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Chapter 1:

It has been a few weeks since the cell games. Goku, unfortunately died, leaving his son Gohan to take care of his wife chichi. Gohan was currently in the hospital, recovering from the fight with cell.

"Gohan, can you see me", a doctor asked, staring at a young boy who appeared no older than eleven. The doctor had no idea what beat this little kid up so bad.

"I can't see you" Gohan sighed frustrated. It has been three weeks since the Cell games, and Cell has taken his sight from him. At the end of the battle, Cell managed to scratch Gohan's clear blue eyes, ruining them past repair. "All I can see is darkness, are you sure you can't heal my eyes"?

"I'm very sorry, Son Gohan, but there is nothing that I can do", the doctor turned around promptly, leaving Gohan alone in the room.

I guess I deserve this, Gohan thought to himself. I guess Kami is punishing me for killing my own dad. Gohan started to cry at the thought of the Cell games when he felt Dende's ki appear in the room with him.

"It is not your fault that your dad died", Dende said, trying to comfort his friend, who once saved his life. "There is nothing you could of done to prevent his unfortunate demise". Dende stared intensely at Gohan, studying his morose face. It has been three weeks already, and he was still blaming himself for his dad's death.

"It is my fault Dende", Gohan exclaimed angrily, "If I wasn't so cocky, and killed Cell when my dad told me to, he would still be alive." Gohan started to sob again, he felt all alone in infinite darkness. He felt like he deserved to die instead of his dad. At least he was being punished for his sin. Before Gohan could wallow in his misery he felt a hard slap. It turns out Vegeta entered his room, without the young semi-saiyan realizing.

"You are not worthless and it is not your fault", Vegeta growled at the small boy that sat in front of him. "You better perk yourself up, because I am not losing my new sparring partner".

"Vegeta, how can I spar. Don't you know I am completely blind?" Gohan muttered under his breath.

"Well, we will have to find a way around that, wont we", the older saiyan said, with a hint of sincerity in his voice. Gohan was beyond bewilderment. When did Vegeta care for him so much?


A few weeks later Gohan had been released from the hospital. When he finally arrived home, his mother Chichi had some very important news for him.

"Gohan, baby, I'm pregnant", Chichi said to her now blind son.

"What!!!", Gohan yelled. He was going to become a brother.

For the next few months, Chichi got bigger and bigger. Meanwhile Gohan started to revert back to his old self. After a few days after being released, he found a way to 'see' again. With the help of Bulma and Vegeta he was able to see. Vegeta helped him find a way to project his ki, to see where objects were, and Bulma made a special pair of glasses, that enhanced the color of the things his ki saw. For the first time in months Gohan was truly happy. A few weeks after this invention, Gohan was also an older brother. Son Goten was born.


6 years later.

"Gohan get ready for your first day of school", Chichi yelled up the stairs. Gohan had recently turned 17, and his mom decided it was time for him to go to school, and meet other kids his own age. Gohan, using his ki, was now able to 'see', and it was like he wasn't even blind. The only difference now, was that he was unable to see anything that was flat. But with the help of Bulma, he was able to read with a special pen that made the words appear 3-dimensional to him so he was able to read books and things.

"Gohan, hurry up and get ready for school. You know we can't eat until you come down", Goten whined at his older brother. Gohan rolled out of bed, and patted his little brother on the head.

"I'm up, happy. I'll be down in a couple minutes squirt", Gohan then got up and started to change into the clothes his mom laid out for him. After he got dressed, in a pair of red pants, a white long sleeve shirt and a black vest, Gohan went downstairs to eat his breakfast, and then go off to school.

"Good morning, mom", Gohan said while sitting down, then promptly started to gobble up all the food on the table. Chichi stared bemused at her oldest son, while he scarfed down all the food she cooked for him. It was hard for her to realize he was blind.

"Gohan, you have to get to school. Here is a note for you, so you will be able to use your reading pen and wear your sunglasses", Chichi said, handing him a small white envelope. "Oh, and I didn't tell the school you are blind, I was sure you didn't want me to"

"Thanks mom", Gohan said grabbing his bag and the note. "I'm leaving now, bye mom, bye Goten". Gohan left the house and started to fly to school.


Gohan landed about then minutes away from the school. He did not want to show off his powers to anyone, they might think he was a freak. Gohan walked to school and soon he reached a huge building, with what appeared to be an orange star in the front. Gohan walked in, and started to look for the principals office, to find out what class he is in. The only problem was that he could not read the painted on letters on the doors. Before Gohan could ask for help he walked straight into a girl, with black pigtails.

