have Goku to win prizes for her. Maybe when they get through with their duties, they could play at these booths. She was looking forward to riding on the Ferris wheel with him.

A hand grabbed Chi-Chi unexpectedly. Chi-Chi turned her head to see who grabbed her. It was a man she had never met. To other women, this man would be consider handsome but not to Chi-Chi. Now these idiots were becoming bolder to grab her like that. She pulled her arm out of his hand and asked displeased. "Who are you to grab me like that?"

The man shot a winning smile at her. "Togayashi. I only grabbed you because I wanted to talk to you." He looked her over. Yep. He definitely liked what he saw. "I just saw you walk by and I felt your aura pulling me to you. It was magic, baby." He smiled sweetly at her, showing all of his teeth. "What's you sign?"

"Stop," Chi-Chi spoke through clenched teeth. The more he talked, the angrier she got.

The guy laughed foolishly and snorted. Chi-Chi rolled her eyes and held in a groan. This guy was so pathetic. "You're funny. See, I knew there was a connection between you and me. I felt it. Let me get your number so we can talk."

"I'm a married woman."

"Are you happy?"

"Yes!" Chi-Chi yelled and tightened her right fist ready to punch him. 'Walk away, Chi-Chi. He doesn't have to suffer in pain,' her inner voice told her. "Leave me alone," Chi-Chi said and walked back to her table.

Togayashi didn't give up in his relentless pursuit as he followed her. "Ah, he doesn't have to know." He stopped Chi-Chi from leaving him but taking hold of her left hand and looked her palm. He showed her his. "See? Our lifelines match. We're destined to be together. Only people with matching lifelines should be together."

Chi-Chi pulled her hand away, not wanting to listen to anymore of this guy's idiocy. Didn't he know when to quit? Was he that stupid to see that she wouldn't listen and no amount of talking would convince her? "If you value your nose, you'll leave me alone."

"Ah, come on, baby. You know you feel it between us. I know you do."

"Feel this!" Chi-Chi said and punched the man square in the nose. He fell to the ground flat from the pain. "Jerk," Chi-Chi muttered as she walked back.

Vegeta sat in his chair fiddling with the camera Master Roshi gave him. Could he really do what Master Roshi wanted so Bulma won't see those pictures of him ogling Chi-Chi's breasts? Images of Chi-Chi with her chest wet and clinging to her shirt filled Vegeta's mind. It was far too tempting to resist witnessing it. What was also hard to resist was the way his body was reacting to the thought. It came up on him so fast that he couldn't stop it from happening.

'Oh, Kami, not that! Not this! Not now!!' Vegeta thought panicking. His mind race as he tried to do something. Vegeta couldn't walk away; too many adults were around and would notice it more than the kids. He placed the camera over him to hide it and closed his eyes, picturing something horrible to will away the problem.

"Vegeta, where did you get that camera?" Chi-Chi asked as she approached him.

No! He needed more time. Vegeta reasoned he'll have to be careful around her so she wouldn't notice. He opened his eyes but didn't look as her as he focused it on the camera. "I already had it. I just decided to bring it out. It'll pass the time."

Chi-Chi took down her 'Be back in fifteen minutes' sign and opened up her remaining boxes of cookies. As she does this, she talked to Vegeta. "It's one of those capsule cameras, hmm? I didn't know you were into that stuff."

"So, what if I am?" Vegeta asked irritably.

"Just making conversation. Oh," she said as she noticed customers approaching. "Two boys. At least, they're not men and probably too young to think about that kind of stuff."

Vegeta looked up and saw it was the boys Master Roshi were talking about. He saw the light jackets they were wearing and realized they were conceiving the balloons in there.

"Hello. What would you like?" Chi-Chi asked.

Chi-Chi didn't know what was going to happen in the next couple of minutes. Vegeta wondered if he could actually let this happen to her. He stared at the boys with their hidden agenda. They acted so sweet, talking nice to Chi-Chi and acting well behaved, impressing the wife of Goku. One of the boys wanted ten cookies, but Chi-Chi told him he should get less than that so he wouldn't spoil his appetite and the boy listened. Vegeta rolled his eyes. Yeah, right as if boys would listen to a woman who told them that. Just looking at them made Vegeta want to clunk the boys' heads together. Vegeta scanned the crowd ahead looking for the biggest pervert in the world--Master Roshi. He could see the old man trying to make himself appear invisible behind several people but Vegeta saw him with his sharp eyes more than twenty feet away with binoculars on. Pervert was going to make sure he saw Chi-Chi's breasts wet no matter what. Vegeta once more thought about Chi-Chi. She got those implants by accident. She didn't deserve this. Oh, great now he was getting sympathetic over Goku's wife. He really had softened up since staying on Earth.

