My Little Corner

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Here I sit, in my little corner. Although I'm trapped on the inside, he knows I can get out. I'm just resting. I'm still powerful! He used to fight me a lot more whenever I'd come out of my little corner, but I'd always overpower him. Poor, little one... he's so weak. He's starting to give in more now; he doesn't try to fight me as much unless I'm trying to hurt those silly little friends of his.

He really tries to hate me, but I can read his thoughts. Afterall, I'm part of him. I can tell that he's starting to understand me a little more. I really don't like that at all. I don't want him knowing what's going on in my head! Well, a small part of me does, but oh, it's so confusing. I just want things to be the way they used to be.

More often now, he thinks about me. He wonders when I might choose to come out. I don't sense as much fear in him though. Why isn't he afraid of me now? It's because I saved him during the duel with that fool Pharaoh, damnit. I should have let the little weakling get the full brunt of the attack. Why did I take back over? Malik ridiculed me for it, and I still ridicule myself. Why did I care?

I find myself pondering my relationship with the little one more and more while I sit in my little corner. Just what is our relationship? Half the time, we hate each other for each of us being in the way; for sharing the same body, yet having different goals in life. The other half of the time, the sharing is comforting. I don't know why; I hardly know what comfort it, yet I feel it in the small one.

I think about the other day when he asked me if I wanted to take over for a little while. He actually asked me! I was too surprised to say anything to him, to let him have any type of mental response from me. I think he wonders if I heard him or not. I'm always listening to him though.

At first I was so frustrated to live in a weakling's body who had nothing but happy-go-lucky goals in life. He's so innocent. I need the sennen items! He needs friendship and love. Why?

I wonder if he'll actually let me take over during the next duel in the Finals without me having to force him. Hopefully I won't have to make a decision to save him or not again. Hopefully there won't be another scenario like that. I don't know if I can handle having to think more on our relationship and what it has become. It's too confusing! I like my little corner and the solitude it brings. Yet it seems so much quieter lately. Maybe he'll talk to me today.

My little hikari, I really do care about you.


I hope you all liked this! I don't know what brought it on me, but I was just in the mood for a sentimental, short one-shot. If you are living under a rock, the couple is Yami Bakura x Ryou, but I really hope you realized that. XD I really like that coupling. If any of you like Yami Bakura x Malik, check out my other current fic, Bound. (It has other couples, as well.) Thanks a bunch for reading this short little piece and please let me know what you think of it! ^^