"Watch were you're going", the girl yelped. The girl turned around to see who it was, and then realized it was a new student. "I'm sorry for yelling at you", the girl said sincerely to Gohan, "by the way I am Satan Videl".

"Hi, I'm Gohan", Gohan answered. Videl looked at Gohan weirdly. Usually people gushed over her when they found out who her father was. While Videl was deep in thought, Gohan interupted her. "By any chance, do you know where the principals office is", Gohan asked Videl. Videl sweatdropped, and turned around.

"Umm, Gohan the principals office is right behind you", Videl said, wondering if he couldn't read or something.

"Oh, thank you", Gohan said, feeling a pink blush rise up his cheeks. "I have a little reading problem", he said to Videl. Videl decided to walk with Gohan into the principals office, curious what his problem was.

"Hello Videl", the office secretary asked, "are you Son Gohan", the secretary asked, looking at Gohan.

"Yeah", Gohan said, scratching behind his head, like Goku always does.

"Alright, the principal will see you then to give you your schedule", the secretary said, pointing to the principals door. Gohan thanked her, and entered the principal's office.

"HI, you must be Son Gohan", the principal said, looking at Gohan's face with bewilderment. "You must take off those sunglasses, they are not allowed in school", the principal said again. Before he could tell Gohan again, Gohan gave him the envelope Chichi gave him earlier that morning.

The principal quickly read the letter, and then opened his mouth. "You can use the reading pen, Son Gohan, but the sun-glasses are still against the school rules. I don't see why you need them, just because you have a slight reading problem."

"Mr. Principle", Gohan started to say, "I am not taking off the sunglasses, and I have a good reason". The principal looked at Gohan in confusion. Gohan happened to score perfect grades on all of his entrance exams, and he did not think that Gohan would be a troublemaker.

"You must take them off, unless you want me to call your mom', the principal said firmly to Gohan. Reluctantly, Gohan took off the sunglasses, and opened his eyes. The principal let out a small gasp. "You're blind", the principal whispered. He had no idea, especially since he seemed to look straight at him. He also noticed the horrible scratch marks in his black eyes. When cell scratched at Gohan's eyes, years earlier, it left a thin scar over each pupil.

"Now may I wear the sunglasses", Gohan nearly whined at the principal.

"Yes, you can", the principal said, wondering why no one told him that the new student was blind. The principal gave Gohan his schedule, wondering how he would read it, and then told him to follow Videl, because she was in all of his classes. Gohan thanked the principal, then left his office.

"Umm, Videl, the principal told me to ask you to take me to all of my classes, seeing as we are in the same ones" Gohan asked the girl politely. The girl grumbled under her breath before she said all right.

Together the two of them walked to their first class, while Videl checked out the new student. "You know you aren't supposed to wear sunglasses in school", Videl told Gohan.

"I am allowed to, due to special circumstances", Gohan answered briefly, while continuing to walk behind Videl. After a few seconds, they arrived to the first classroom. Gohan took a mental note where it was, so he would know how to get here again. Videl walked into the room and sat down next two blonde people, one male one female.

"Hello class, we have a new student today", Mr. Aoi said to the class. "His name is Son Gohan, and please be kind to him, seeing as it is his first day."

Gohan walked into the room slowly, and looked around him. He could sense about twenty-five other people in the room with him. "Hi I'm Gohan", Gohan stated, while a few people snickered.

"Umm, Gohan, since you are new I am not going to reprimand you, but you are not allowed to wear sunglasses in school", Mr. Aoi said to Gohan. Gohan turned around to face Mr. Aoi.

"The principal said I could", Gohan said, a little pissed off that everyone was yelling at him for wearing the sunglasses. It wasn't like they were hurting anyone.

"Do you have a note form the principal?" Mr. Aoi snickered. He thought that Gohan was being a wise- ass. Promptly, he grabbed off Gohan's sunglasses, and then let out a small gasp. Videl, who heard this, was starting to wonder what Gohan was hiding beneath the shades. Mr. Aoi gave back Gohan's glasses immediately, and apologized to him. The whole class looked at him in bewilderment, knowing that Mr. Aoi usually would never allow someone to break the rules. Mr. Aoi told Gohan to find a seat, and with a smirk Gohan walked up the stairs, looking around him, when he heard one of the blond people sitting next to Videl call him to sit next to her. Gohan smirked again and went to sit next to the blonde girl.

"HI, I'm Erasa", the blond girl said happily, "and this is Sharpner and Videl". The girl pointed to the two people ho sat next to her. Gohan nodded to the girl, and then sat down and got ready for his first class.