"Thank you," the boys smiled as they got their cookies after paying for it.

"You're welcome," Chi-Chi told them.

'Here it comes,' Vegeta thought.

The boys put a hand in their pockets and pulled out the water balloons. From the corner of his eye, Vegeta noticed Chi-Chi didn't see them. She was looking around at the other things going at the carnival. Everything else happened in slow motion as Vegeta saw the kids throw the water balloons at hit her. Vegeta knew what he had to do even though it might reveal his 'problem' to Chi-Chi.

"Get down!" Vegeta said and tackled Chi-Chi to the ground. He just missed himself getting hit with the water balloons as it passed over his head. During this, Vegeta inadvertently pressed his head in Chi-Chi's breasts. He hadn't meant to do that! Really!

After Vegeta's yell, Chi-Chi suddenly found herself on her back with Vegeta's face pressed in her breasts. Her eyes widen in horror at the sight. "What, Vegeta! Get off me! What are you doing?!" As she yelled at Vegeta, she felt something hard on her thigh. "Oh…my…" Chi-Chi screamed loudly, realizing what was on her. "Get off me! Get off me! Get off me!!" Through her struggle she kneed Vegeta in his groin, which hurt even worse in that state, and pushed him off her. Furious, Chi-Chi began pounding on him, punching Vegeta across his face left and right, over and over again. "How dare you?! I thought you weren't like that! I'm going to tell Goku and he's going to make you sorry for what you did!!"

Vegeta was in heaven when he was in contact with Chi-Chi's breasts. His dream came true by sheer irony, but then he felt the most horrendous pain as he felt a sharp knee in his hardened groin. Everything after that was a blur as Vegeta felt himself being pushed off Chi-Chi and getting smack around left and right and a woman screaming angrily at him. When Vegeta came to his senses, he saw that Chi-Chi was punching and screaming at him.

He grabbed her fists to stop her attack. "What are you doing?!"

"What am I doing?! What are you doing--pressing your face in my breasts, you pervert! Goku's going to get you for this! I'll make sure of it!!"

"It was an accident!" He yelled back. "I only pushed you down because those boys had thrown water balloons at you!" He released her and put a hand on his injured favorite organ. It hurt so badly. 'I thought she retired from Martial Arts. How come that woman is still so strong?!'

"What?" Chi-Chi said once hearing Vegeta's words. She rose to her feet and she saw the two boys still looking at her dumbfounded. Why did that man tackle Chi-Chi they wondered. When the boys saw the anger in Chi-Chi's eyes aiming at them, they made a run for it. "Oh, no you don't! Get back here!" Chi-Chi ordered and jumped over the table to chase the boys down. She grabbed each of them by their ear and dragged them back to her table.

Vegeta managed to get himself back in his chair. Since he was still hurting, he grabbed a cold bottle of water from the cooler and put it on his injured organ to make the pain go away. When Chi-Chi came back with the boys and saw Vegeta, she stared at the Saiyan not at all pleased.

"You're keeping that bottle."

"It's your fault," he shot back.

Chi-Chi pinched each of the boy's ears harder. "Now you're going to tell me why you did that? I want an answer now!"

"Ow!" A boy whine. "You're mean!"

"And you're in trouble! What manners you have! I should tell your parents on you!"

"Fine, I'll tell! Just don't tell my Mom!" The other boy said. "An old man paid us to throw water balloons at you."

Oh no. Not him. "Old man?" Chi-Chi knew who that old man was but how did he get big again? "Does this old man have a long white beard and sunglasses?"

"Yeah," the boy said.

"You snitch," the other boy said.

