"Dealing With It"

by x0firefly0x

Summary: Sequel to "How To Be Bad". After their "lessons", Draco and Ginny are now together. But can they deal with the school's hatred of their relationship? D/G, R/Hr.

Author's Note: The long-awaited sequel is finally here! *crowd cheers* It's funny, cuz nearly all my friends have read this already at school, so I had like 14 beta readers. Well, I dedicate this story to Lozi, who supported me through everything. Sorry I kept forgetting to write back. Stupid mid-terms. ENJOY!

Chapter 1: Of Irresistable Ferrets

Draco Malfoy grinned at his girlfriend, Ginny Weasley, over mountains of books. They were in the library, on this sunny April afternoon. Unfortunately, Ginny didn't smile back.

It was O.W.L. time for Ginny, as she was in her fifth year. And Ginny was officially stressed out. They were in less than two months, and she hadn't studied at all!

Ginny sighed, peering over her notes across from Draco. 'If only he wasn't so damn irresistable,' Ginny thought, frustrated. Draco was sitting back in his chair, his blonde hair flopping over his pale face and grey-blue eyes. As if he knew what Ginny was thinking, Draco smirked and winked, his grey eyes twinkling.

Ginny smiled half-heartedly and returned to her work. She was interrupted rudely, however, by the bang of Draco's front chair legs landing on the stone floor. Ginny lifted her head up to tell him off, but heard Draco hissing to Blaise Zabini, "Bugger off!" Ginny sighed.

'It was probably some jeer about me,' Ginny thought. Ever since news of their relationship had spread, they had had to endure constant taunts from nearly everyone in the school. Ginny and Draco learned the hard way how people felt about their relationship. Seemingly, Hogwarts didn't believe in being subtle. Frankly, Ginny wondered why Draco hadn't left her because of this.

Usually, Draco was uptight and self-conscious about how people thought about him. He was, basically, an aristocrat, although gone were the days he thought he was better than everyone else. Rather, now he merely thought that he was superior to all, except for Ginny. After all, as Ron rightly said once (to some degree) "A poisonous toadstool doesn't change its spots." But Ginny didn't mine; Draco was still, as yet, her life. He was loyal and loving, which was a side of Draco many didn't get to see.

Draco wasn't looking very loyal and loving at the moment, however; he was looking very bored. Draco, who was in his sixth year, wasn't coming back next year. He had passed the O.W.L.s with flying colors the previous year and decided to take the N.E.W.T.s this year and finish them off. He wanted out of Hogwarts. Ginny knew she would miss him. Ginny gave up, grabbed some library books, shoved them into Draco's chest (he coughed, but looked very happy that they were leaving) and the two left the library.

"Where d'you want to go?" Draco asked eagerly. Obviously he wanted to snog; Ginny had soon learned that her boyfriend wasn't eager about anything else. Ginny smirked and flipped her long, vividly red hair, knowing this drove him wild. Draco's eyes gained a glazed expression. She knew what he was fantasizing about. Ginny leaned over to kiss him, when--

"Aargh!" a familiar male voice yelled. Ginny and Draco turned around. It was Ron, a very disgusted look upon his face. Harry and Hermione were on either side of him. Hermione rolled her eyes, something Ginny wanted to do very badly. Harry just waved, smiling weakly.

Luckily for Ginny, Hermione and Harry had both forgiven Ginny, but still had a grudge against Draco, which Ginny felt was quite understandable. She didn't push it.

"Malfoy!" Ron growled, glaring at Draco, "Leave Ginny alone, you bloody git!" Draco just glared back at Ron, clenching one hand around his wand, which was currently residing in his front pants pocket. Ron, Harry, and Hermione did the same in response.

Ginny sighed (for what seemed the millioneth time that day) and said to Ron calmly, "Sod off." Ron turned red with suppressed anger.

"B-b-but..." Ron stammered, then regained control of himself once more, "You're telling *ME* to sod off, Gin?" Ron yelled furiously, then pointed his wand at Draco. Draco's wand went up in self-defense. "That bloody arse is harassing you!"

Ginny laughed. "That's enough," she said, still giggling.

"I *still* can't believe you picked MALFOY over HARRY!" Ron yelled.

"Oh yeah," Draco said, smirking, "Potter's much better."

"He is," Ron retorted, "But then again, scum is better than you, Malfoy." Ginny rolled her eyes and looked over at Hermione, who was looking bored. The girls were used to this by now...several months of this had done that to them. The boys kept yelling at each other.

Finally, Harry (always the quintessence of self-control) raised his wand and pointed it at Draco, looking furious. "You dolt!" Harry yelled, "You'll pay for that!" Ginyn couldn't take it anymore.

"Draco,"(Ron grimaced)"Ron, Harry, GROW UP!" Ginny said tempestously.

"I can take care of myself," Draco snarled. Ginny stood taken aback, and tears welled up her eyes. She never knew why she cried so easily. Draco started stalking away. Ginny quickly ran up to him, taking hold of his hand.

"It's okay, Draco," Ginny said quietly, observing his face, shadowed by hair.

"Whatever," Draco said gruffly.

Ginny stopped and turned around to face him. She put a hand at the nape of his neck and pulled him down so that his eyes faced hers.

"How about I give you a little treat? Let's go to the Astronomy Tower," Ginny whispered. Something in Draco's eyes flickered. Ginny led him up to the Astronomy Tower. She used to go to the Room of Requirement, but now that the D.A. members knew about it (particularly Lavender Brown and Seamus Finnigan)it was full of necking couples.

They settled into a corner, and Draco leaned in first. They shared a long, chaste kiss before Draco's tongue prodded Ginny's lips. Ginny allowed him, and things began to become more intimate.

"Ahem," someone said somewhere above them. Ginny and Draco stopped momentarily to look up.

"Uh, hi, Micheal," Ginny said uncomfortably, addressing her ex-boyfriend, Micheal Corner.

"Hey," Micheal said awkwardly. Draco nodded curtly, the only sign that he had noticed their arrival. For the first time, Ginny noticed the girl Micheal had brought up. She had short, blonde hair cipped up into a boy's cut, which flattered her tanned and slender face. Her bright blue eyes surveyed the scene. She was very tall, almost as tall as Micheal himself, which was quite a feat. Micheal was the tallest boy at Hogwarts, standing at 6'5''. Draco was only 6'2''.

Draco stood up, as if thinking the same thing, and straightened to his full height. Ginny stood up beside him, straightening her robes.

"So, er..." Ginny started, but Draco quickly interrupted her and said suavely, "Corner, you haven't introduced us to your girlfriend. How rude."

Micheal started, and then said sheepishly, "Oh, yeah. This is Charlotte. She's a Hufflepuff."

"Hi," said Charlotte, shifting uncomfortably.

"Well, er, gotta go," Ginny said nervously, dragging Draco behind her, who valiantly resisted at first, then gave in with a shrug. "'Bye, Micheal, 'bye, Charlotte!" she called as they walked swiftly out the door and down the tightly spiraling staircase.

"Jealous?" Draco teased, when they had finally stopped outside the doorway.

"No," Ginny said sharply. Draco looked at her suspiciously, but said nothing.

Author's Note: Okay, that was basically when I got tired of typing, lol. Goodness, this sequel is long. And I cut a lot out too! *Phew*. More soon, sorry it wasn't much of a cliffhanger. The next portion ends in one, but I didn't feel like writing any more. More will be up soon! Oh, and Jenni, hope you liked it!