At the beginning of the class, Gohan realized he was going to have to take notes, and took out the pen that Bulma had created for him. Videl noticed the weird pen, and at the end it had what appeared to be a magnifying glass. She shook her head, wondering why he needed such a weird device.

Near the end of the class, they were allowed to talk, and Gohan started to get a lot of questions asked to him./

"So where are you form", Erasa asked Gohan.

"I'm from the 439 mountain area", Gohan answered, and then heard Videl scream.

"That is almost 500 miles away!!", Videl yelled causing the class to look at her. Realizing this she calmed down. "How to you get to school and back", she asked in a quieter tone.

"Well", Gohan started not knowing what to say, "My mom drives me to and from school, she is really obsessed with getting me a good education"" Gohan scratched the back of his head again, and blushed sheepishly. Videl knew Gohan was hiding something, and she was going to figure out what it was.


The first few periods of the day passed, rather uneventfully. Gohan got yelled at because of his sunglasses, and because he fell asleep twice in class. Gohan didn't want to Tele them that he learned all of this stuff when he was only six years old. Then people would think he was a real geek. Finally it came time for lunch, and Videl guided him to the lunchroom, realizing that he never seemed to look straight ahead of him when he walked.

Gohan finally arrived at the lunchroom, and sat at a table with Videl, Erasa and Sharpner. Gohan started to rummage through his bag, for the capsule that kept his lunch, and then he groaned. He didn't realize that there were two capsules in his bag, and he wasn't sure which one held his lunch, and which one held his gym clothes.

"Umm, Videl, would you mind reading the nubers on this cpasule", Gohan asked quietly.

"Can't you read it yourslef", Videl asked, looking at Gohan as if he was dumb.

:I have a slight vision problem', Gohan answered feeling a blush rising on his cheeks. Videl was currently blushing too, she hadn't realized that Gohan was vision impaired, although there were all of the signs. Apologetically, Videl took the capsules from Gohan and then thought of something.

"Umm, Gohan, what do you need a capsule for anyway", Videl asked him sincerely.

"My lunch is in one of them", Gohan ansered.

"Wait, aren't you not supposed to put lunch in a capsule, and the new lunch capsules, are not out on the market for another few weeks", Videl said. She happened to keep up with the new capsules that were being invented.

"I know, Videl", Gohan said, " but I have a lunch capsule, my mom managed to get one before they came out on the market", Gohan answered. "Now can you please read the capsules?"

Videl read the two capsules, and gave Gohan the one he wanted. He de- capsulized it, and a huge feast was on the table in front of him.

"Wow, can you really eat all of that food", Erasa asked wide mouthed. There was enough food in front of her to feed a small army!!

"Yup", Gohan answered, before shoveling the food in his mouth. Videl, Sharpner, and Erasa stared in amazement as Gohan ate all that food in less than 10 minutes. Soon the lunch period ended, and it was time for the last period of the day, gym.


Gohan changed into a long sleeved gi, and waited in the gym for everyone else. When everyone finally arrived, the gym teacher spoke up.

"Good afternoon class", the gym teacher said, "Today we will be playing a game of dodge ball". Most of the class groaned, but they still split up into two teams, and got ready to play the game. "When I blow the whistle it is time to start, ready set *whoot*", the gym teacher blew her whistle, and balls started to fly everywhere. Gohan tried to dodge all of the balls, but was also trying not to show off his speed. If he did the class might think he was a freak. Finally there were only 3 players left. Videl and Gohan were on one side of the gym, and Sharpner on the other.

"You're going down", Videl growled competitively. She didn't like to lose very much, especially to an over muscled bimbo.

"Yeah right", Sharpner snorted back, and then let go a barrage of balls straight at Gohan. Gohan 'seeing' the balls started to dodge them, but one of them managed to knock of his sunglasses, right in front of Videl. The bell rang, signaling the end of gym, as well as the end of the day. Everyone rushed out of the gym, leaving Videl and Gohan alone. Videl looked over to Gohan, who was hastily trying to put on his sunglasses, but not quick enough. Videl looked straight at Gohan, and realized that his eyes looked vacant, and there were two thin lines over each pupil.

"Gohan, what is wrong with your eyes", Videl gasped.

"Nothing really", Gohan said, trying to conceal the fact that he was blind.

"Don't lie to me, Gohan", Videl said in a deadly voice. Unfortunately for Gohan, he was a horrible liar.

"I have a small vision problem", Gohan said slowly, trying to think up of something good. "I have really bad astigmatism", Gohan blurted saying the first thing that came to mind. Luckily for him Videl bought it, and thought that the light must of distorted Gohan's eyes. Still Videl was going to find out Gohan's secret.


End of Chapter 1

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