"Roshi!" Chi-Chi screamed. If she was any furious, steam would be coming out of her ears. How dare he? Again! Didn't he know when to ever give up? He still had that deal to see those pictures of her Goku took. He was going to pay for this! Chi-Chi released the boy who answered her question. "You can go, but you," she tightened her hold on the boy who refused to tell, "you're going to tell me where your parents are and then I'm going to deal with Roshi."

"No…I'll deal with him," Vegeta growled as he stood, finally getting himself down. "He caused me pain and he's going to pay."

Chi-Chi knew what Vegeta had in mind would be more painful that her so she let him. Besides, she had other matters to attend to. "Fine."

Roshi hid in the shadows of the crowd. He saw Vegeta tackled Chi-Chi to the ground. That rat! He didn't follow the plan Roshi wanted. When he saw Chi-Chi grabbing the boys and taking them back to her table, he knew he was in trouble. "Whoops! Time to go!"

Master Roshi made his way through the crowd, trying to escape and get out of there before Chi-Chi found him. As he made his way passed the females, he squeezed and patted a few butts here and there. When he thought he was through the crowd, he felt his shirt being grabbed and him being pulled from behind. Chi-Chi had got him. This wouldn't be good.

"Uh, Chi-Chi, I can explain, really?!"

"I'm not Chi-Chi," Vegeta growled.

"Oh, Vegeta!" They were alone now behind a booth. Roshi felt his body suddenly turned around to meet the angry glare of Vegeta. With that look, he could kill anyone within a ten miles radius. "You know, you can't be mad at me. I saw you take a dive into Chi-Chi's voluptuous boobies. Don't think I didn't get a shot of that." He grinned wickedly at him. "So tell me--was it really soft and warm? Did you 'pafu-pafu' her? Did you get some 'puff-puff' in? Did you--" his voice was cut off with Vegeta's hand lodged tightly around his throat.

"Nothing happened but I will rip your neck from your body in the next three seconds if you don't shut up!!"

"B…Bul…ma," Roshi croaked using his trump card.

Vegeta laughed mocking Roshi's attempt to blackmail him. "It'll be hard for you to tell Bulma without a head on your body!"

"Y-you…wouldn't," Roshi said. He hoped he wouldn't but from the look Vegeta was giving him, he knew Vegeta wasn't bluffing.

"Do you want to test me, old man?!" Vegeta snarled. If he was even madder, Roshi could see all of Vegeta's teeth baring at him like an animal ready to eat his prey.

"N-no," Roshi stuttered.

"Give me your camera. Now!" He ordered and released Roshi. Roshi went into his pocket and gave Vegeta the only camera he had. Vegeta searched him to be sure but Roshi only had one and the others he talked about earlier were just a bluff. Vegeta crushed it to pieces with his hand and lodge his hand around Roshi's throat once more. "If you ever tell Bulma what had happened, don't think I won't come after you. You'd wish I stuck your head in a toilet and flushed it after Kakarot's pig out sessions when I'm done with you." Roshi nodded as a slow trickling sound was heard and an odd stench filled the air. Vegeta look down to see Roshi had wet himself. Vegeta dropped the old man, disgusted. "You sick old man! Don't do that in front of me!" Angry, Vegeta lifted Roshi by the collar of his shirt and threw him far away from the school, landing who knows where.


A nice crowd of people gathered around Goku, Gohan and Goten as Goku showed off his strength. He started off easy by lifting a ton, and as the audience paid more money to see Goku lift heavier weights, Goku gradually increased the weights to twenty thousand pounds where the crowd was thoroughly impressed. Some even guessed he was stronger than Hercule. Not only did Goku do poses with the weights such as lifting them with one hand and not two as people thought he would, but Goku balanced his body on his hands while Gohan placed a ton of weights on barbells on Goku's feet and he did pushups. When the show was over, many wanted to take pictures with him. The Sons were confused on why anyone would want to take a picture with Goku, but Goku did. Most of the pictures were taken with females--from teens to women. There were also little kids who wanted pictures taken with the strongest man in the universe. So far, Goku was able to make over three thousand zeni in the time he was out.

Dial and Zest arrived to see the crowd fading around Goku as he took some pictures with the people.

"Look at that," Dial said as she and Zest showed up. "Just waiting to get seduced. Let's get him."

Zest laughed. "Watch a pro and then follow my lead."

