Title: Entering Skanky Ho Country

Author: Sami

Email: Zgirlaz11@aol.com

Rating: G

Summary: It was so wrong on many levels.

I knew that it was wrong on so so many levels. She's taken, spoken for,

committed and to Willow, which made all those feelings and actions that much

worse. Willow had lost Tara and now I'm trying to take Kennedy away. I don't

even know if Kennedy has any feelings for me. But she was just sitting there

and her lips were screaming, 'I'm here and queer so kiss me already!' That

was where my brain is supposed to tell my hormones to cool it. Unfortunately

my brain was silent. And that is why I, Dawn Summers, ventured into Skanky

Ho country and kissed Kennedy, who was, if I haven't already mentioned, very

much in a relationship.