This is just a short little chapter to see if anyone likes this. If you can't tell, my favorite character is Mat and I'm starting where The Crossroads Of Twilight ended with him. It's left me hanging so I decided to invent my own. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of Robert Jordan's characters or plot. I'm just barrowing them for a bit of fun


Chapter one

Far Worse


We'll toss the dice however they fall,

and snuggle the girls be they short or tall,

then follow young Mat whenever he calls,

to dance with Jak o' the Shadows.

-Jak o' the Shadows.

Oh Light, oh light! Blood and bloody flaming ashes what am I going to do now. Thoughts whirled though Matrim Cauthon's head like some dance, ricocheting off his skull with the dice that rolled and tumbled. Mat prayed that his luck would hold out, but seeing Tuon wearing the silk roses had to mean something. He wondered if it was good or not that the dice didn't stop when he saw Tuon. Maybe she just liked roses? You never knew with women. One minute they were all smiles and kisses and then next an adder waiting to sink their fangs in, and it was Mat bloody Cauthon who as going to end up dead because of it.

He had laughed until he though he was going to sick up, or maybe laughing to keep himself from doing so, he though he might have wept if he hadn't.

After he had laughed himself horse, Mat realized felt the stares and he raised his head. Luca and Latelle looked at his as if he had grown another head. But Tuon looked as if everything was going as she had planned and burn her she was wearing one f those smiles again. Light, the woman really was a viper.

Mat had picked up his hat and fairly ran from the wagon. That's where he was now, walking swiftly to any place but within a hundred paces of Tuon and her bloody smiles. Fingering the black scarf around his neck, Mat didn't think about where he was going. Just anywhere away.

Nothing seemed amusing now, the game he played now was still the same game, but his stone was cornered now and he was losing fast. Why did she have the roses? The thought was first on his mind. Blood and ashes, did she name him her husband? Mat was sure he was playing a very dangerous game indeed; but what was it a game for? What am I thinking, I don't want her as a wife! Mat ran his fingers through his hair and tried very hard not to look as hysterical as he felt.


Mat nearly took Noal's head off turning around. He had told the old man to stop sneaking up behind him, but you never knew with Noal. It seemed that the old man was mad sometimes, but he could disappear like shadows and use those daggers as quick as a woman's mind.

"Haven't I told you to stop that?" Mat growled and walked on, he was followed by Noal's voice though.

"Merrilin said he needed to talk to you."

Mat appeared not to notice, but he raised one hand into the air and gestured that he had heard.

He did not have to wonder why Thom wanted to see him. He had been absent for the whole ordeal and would have no doubt wanted to talk to Mat. He could have asked Juilin about what ever he wanted, but he and Mat shared a closer bond since they had been together so long. The old Gleeman was the only one in the camp who knew anything about Mat's patched memory or having the reminiscences of long dead men in his head.

It was still close to dark before he thought about seeing Thom But too many things were taking their turn invading Mat's mind to think about anything else. He just wanted to go back to his wagon and sleep. He wished that he could forget everything and get a good nights rest. Light, he wasn't afraid of the woman, not afraid.

Deciding to talk to Thom on the morrow, Mat stumbled wearily to his wagon he shared with Domon and Egeanin surprisingly they were not there. He had thought that Domon would be snoring on the floor by now. Mat was at least grateful he didn't have to find a some patch of dry ground for a bed now. The older man was not sitting on the narrow bed, nor was Egeanin, but Thom was.

"I'd thought I'd find you here. I came across Vanin and he told me where you might have gone."

Mat growled and tossed his green coat onto the bed that Thom wasn't sitting on.

"He told me what happened. About Renna." Thom peered at Mat as he began to pace in the tiny space between the beds.

"And so what if he did. Light Thom, I 'm not responsible for everything that goes on in this camp. Blood and ashes if you want to blame someone then go to the bloody Aes Sedai she was with, they can bloody well tell you everything." The word came out in a rush and he was hard pressed to keep the low growl out of his voice.

Thom raised an eyebrow. "I wasn't blaming you Mat, I wanted to see if you were all right?"

Mat stopped his pacing. He tried one of his grins but it failed and slid of his face. "All right? I gave the order to kill a woman Thom. Would you be all right just now? I don't want to kill Women, Light, I don't want to kill anybody!" He was near shouting now.

Mat started to pace again. Thom stood and rested a hand on his shoulder pressing his onto the bed. "Put it out of your head boy. Get some rest and you can talk when your not so…overworked." Thom knew better than to ask if he should send for an Aes Sedai, Mat would rather die a slow death than be touched by them again.

Put it out of his head? Yes, that would be just the thing. But he was wary of just forgetting. It would seem too light a thing to just forget about it, to let it go. But he had done far worse things; maybe not in his lifetime, but certainly in past memories. Light, far worse.

Mat laid back. Unlacing the silk shirt he wore. It would be wrinkled tomorrow but Mat didn't care. Explaining everything would take up most of the next day. Mat though about slipping off to a tavern somewhere, dice a bit and have a trace a fun he would normally have abandon for responsibility. Light burn them, he wasn't cut out for responsibility. Giving a low chuckle as he stared up at the wagons low ceiling, that's it, put your life in the hands of Mat bloody Cauthon. He saw Thom easing himself onto the bed across from Mat to watch over him. Do you think your luck is really going to hold out this time?