Goku lifted two kids on his arms and smiled into the camera as a mother took the picture. She thanked Goku for taking the picture with her kids and left. "That's it," Goku said watching the last people leave. "I think I'll go see how Chi-Chi's doing."

"Okay, Dad," Gohan said as he count the money and Goten watched him. "Goten and I can finish cleaning up here. We made a lot of money, far than I expected."

"Excuse me, Mr. Muscles," Zest purred seductively.

Goku turned around with a friendly smile. "Hello."

"My friend and I would like an autograph?"

"Sure," Goku agreed. "Do you have a pen?"

Zest and Dial sashayed sultrily as they moved up close to Goku. Goku, feeling his personal space invaded, stepped back. "Don't worry," she whispered huskily as she stuck her hand down her tube top and pulled out a sleek, silver tube of lipstick that was between her breasts. She eyed Goku as she did it. Instead of seeing him drooling, Goku looked confused. Zest opened the top and turned the tube upward. "Its color is hot passion. Don't you think it's hot looking?" She was wearing the color on her lips as she pouted and licked her lips slowly in front of Goku.

"Are you hungry?" Goku asked.

Zest looked confused. "No. Why do ask?" Her eyes lit up. 'Yes! He's easier to seduce than I thought.' "You want to take me to dinner?"

"No," Goku answered even more confused. "But you were licking your lips like you're hungry."

Dial laughed at Zest's failed attempt to seduce Goku. She thought it was time for her to step in. She took the tube of lipstick and gave it to Goku and lifted her shirt showing her bare breasts to Goku. Gohan gasped and quickly covered Goten's eyes. This was something his little brother shouldn't see. Zest followed suit and lifted up her tube top showing off her breasts.

"Gohan, what's going on?" Goten asked his older brother.

"Nothing for us to see," he said as he placed the rest of the money in a metal box and they hastily left.

Goku saw the women lift their shirts to him. Men walking by halted their movements. Mothers covered their younger children's eyes and left the area. While the men gawked at the women, Goku was completely baffled. Why did they do this?

"Um, why did you lift you shirts?" Goku was lost than ever at their behavior.

"We want you to sign our breasts," Dial and Zest said together. Inwardly, they were disappointed that Goku was looking at their faces and not their breasts.

Goku scratched his head. "Why? That's stupid. Doesn't lipstick go on your lips and not your chest? It would wipe off when you take a shower and you're not my wife. I'm not touching your breasts." Goku was now not only looking annoyed but insulted.

Feeling shot down badly, Dial and Zest lowered their shirts. They were down but not out. 'With boobs like his wife, no wonder he turned us down," Dial thought wryly. "We just don't have any paper." She thought sympathy would work.

"Oh, I can solve that," Goku said. He took the sign that Gohan and Goten made for his event and tore a piece off. Using the lipstick, Goku began writing his name on the paper.

Zest saw Goku hunched over a table signing his name and thought it was time to make her move. She wasn't going to get turned down. She sauntered over behind Goku, pressed her body against his while a hand reached his belt to unbuckle it.

"Hey, stop that!" Goku said and hit Zest, knocking her away from with the strength of his hand. Zest collided with Dial and the women fell on the floor, knocking the both of them out.

Goku looked back and saw the two women were lying on the ground out cold. "Oh, no!" Goku rushed to them. He slapped both of them gently to awake them. "Hey, are you okay? Say something."

Dial was the first to come to. She saw Goku hovering over her. Any normal person would give up, but not Dial. She smiled seeing Goku smile at her. He only smiled seeing her come to because he thought she was all right, but Dial was too stupid to realize that.

"Oh, my hero," Dial cooed as she threw her arms around Goku. She tried to kiss him but he pushed her off him.

He stood keeping his distance from her and Zest. "What's the matter with you two? Are you coming on to me?"

Dial and Zest looked at Goku with disbelief. He was just now figuring that out? What did he think they were doing all this time?

"You don't like it?" Zest asked.

"No!" Goku said upset. "You two are weird. Your autographs are on the table. I'm going to my wife."

Dial and Zest watched as Goku walked off. They couldn't believe it. He turned them down. This was the first time this had happened to them.

"I never thought I'd see the day a guy would turn me down," Dial said.

"It's your fault!" Zest blamed. "You came on too strong flashing your breasts to him in front of his kids! How can you do something so stupid?!"

