Dealing With It

by x0firefly0x (Amanda)

Summary: Sequel to How To Be Bad. After their lessons, Draco and Ginny are now together. But can they deal with the school's hatred of their relationship? D/G, slight R/Hr.

Disclaimer: Only the Goddess, J.K.R. owns Harry Potter. Not me, so leave my poor arse alone. sobs

Author's Note: Um, er...not much to say except for...enjoy? And sorry it took, like, 4 years to update.

Chapter Eight: And I'm Someone

"Draco Lucius Malfoy, it is over."
"What?!" Draco sputtered. He couldn't believe his ears. A surge of emotion swept over his muscular frame.
"This whole engagement, dating thing, darling," Pansy simpered, "is over." "Is this true?" Draco asked eagerly.
"Yes. Blaise and I are engaged. You do agree to this break-up, don't you, Draco?"
"Yes," Draco said forcefully, "When can we tell our parents?"
"As soon as possible," Pansy said indifferently.
"Let's send a letter now, then," Draco asserted.
"Send it off," Pansy said, waving a dismissive hand covered with silver rings with green gems, "If they should like assent, they'll owl me." At this, Pansy swept away, her pug-like features haughtily arranged.
Draco walked swiftly throught the halls, climbing eagerly to the Owlery. He took a quill and parchment from his black leather satchel, and quickly scribbled a note to his mother:

Dear Mother,
Due to a mutual agreement on the part of Miss Parkinson and myself, it has been decided upon that our bethrothal is officially broken off. Hope you're well.
Your son,
Draco L. Malfoy

He sealed it, rolled it, and tied it around the outstretched leg of his eagle owl, Venom, who sat perched elegantly on the window sill.
Draco felt as if he could skip when he saw Venom soar out into the clear blue sky. But, of course, he didn't. Malfoys don't skip. He satisfied himself by humming discreetly under his breath as he briskly walked down the stairs. He and Ginny were now free to marry and live out the rest of their lives together. He started to head to Gryffindor Tower to tell his fiancée, then changed his mind half a step later. He had a better idea. Draco's grey eyes glinted mischievously. He couldn't wait.

Ginny dressed quickly in the locker rooms, pulling her scarlet and gold-laced Quidditch robes over her head. She grabbed her new Cleansweep, a gift from Fred and George, and headed out, Harry barking orders up ahead, and Ron looking quite green beside him. It was Gryffindor vs. Slytherin, a preliminary for the Quidditch Cup, and everyone was quite anxious, especially Harry. He wanted to end his first year as Captain with a blast, therefore, he wanted to win this and the Quidditch Cup. This wasn't what Ginny was worried about though--it was playing against her boyfriend. 'At least I'm not Seeker this year,' Ginny thought, 'Otherwise this would've been a bigger problem'.
They walked onto the field amid tumultuous applause. They waved amicably, Ginny grinning to mask her uncertainty.
The Slytherin team came on from the other side. Ginny caught Draco's eyes, and they both grinned, Draco's eyes sparkling in a curious way. Madam Hooch threw the Quaffle up into the air, and blew her whistle. Fourteen players zoomed up into the air. The game had begun.
The loud voice of the commentator, no longer Lee Jordan (who had graduated the past year), but rather, a seventh year by the name of Shaun Banks, a floppy-haired blonde Hufflepuff with a tendency to be extremely loud, and a penchant for the romantic, boomed across the field.
"Weasley's got the Quaffle, she shoots...she scores! 10-0 to Gryffindor!" he bellowed. The scarlet-and-gold crowd cheered appreciatively.
Harry, at the other end of the field, quickly dodged a Bludger, and Ginny noticed--had spotted something. He went down into a dive.
Suddenly, the commentary stopped. Ginny looked up to see Shaun being handed a piece of parchment from a first-year Slytherin, and grinning goofily.
"Ginny Weasley!" he yelled, "Will you marry Dr--" The crowd gasped.
"Aw," Ginny said to her fellow Chaser, Lavender Brown, a grin on her face, "Someone wants to marry someone named..." Ginny's face suddenly looked dumbstruck. "Wait, my name's Ginny..." she said slowly. Draco stopped short in front of her.
"And I'm someone," Draco said, his white-blonde hair whipping in the wind over his sweaty brow, his grey eyes steady. It took Ginny a second to fully realize what he had just said.
"What?!" Ron said, whizzing away from his goal posts to Ginny's side, "AGAIN?!"
"Yes!" Ginny shrieked.
"No!!! ARE YOU MAD?" Ron yelled.
In the background, the Gryffindor crowd screamed. "And Potter's got the Snitch!! GRYFFINDOR WINS, 160-0!!" Shaun yelled.
"Does this mean that your betrothal is done with?" Ginny said loudly over the screams.
"Completely. I just sent the letter away yesterday. Pansy finally broke down," Draco said back.
Ginny and Draco landed, and Ginny hugged him so hard, he feared his ribs would break. They kissed.
"Well, now we can be married, and nobody can stop us," Draco said seriously.
Ginny darted a glance at Ron, who was steadily turning crimson and giggled. "Especially not Ron," she said firmly, still grinning.

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