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What do you have planned for tonight? Jamie asked casually, leaning against the locker next to Caitie's.

Jumping at the suddenness of his appearance, Caitie turned wry eyes to her friend. Nothing. You?

Jamie shrugged unconcernedly. I'm on call until ten. He watched as Caitie haphazardly shoved books into her bag. Wanna do something after my shift?

Glancing at her watch, Caitie slammed her locker shut and started off down the corridor. Jamie fell into step beside her, waiting for her answer, which came in the form of a shrug. Sure. Call me when you get off.

You'll be at home?

Caitie raised an eyebrow at her friend. That's what I said. Besides, where else would I be with my two best friends out cavorting in their ambulance?

Grinning, Jamie shifted his books from one hand to another. You know, you could always join the squad, then you'd never have to miss us.

Caitie scoffed. Looking down at her all black outfit, she raised her eyes to Jamie's spotless clothing. I don't think I've got what it takes.

Shifting under her gaze, Jamie felt his face heat. I'm not exactly their usual type either, in case you missed that. He tugged at his leather jacket meaningfully as they reached the main doors of the school.

Jamie, you're exactly their type, she said, sounding amused, and walked out into the sunlight, leaving him to wonder what she meant.
Later that night, Jamie got out of the ambulance after their last call and stretched tiredly. Val filed out after him and gave him a smile before picking up her bag to replenish the supplies the EMTs kept inside. After Val came Tyler, following the blonde as usual, who clapped Jamie on the shoulder tiredly.

I'm gonna go get some sleep. Anyone need a ride? Tyler asked on a yawn as Hank came around the corner of the van.

No, thanks, Hank responded. I've got the car tonight.

I'd love one, Tyler, Val piped up from the supply room. I'm sure Brooke's already been picked up by now.

Hank and Jamie exchanged a grin as Tyler's eyes lit up, and just managed to stifle their amusement as he turned around. Jamie? You need a ride?

Jamie shook his head. Nah, got my bike. Besides, I'm supposed to meet up with Caitie.

Val's head popped around the wall of the supply room, a frown marring her beautiful features. Caitie's going to be awake? She told me not to call after eleven anymore.

Blinking in shock, Jamie looked at his watch as the numbers turned over from 11:33 to 11:34. he exclaimed. I told her I was getting off at ten. That last call must have been longer than I thought, he muttered, running a hand through his dark hair.

Hank reached over and slapped him on the back. Sorry, man, it took over an hour.

Sighing, Jamie rubbed the back of his neck. Great, he thought sarcastically. Jamie screws up once again. He knew she'd understand when he explained that a call had gone overtime, she always did. But that was exactly the problem, had been almost every time he promised to call for the last month or so.

Remember to do your paperwork, guys, Jamie heard a sleepy voice say from behind him. Turning to the door leading inside the station from the garage, he saw Brooke leaning against the doorjamb, her eyes just barely open.

Val asked, looking surprised. Why are you still here? Finished filling the bag, she lifted back into its place in the van and closed the doors.

Brooke yawned. I had some paperwork I had to get done. And the filing cabinet was a mess after the weekend. She blinked blearily at Tyler. Is Tyler taking us home? At her sister's nod, she smiled slightly and said, Oh, good. I really didn't want to walk.

Hiding his smirk, Tyler put an arm around the younger girl's shoulders and led her to the car while she made him promise to get the others to do their paperwork. Val laughed softly and shook her head before heading inside to grab the girls' things.

Following the blonde girl, Jamie quickly filled out his paperwork then grabbed his leather jacket and helmet. Calling goodbye to Hank as he passed him, he started out the door.

Hey, Jamie! Val called out from inside the building. Don't forget your backpack!

he muttered and ran back inside to get his bag from the lounge. Guess I haven't changed all that much, he thought with a smirk. I'm still conveniently forgetting my bag so I don't have to do my homework.

Val came out of Alex's office as he was shrugging on his jacket. Did you get yours done? she asked, lifting the forms in her hand.

he answered with a grin. Have fun with that. He ducked out the door holding his helmet and bag.

Val called after him. Say hi to Caitie for me!

Yeah, if she's awake, he muttered to himself. Once on his motorcycle, Jamie roared off and headed home, taking the long route past Caitie's house to see if her light was still on. No such luck.

Dammit, he yelled mentally, revving the motorcycle's engine and speeding off in frustration.

He came in through the kitchen door, hoping not to wake his parents. His mother had left some dinner on the counter for him, but he put it back in the fridge without touching it. He wasn't hungry, just exhausted. Collapsing on his bed without bothering to take off his clothes, Jamie's eyes shut and he was asleep in seconds flat.