"You're the one who followed suit so what does that make you?" Dial questioned.

"Slut!" Zest said.

"Whore!" Dial responded.

"Money grabbing tramp!"

The women glared at each other and began fighting. A crowd of horny men gathered around them cheering them on.


Vegeta headed back to the cookie stand with much reluctance. He knew as soon as he goes back, Chi-Chi would want to talk about him about his reaction to her. Vegeta only hope that she would not mention this to Bulma or worse Goku.

He saw Chi-Chi selling cookies. She was almost through with them and he wouldn't have to be with her any longer. That was a relief to him. Chi-Chi met eye contact with him briefly as she sold some cookies to another customer.

Chi-Chi noticed Vegeta didn't say anything as he sat back in his chair. She closed up an empty box that once held peanut butter cookies. The only cookies she had left were a dozen oatmeal cookies and half a dozen spice cookies.

"So, did you find Roshi?"

Vegeta tilted his head up at her, not expecting that question. "Yes."

"Did you make him pay?"

He could see a smile from the corner of her mouth. He smirked. "Of course."

Vegeta watched as Chi-Chi placed a hand on her mouth. Her body was shaking. The Saiyan didn't understand Chi-Chi's behavior until he discovered she was laughing and trying to hide it. Laughing at what? Laughing at what he did to Roshi? Maybe she wasn't going to attack him after all. Vegeta felt the pressure off him and began laughing as well. "I scared him so bad that he wet his pants."

Chi-Chi removed her hand from her mouth and laughed even louder. She leaned one arm on the table and the other on her stomach. "I can…imagine…it!" Chi-Chi said in between laughs.

Vegeta laughed loudly as well. He thought he was in the clear. He didn't have anything to worry about.

"Just so you know," Chi-Chi sobered up before she spoke curtly, "I'm still upset with you getting excited on me. How dare you?!"

Vegeta crossed his arms. "I told you about those boys."

"I know that and I'm thankful but you were already having a reaction to me to be like that."

Vegeta knew this was true. Everything was in her hands now. "So, what are you going to do?"

Chi-Chi let out a breath of air and rested a hand on her hip. "You are a man so maybe I should expect that behavior from you. However, you didn't try anything with me such as stupid pick up lines or touching me on purpose, so I will forget this matter."

Chi-Chi didn't hear Vegeta say anything but she knew he was grateful. "However, if you do try anything, I won't hesitate to Bulma."

Vegeta didn't like how that sounded. Chi-Chi said she wouldn't hesitate to tell Bulma, but what about Goku? "You didn't mention Kakarot."

"I know," Chi-Chi said sharply.

He glared at her. "What does that mean?"

"I don't keep secrets from my husband."

Vegeta's felt weak suddenly. No, she wouldn't. "You don't mean--"

"Momma!" Goten's young voice was heard interrupting the adult's conversation.

Chi-Chi directed her attention to her youngest and oldest son approaching. "Goten. Gohan. You're back. How was it with your father?" She noticed Goku wasn't with them. "Where is he anyway?"

Gohan thought it was safe to answer the easier questions first. "It was good. We made over three thousand zeni. I have to go return this money to the treasury." Gohan then noticed Vegeta in the chair. "Why is Vegeta here?"

"Bulma told, well more like ordered him to stay here for protection." She gave Gohan a look so he knew what she meant.

Gohan understood. "Oh, I see."

"Where's your father?"

"Well," Gohan started. He didn't know what to say to his mother. How could he tell his mother that two women flashed her husband?

Luckily, Goten did wonder about such things. "Two women lift their shirts up at Daddy!"

Vegeta was drinking water when Chi-Chi talked to her sons. He had to calm his nerves and prepare himself for Goku when she told him, but when he heard Goten say what was happening to Goku, he spat the liquid out. Someone flashed Goku?

Irish and Dove who occasionally looked over at Chi-Chi's table, heard Goten and instantly knew who Goten was talking about.

"I knew this wasn't a good idea," Dove said.

Irish laughed. "This should be good gossip."

"What?!" Chi-Chi screamed. Her eyes were full of anger. "What happened?" Chi-Chi asked Gohan. "Where are they? Where's Goku?!"

"I got us out of there so I don't know what happened."

