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Hi everyone!! I just wanted you to know that I am starting to write for this story again…yay! I am sooo sorry for my long hiatus, high school was getting tough and now that I am in college I finally have time to write more (which is kinda ironic, but I am a junior and now an English major and I want to edit the earlier chapters). I am going to hopefully get a new chapter out within the next week, and take some time to edit and improve upon my earlier chapters. Thank you sooooooo much for the people who kept adding me to their author update lists, because without you I would not have been tempted to start writing again. So before I leave I am going to be nice (or horribly mean to some) and give you a sneak peak of what is to come.

Blinded- chapter 12

As Gohan walked down the twisting corridors with his friends, he started to get slightly anxious about the project they would be working on. Gohan was quite surprised that the group agreed to attempt to create a device that would help him to finally know what was in his capsules. The pen he had to read text was unable to operate on the curved surface of a capsule. Glancing over at his friends, using his ki, he noticed that Videl seemed to be deep in thought. Unknown to him, Videl was wondering to herself if she would even be able to help with the project.

Videl was never good with technology, other than piloting her helicopters and planes. She hoped that if she could come up with a good conception of how the chip would work, so Gohan would be able to turn it into reality. Videl was actually quite surprised that no one thought to put Braille on the capsule before, but in retrospect realized it would be hard to fit those tiny dots onto an object that miniscule. She hoped that they would be able to make a microchip small enough to fit neatly in with the capsule design.

Walking besides Videl and Gohan was Sharpener… who could only fume to himself that the weakling Gohan was trying to steal Videl from him. He was thinking about how he could enact revenge on him, and expose him for the wimp he was.

…. I know that was a tease, but I promise I will have a great chappie out hopefully by next week. I have almost no homework scheduled for the next week other than a random quiz or two. Thank you sooo much to those who have reviewed and within a week I hope everyone will be excited for the new chapter! Those three paragraphs were just some incite on what is to come... on the next exciting episode of DRAGON BALL Z!