My Little Corner

Part three

Disclaimer: I don't own it. I hate disclaimers...


Here I sit, in my little corner. It's only a matter of time before I come out. He knows it, too. He can't hold me at bay forever. He fights me and fights me, trying with everything he can to keep me inside. I don't like it in my little corner! I want out! He's strong, but I'm stronger, and soon... he'll find that out.

I think he hates me so much, but I'm a part of him. He can't stay away from me. He gave birth to me! It was his anger and hatred that let me come into this world and I'll be damned if I'm going to give it up now. He doesn't understand my lust for blood and power at all. Oh, sure, he wants to be Pharaoh and all of that blah-blah, hoop-de-la, but he knows nothing of true power! I would be the ruler of the entire planet!

He thinks about me all of the time, wondering if he'll be able to keep me inside forever. Feh, little one. He can't control me forever. I do admire his strength though. It isn't taken lightly when someone can hold me at bay as many years as he is. He is really strong; I find myself grinning with pride because we are one and the same. He isn't afraid of me though it pains my pride to admit that. He vows to himself that he'll never allow me out. We'll see.

I think about this psychotic relationship of ours. It's so bizarre. We fight each other constantly. I know he can't stand me, but I don't know about him. I hate him! I'm proud of him! For Ra's sake, I don't know. How do I feel? The first time I ever came out, the day I was born, I remember the little one thought that he fought me back inside with the help of that fool, Rishid. Ha! I let him take back over! Why, in the name of Ra, did I let him make me go back to my little corner?

It's so frustrating being locked inside while he lives his life from day to day. We share the same body in a sense; why can't we actually share it and he can let me have a little fun? Feh. It's not like he has any friends he has to worry about me killing like that little Ryou, Yami Bakura's body-sharer. Why can't he just let me out?! I swear that I'll escape my little corner!

I won't let anything happen to him while I'm controlling the body. I'll protect us! He'll see soon enough.

My little hikari, I really do care about you.


And Malik and Yami Malik. Yes, I realize that Yami Malik isn't actually a Yami, but it's the easy way of referring to his darker half. I might have stretched this one a little bit, but oh well. It's fandom, right? That's it for this short, little trilogy. Don't expect any more chapters though I may decide to do a trilogy with the hikaris doing the talking. Don't count on it too much though.