Chi-Chi couldn't blame Gohan for taking him and his little brother away from the vulgar woman but she wanted to know about her husband. Her wonders were answer as she saw Goku approaching the table. Chi-Chi rushed to Goku.

"Goku, what happened?" Chi-Chi demanded. "Goten told me about the women."

"These two women came out of no where to show me their breasts. They said they wanted my autograph but I told them I wouldn't sign their breasts. It took a while for me to realize they were coming on to me. One of them even tried to unbuckle my pants, but I knocked her back and they still wouldn't give up," Goku explained. "They were weird women."

Chi-Chi was furious. How dare two women throw themselves at her husband? "They better hope I don't find out who they are because when I do, I'm going to show them what happens to women who hit on my husband!"

"There they are, Momma!" Goten pointed at Dial and Zest approaching.

Chi-Chi looked past Goku to see Dial and Zest walking to their table. Their clothes were torn, showing more skin. Dial was limping because the heel on her left shoe broke. Chi-Chi recognized them as the women who were selling sweets with her. She noticed them leave but she didn't know they were going to hit on her husband.

"How dare you?!" Chi-Chi screamed and went after Dial and Zest.

Goku grabbed Chi-Chi by her waist holding her back. He knew how strong Chi-Chi was and letting her loose on those women was like sending a lion on a mouse. "Chi-Chi, stop. I can't let you."

As Goku held Chi-Chi back, Dial and Zest took it as their moment to escape.

"Goku, let go of me!! They're getting away! I'm going to give them a couple of black eyes! I've been beating up people all day and I have more than enough energy to take on those two sticks!"

Goku's eyebrows creased in confusion. "You've been beating up people all day?"

Chi-Chi stopped resisting when the women were out of sight. She looked at her husband. "Guys have been hitting on me all day. Even Roshi came back. He hired two boys to throw water balloons at me. Thankfully, Vegeta was there to see it and stop me from getting wet."

"Huh?" Goku's eyes shot up in confusion. "Water balloons? Vegeta?"

Chi-Chi whispered the story to Goku's ear. Goku's eyes widen in surprise. He then looked at Vegeta. Vegeta glared at Goku wondering what he was thinking. Goku began laughing. Vegeta didn't like that one bit.

"What's so funny, Dad?" Goten asked.

"Something your mother told me. You wouldn't understand." He looked at Vegeta. "Thanks for staying, Vegeta." He burst into laughter again.

"Shut up!" Vegeta ordered. "I didn't ask to be here and if you say anything about this, I'll kill you!!"

"Right," Goku said biting his lip to suppress his laughter.

Vegeta huffed and walked off. 'Great! Not that idiot knows my secret and his wife pounding on me. I'll kill both of them if they mention that to anyone!'


The rest of the day was fun for the Son Family after Chi-Chi sold the rest of her cookies. Goku went to a booth with Chi-Chi where he took a baseball and knocked three bottles stacking on each other down. His prize was a giant panda for Chi-Chi. He won more animals for her at other booths. Goku not only munch down on the food Chi-Chi had in the cooler, but he ate a lot of popcorn, cotton candy, hot dogs, pretzels, nachos covered in cheese and other foods that were being sold. The two got in bumper cars together while Gohan and Goten got in another and they chased and bumped into each other.

Gohan and Goten went to the dunking booths where Sharpner was being dunked. When he saw Gohan, he taunted him, thinking the Saiyan wouldn't hit him. Gohan proved him wrong as he purchased three balls and threw them at the target. Gohan dunked Sharpner in the water three times. Goten jumped up and down wanting to try it so Gohan purchased three balls for his little brother. Sharpner laughed and told Gohan to buy three more balls since he thought Goten wouldn't get any hits on him on the account of being a little kid. Goten threw the balls at the target and hit all of them dead on. Trunks who showed up with his Mom saw Goten dunking Sharpner and told his Mom he wanted to try it so Bulma purchased the balls for her son. Trunks challenged Goten he could dunk Sharpner the most and Goten stepped up to that challenge. Poor Sharpner had been dunk twenty more times after that before other kids complained they weren't getting a turn. Much to Goten and Trunks disappointment, they had to leave with Gohan and Bulma.

