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*Debate & Deliberate*

'Anytime now Leo.' Piper said in annoyance. Six hours after the meeting Leo was still with the Elders. Darryl had gone hours ago, and it was getting dark.

'Might as well get dinner started.' Prue commented.

'Or we could order Chinese.' Wyatt suggested hopefully.

'Honey, I'm a chef. I do not order fast food.' Piper told him testily, as she opened the fridge.

'What are you going to make?' Asked Paige from where she was sitting at the table, sifting through the Book of Shadows not actually reading it, while Serena sat in her lap twiddling with Paige's long black hair. (After a few tries, they'd gotten rid of the redness.)

'I don't know... I'll figure it out sooner or later.' Piper answered. 'Any luck with the Book?'

'Um... not yet.' Paige lied hastily, trying to cover up the fact she hadn't been looking.

'Hi mommy.' Charlotte skipped into the room, butt naked and dripping wet.

'Charlotte Halliwell Trudeau!' Prue exclaimed, trying to disguise her amusement.

'Sorry Prue.' Andy apologized as he rushed in after Charlotte, carrying a purple bathrobe. He quickly swooped and wrapped her up, tying the sash.

'It's okay. Stop trying to escape before daddy can get clothes on you, rascal.' Prue said, though she said it fondly.

As Piper began chopping vegetables Andy carried Charlotte out of the kitchen and upstairs. Paige rolled her eyes. 'Come on Grams. I need a bit of help.' She said out loud.

The pages of the Book didn't move.

'Grams? Come on.' Paige insisted.

The pages still didn't flip.

'Uh Paige? That generally means there's nothing in the book that could help you.' Phoebe commented. She was typing up advice on her laptop – as usual.

'Yeah well-' Paige was interrupted by a flurry of orbs.

'Leo, did you find anything out?'

'No.' Leo said. 'The Elders are just concerned it could be something to do with the kids, so they want us to keep a close eye on them. All of them.' He looked at Phoebe.

'It took six hours to figure that out?' Piper asked incredulously.

'Grace is safe at boarding school, don't be ridiculous.' Phoebe said at the same time.

'The Elders like to debate and deliberate.' Leo said with a shrug in Piper's direction. He stepped forward and gave her a kiss. 'By the way, smells great. And Phoebe, how do you really know?'

'Cole and I have gone to great measures.' Phoebe answered loftily.

Melinda trooped into the kitchen and gave Leo a hug. 'Hi daddy.' She said brightly.

'Hey Mellie. What are you up to?'

'Nothing.' Mellie said solemnly. 'Absolutely nothing.'

She gave him an angelic smile, but winked at Wyatt when Leo wasn't looking.

* *

'Kate.' Grace said in an annoyed voice. 'Give me back my pencil case. I have homework to do!'

'Aw poor Gracie wants to do her homework!' Kate laughed. 'You'll have to catch me first.' She taunted. It was a few hours before dinner and Grace was in her dorm.

'Fine.' Grace said, gritting her teeth. She was a fast runner. She leapt off her bed and chased Kate.

Kate ran places Grace hadn't been to before. Suddenly she stopped. Her friends were all waiting at the end of a corridor. She tossed the pencil case to a friend, who threw it into an open door they were standing in front of.

Grace, not thinking, darted into the doorway, which was dark, intending to grab her pencil case and then leave. Suddenly she heard a slam and laughter.

A feeling of dread crept into her stomach as she heard muffled noises. She turned and tried to move the doorknob. It was stuck.

'Now you know not to mess with me.' Kate taunted. 'When should we take the chair away girls?'

'Not yet.' Another girl answered. 'Let her suffer.'

Grace glared furiously at the door. Not only was it pitch black she couldn't even find her pencil case! She sat down then thought better of it, instead groping around to find out her surroundings.

She encountered what appeared to be a mop and bucket, then a broom. 'Oh great, the Janitor's closet. Very original guys.' She called out.

'We thought so too.' Kate answered, laughing.

Grace frowned as she finally found her pencil case – or what she hoped was her pencil case. She opened it up and felt inside. Pencils... erasers... yep.

'When are you going to let me out?' Grace asked. 'I'm going to miss dinner!'

'We know. It's on now. See you Grace!'

Grace gasped as she heard them disappear down the corridor. 'HELP!' She screamed. Nobody came. 'Well mom thanks. You told me to come here, I'm away from my friends and magic and - hey!' Grace realised. 'I'll shimmer and surprise them.'

Grace shimmered into an empty corridor, and then casually strolled into the dining hall. She gave Kate a smirk, before going to her place.

* *

Melinda sat up in bed a few hours later. Wyatt was sitting on the edge of her bed. 'Have you got it?' She whispered to him. It was midnight, and the two were preparing to do the spell.

'Uh huh.' Wyatt confirmed. He held up a crystal with a piece of paper wrapped around it. 'I gave one to Grace before she left as well.'

'Okay. Let's do it.' The two unwrapped the paper and then began to recite. Across the country, Grace was doing the same.

'Let us not dream alone but dream together

Pleasant dreams of carnivals and things that children like

Lullabies of sleep and dreams sweetly sing us to sleep together

Let us be together again

In the Dream plane.'

A moment later, the two wordlessly children fell asleep.

* *

Thriebev stared at Sharuq. 'I don't understand Sharuq. The children will be entering the Dream Plane now, is it not the best time to take them?'

'Thriebev, how many times must I explain this to you?' Sharuq was getting annoyed. 'We let them play and have their fun in the Dream Plane for a little while, lull them into a false sense of security. Then we take them. Idiot.'

'I apologize... I am listening this time.'

'You better be.' Sharuq growled. 'Now be quiet. I need to see what kind of things these children want to do in the Dream Plane.'