::author is seen being dragged off and thrown into a police car::

'Shaka: Friggin' coppers! I'm telling the truth dammit! They belong to ME! I'll sue you all for this! I bought the copyright last week! It's on my desk! Cruel and unusual punishment! I have a Poetic License! You won't get away w—

::the door to the car slams, and the Author is driven off to some unknown government facility. Agent Spooky appears, flashing his badge::

Mulder: No more worries here people. The human-imposter copyright-stealing freckled girl is gone. Now, if you'll excuse me, I think I saw an alien over there.

::the computer screen fades to black then reappears with the poem below, ready for all to see::

Okay I lied, I'm not putting out a Quatre or Trowa poem today. But I just sort of write these as they come, ya know? This is from Relena's POV. I like it a lot more than the Wufei one or the Treize one. This is also quite a bit more cheerful than my others. In fact, now that I think about it, it's more cheerful than most of my fics.


Spinning In The Sky
By Rashaka

"Omae o korosu"
You say

You somehow make the whispers fade away

I'm spinning here
Spinning in a moment
One moment when I'm blind
All I can see is you standing there
An anchor that never dances
And you say these things
But I know that you're lying
You say them so many times
More for yourself than for me
Cause you're the one that needs convincing

But I don't believe you

And I'm spinning as the world changes
But you're always there
You never spin
Not with me or with them
Maybe you don't remember how
Or maybe you never learned
But we all change
And you'll change too, someday
But until that day I'll listen to those words
Until you realize that not even you believe them anymore
And you'll start to spin
And then I'll be your anchor