The Son and Briefs waited in line for a while to ride the roller coaster. Everyone laughed and scream in joy as they were going through several twists and turns at enormous speed. Even Vegeta enjoyed himself on the ride and went back several times.

It was until nighttime when Goku and Chi-Chi got a change to ride in the Ferris wheel. They buckled up and waited patiently as the wheel began moving. Chi-Chi squealed and held onto Goku's arm as they went up. Chi-Chi was in awe at the view they had. The higher they went up, the more they saw of the school and city lights. The day was stressful for Chi-Chi with the men hitting on her but to be in Goku's arm at this moment as they looked up at the night sky sparkling with millions of stars was definitely worth it. The carnival ended with a fireworks display. A tally of the money was added and it turned out they had more than enough money for Gohan's Honor Society. The carnival was a complete success.

One more day passed before Chi-Chi would be rid of her implants. Chi-Chi was relieved this week was over. It felt like it went on for six weeks instead of one. On the morning of her operation, Goku kissed both her breasts lovingly, saying goodbye to the implants. Chi-Chi laughed at her husband being silly and playful.


"Wow, Momma you're back to normal!" Goten said once his parents returned from the spa.

"Yes, thankfully," Chi-Chi said with much relief. When they heard a knock at the door, Goku felt the ki outside and whispered to Chi-Chi it was Master Roshi. Chi-Chi knew why he was there--to collect his pictures, he tricked Goku into getting. "Goten, why don't you stay here while we talked to Master Roshi? We won't be long."

"Okay, Momma," Goten said.

When Goku and Chi-Chi stepped outside, they saw Master Roshi in crutches with a broken left leg and a large white bandage around his head. They both knew this had to be Vegeta's doing.

"What happened to you?" Goku asked.

"Uh, I ran into some trouble with Vegeta, but that's not important. As you know, Goku, you and I have a deal about some pictures of Chi-Chi. I've come to collect it. I think you had enough time to use the camera and get the pictures developed."

"We did."

Roshi held his hand out a drop of blood fell from his noise. "Oh, goody! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!"

Goku laughed and rubbed the back of his head. He looked to his wife. "Chi-Chi?"

Uh-oh. Master Roshi didn't like this. Why was Chi-Chi smiling as if she knew something Roshi didn't? 'Darn it! I suffered enough!'

"You see, Roshi, you told Goku to take the pictures, which he did. I thought since Goku took the pictures, he should personally develop them because I didn't want anyone else looking at the pictures I took."

"But…Goku doesn't know how to develop pictures," Roshi said. No! His plan was failing before him.

Chi-Chi laughed. "You're right. He doesn't. As a result all the film was destroyed."

"All…gone?" Master Roshi's shoulders slumped. No! It wasn't fair.

"All gone," Goku said. "Sorry." From the look on Goku's face, he wasn't the least bit sorry.

"You tricked me!" He accused Chi-Chi.

"It serves you right for tricking my husband, you sick pervert!" Chi-Chi argued back. "Now get out of here before I break your other leg!"

"You better do it," Goku advised Roshi. "She'll do it."

"I'll go but not without the lingerie I gave you." 'I can have some comfort into feeling that.'

"Oh, I threw it out. I didn't know you wanted them. Silly me," Chi-Chi smiled as an innocent baby and laughed.

They got him. They really got him and Roshi didn't like it one bit. Master Roshi admitted defeat and walked away. "It's not fair! Is it so bad that I want to see pictures of Chi-Chi's breasts?! I'm an old man with needs! I need something to enjoy life!"

"Well, that takes care of that," Goku said as Roshi walked away. "Too bad we couldn't keep some of the pictures."

"Are you kidding? No way!" Chi-Chi protested with flailing arms and shaking her head. "It always ends up in the wrong hands when people take those kinds of pictures. Why, just on the news the other day, this heiress had a videotape on her boyfriend together and now it's all over world in the computers. The same went for this musician and his wife a few years ago. It's all in the video stores." Chi-Chi shook her end finalizing the topic. "No way. If those people are going to do things like that, then they should destroy it immediately. Otherwise, they're asking for trouble."

Goku thought for a moment and shrugged. "Yep. You're right."

"Of course I am. Now let's go have lunch with Goten. " She took his hand and led them in the house. "Finally," Chi-Chi said relieved. "Things are back to normal."

The End

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