Disclaimer: I don't own Charmed, however I do own Melinda, Wyatt (well his personality at least), Charlotte, James, Grace and Serena.

A/N - PLEASE READ: Hi all! This takes place roughly 3 years after The Pieces Are Falling Apart Again. Please read Putting The Pieces Back Together and the Pieces Are Falling Apart Again to understand this. They can be found on my user page. In between then, what has happened? Cole and Phoebe reunited and are now engaged, after Jason moved to Hong Kong permanently. The wedding will feature in here. The kids have changed since you last saw them. You will see their personalities as the story continues.

Melinda and Wyatt's powers are going to have spoilers for season 6, but I won't use them much until I'm pretty sure that Australia (who probably get the show last) has seen the episode. Okay? So. skip the part about Melinda and Wyatt if you don't wanna know. They're more or less the same as TPAFAA except for the one extra power. Which is in the previous mentioned story anyway.

Charlotte: 3 years old, daughter of Andy & Prue, twin of James. Powers are orbing, healing, telekinesis, Astral projection

James/Jamie: 3 years old, twin of Charlotte, son of Andy & Prue. Powers are identical to Charlotte's.

Serena: 3 (a month and a half older than Charlotte and James), only daughter of Paige & Glen. Powers are orbing, orbing objects into her hand, healing.

Melinda: 6 years old, daughter of Piper & Leo. Powers are orbing, healing, freezing, blowing things up, and has now the ability to transport things out of books or TV.

Grace: 9, only daughter of Cole & Phoebe. Can shimmer, form energy balls, gets minor premonitions and can levitate but not at will.

*Astral-Orb & Seek*

Jamie Halliwell Trudeau stared at the remote control, which is cousin Grace was holding onto as she changed the channel.

He squinted and picture it in his mind's eye and suddenly and without warning it flew out of Grace's hand and towards him, hitting him smack in the forehead.

'Ow!' Jamie whined, before he burst into tears.

'Hey!' Grace exclaimed, when she felt the remote fly out of her hand. 'Jamie! You know you're not supposed to use magic without an adult around!'

In irritation, she fired a hot pink energy ball at him. Grace's energy balls could be fired at anyone of the Halliwell/Trudeau/Belland/Turner clan because since she was half witch she could only hurt evil with her energy balls, which was what she preferred. If an energy ball did happen to hit any of her family members, including Glen, who was human it would only sting them.

'I was practicing.' Jamie protested, somehow managing to bawl at the same time.

'Yeah right.' Grace muttered.

'What's going on in here?' Prue asked, walking out of the sunroom and into the living room.

'Jamie was using magic.' Grace tattled. 'And then the remote hit him in the head.'

'James Halliwell Trudeau, you know you're not supposed to use magic unsupervised.' Prue said. Jamie cringed. He hated being called James. It was so old.

'But mommy I almost have my powers under control. You said once I can use them properly I could do it without you there. Like Gracie. She fired an energy ball at me.'

'Only because you stole the remote.' Grace answered, rolling her eyes.

'Jamie. Let's talk.' Prue told him, scooping him up and taking him into the dining room where Piper was making a cake for her part time, small business where she made custom made cakes for people.

'Hi Jamie.' Piper said, not really paying attention to him.

Prue sat her son on a stool, and made sure he wasn't going to fall off. 'Jamie, I know it must be hard for you.' Prue began gently.

Jamie pouted. 'It IS. Mommy, how come Charlotte and Rena can do more than me and they're the same age as me?'

Prue stroked Jamie's hair. 'Well honey, it's a long story. See, you're different from Rena, Charlotte, Grace and Mellie.'

'But not Wyatt?'

'No sweetie. See, when Mellie was your age and Wyatt was. six? Seven. Well Melinda had more powers than Wyatt see. And she got them faster and all kinds of stuff.' Prue explained.

'Why? Why are me and Wyatt so far behind?' Jamie's bottom lip quivered.

'Jamie.' Prue hesitated. 'You know how all the girls are very good at magic right?'

'Uh huh.'

'And you know how me, and your Auntie Piper, and your Auntie Phoebe are a power of three? And then your Auntie Piper and your Auntie Phoebe and Auntie Paige are also power of three because I became a whitelighter?'

'Uh huh.'

'Well you know how they're all girls?'

'Uh huh.'

'It's because girls are usually more powerful then boys when it comes to magic. But the boys catch up you know?'

Jamie looked crushed. Prue thought desperately then smiled at him. 'And you know what else Jamie?'


'Because you're in the power of three, you're more powerful than other girl witches except your cousins and Charlotte.'

'Really?' Jamie looked surprised. The other child witches he'd met had been quite powerful.

'Yep. Though some kids are miracle children.'

'Miracle? What's a miracle?'

'It means they're really special. Like Wyatt? When he was born he was extra special. He got his powers when he was still in Aunt Piper. Same with Melinda, except hers continued to get better and his didn't get better as quickly.'

Jamie nodded slowly, understanding. 'Thanks mommy.'

'No problem sweetie. Just promise you won't use any more magic without me or an adult there.'

Jamie hesitated and fidgeted. 'O-okay.' He sighed. 'But then what can I do when a demon attacks?'

Prue thought of when Melinda was three years old and had been using magic frequently. She hesitated and realized she wasn't really being fair, even if James was a boy. Besides, Piper had let Wyatt use his magic when she wasn't around.

'Okay. Tell you what. Except when you're in public, or when you're with someone who doesn't know about your magic, you can orb, heal and do some telekinesis. But only small things, and not snatching it from someone. And when you do your telekinesis try and do it so the thing doesn't fly at you like the remote. Okay?'

'Alright.' Jamie kissed his mother on the cheek then orbed out of the room. Prue rolled her eyes.

'I hope I won't end up regretting that.' Prue commented.

* *

'Rena that's cheating!' Charlotte persisted.

'Is not!'

'Is too, is too, IS TOO!'


'Hey, keep it down you two. What's the matter?'

'Nothing Uncle Andy.' Serena gave him a sweet smile. She was the devil in disguise, figuratively speaking.

Andy chuckled. Serena's antics amused him to no end. 'Charlotte, Rena it's your nap time in half an hour.' He reminded them.

'What's a half an hour?' Charlotte whispered loudly to Serena. She shrugged.

'Okay Uncle Andy.' She smiled at him angelically again. Andy laughed and looked at the two girls.

Only a few months apart in age, Charlotte and Serena ought to be twins as opposed to Jamie and Charlotte. Both of them had inherited black hair from their mothers.

Serena had pale, creamy skin except for her rosy pink cheeks and large amber coloured eyes. She was the spitting image of Paige, though she had Glen's attitude and was just as mischievous as he had been as a child, something Paige jokingly blamed Glen for constantly. Charlotte's complexion was more normal, but her eyes, inherited from Andy, were a beautiful blue.

'Where were we?' Serena demanded. She was slightly bossy.

'Um.' A smile spread across Charlotte's features. 'It was me.'

Serena giggled. 'Okay.' Serena orbed out of the room. The two were playing Astral-Orb & Seek, where one orbed (or Astral Projected, whichever took Charlotte's fancy) and the other had to chase after them. Serena often cheated though, by orbing then hiding, which she wasn't supposed to do.

Charlotte smiled and orbed out.