Author's Notes:  Here it is.  The end.  Thanks so much to everyone who's been leaving me such lovely reviews!  They motivated me to get my ass in gear and finish this up in a timely fashion, proving that the old adage is true:  starve a fever, feed a fanfic writer.  Thanks again!


-cut back to the show-

The Fab Five have returned to their loft to watch Luke's big debut as the new and improved Jedi Master.  Mounted cameras in Luke's apartment and the camera crew still there are recording the evening's events.

The guys settle themselves on sofas in front of the large holoscreen, cocktails in hand.

JAI, as the camera follows Luke through the apartment:  Thom, you did some amazing things with that apartment.

CARSON, watching eagerly as Luke begins stripping off clothes and heading into the bathroom:  Yeah, look how nice he's making it look, leaving that trail of clothes into the bathroom.

Luke pokes one head and an arm out of the bathroom, almost as an afterthought, nods, and the clothes pick themselves up and deposit themselves in a nearby hamper.

CARSON, scowling:  Show-off.

THOM, staring intently at the screen as the shot cuts to the overhead of Luke in the bathroom:  Yeah, speaking of showing things off…

KYAN, looking at Luke standing in a pair of boxer-briefs:  Must… not… make… lightsaber reference…

-screen cuts to Luke, wearing a towel and attempting to do his hair-

KYAN, crossing his fingers:  Use the mousse, Luke.

-screen cuts to Luke standing in front of his closet-

Luke is flipping through his new wardrobe, pausing at the leather pants and chuckling.

CARSON:  He likes them.  He just doesn't know he likes them yet.

TED:  Funny, that's what they used to say about me and… well, nevermind.

Onscreen, Luke is putting on the dark blue outfit.  He is about to fasten the clasp to the cloak but he pauses.

CARSON, excitedly:  Ooh, look, he's gonna try it again!

JAI:  He's practicing, how cute!

Luke takes one side of the cloak and pulls.

CARSON, shouting:  Easy, there, jackass, you're not startin' a motor!

-screen cuts to Luke on his way out the door-

Luke stops in front of a mirror one last time before leaving the apartment, staring at his reflection and poking at his hair a bit.

KYAN, gritting his teeth:  He just can't break the habit.

THOM, thoughtfully:  Gritting your teeth is a bad habit, too, isn't it?

-screen finally cuts to the main event, the Senate Dinner-

Luke's family and friends are eagerly milling about the entrance to the hall, Leia, Han, various members past and present of Rogue Squadron, Chewie, and even Lando.  Luke's speeder pulls up and everyone, including the Fab Five in their loft, holds their breath.

When Luke emerges, the shock on everyone's face is priceless.  Spontaneous applause breaks out as everyone cheers.  Luke blushes.

LEIA, gesturing at him:  Well, go on, turn around!  Let's see the whole picture!

Luke obliges, doing a graceful turn while unhooking the fastener on the cloak, and finishing the turn by sweeping the cloak off his shoulders in a dramatic swirl.

CARSON:  He did it!  He did it!  Ohhh, he really does love me.

An impressed chorus of ooh's fills the air and there is another round of applause.

HAN:  You're blonde, kid!

KYAN, muttering:  Why does everyone keep saying that…

LUKE, chuckling:  Yeah, well, at least I'm not wearing the leather pants!

WEDGE, shocked:  Leather pants??  My entire view of the galaxy just shifted about 180 degrees.  I need a drink.

-screen cuts to the inside of the reception hall-

Luke and his entourage are being served various beverages.

TED, warningly:  That wine spritzer better be for him.

Lando is holding a bottle of Whyren's Reserve Malt Liquor Beverage Product.  He grins at the camera.

LANDO:  Works—

THE ENTIRE GROUP, with a collective eye roll:  —every time.

CARSON:  Sith, they must pay that poor man on commission or something.

-screen cuts to the final scene, Luke giving a sort-of-toast at his table-

LUKE, holding what is definitely a wine spritzer:  I'd like to extend my gratitude to each of the Fab Five guys.  They didn't have much to work with, but judging by your response, they managed to do a spectacular job.

The table claps and grins and offers congratulations and other words of support.

WES JANSON:  You seriously own a pair of leather pants now?

LUKE, laughing:  Yes, yes I do.

HOBBIE, waving his hand as he chuckles:  You don't want to wear those leather pants.

CARSON, huffily:  Pudgy's just jealous because he could never wear leather pants.

-screen turns off-

TED:  Well, boys, I'd say that was a complete and total success!

THOM, raising his glass:  Cheers!

The five of them clink their glasses together, take a sip, and rise from their seats, heading for the door of their loft.

CARSON:  Y'know, I've been practicing my Jedi Mind Trick.

KYAN:  Really?

CARSON, waving his hand at the camera:  You will fade to black.

-screen fades to black-

The End