Rose: Hey there guys! This story was a RPG me and my friend did and I thought it was really funny so I decided to put it up as a story. I'm Ryou, Bakura, Joey, and Malik. She's Anzu, Seto, Tiken (OC), Tenki (OC), Yami, and Yugi. The first chapter is pure craziness. The couples will reveal themselves, WARNING: some are yaoi. So please enjoy this fic dat once was a RPG. -^_^- I guess this is kinda like a joined fic, I wrote half of it and she wrote half of it so I guess since neither of us totally wrote it, it's considered a joined fic.O_O.I just confused myself.ENJOY!!!!

Kaiba had invited everyone to his house for a little get together.

Yugi: *sitting on couch* Why did Kaiba call us here?

Joey: ::sitting on chair by window:: I dunno.but it looks like it's going to rain...

Malik: ::falling asleep:: He told us not to be late...but he's the one late..

Tiken: *examining giant BEWD statue* You think he'd notice if I took this?

Yami: *lying on couch* You really are stupid.

Bakura: Go ahead and we'll find out.

Tenki: *half asleep* Don't even..........think it.

Anzu: Grrrr. Where is he?

Ryou: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz....:::sleeping in another chair::

Joey: Maybe we should just leave.

Malik: He has a great idea...O_O... whoa never thought I'd say that about Joey.

Joey: -_-

Yami: *snicker*

Bakura: :::sees Ryou sleeping...picks up pillow and throws it at his face:: ...if I can't sleep than neither can you!

Yugi: O__o Should we leave now?

Ryou: O_O I pie is better than blue!!!!

Bakura: O_O

Malik: O_O

Anzu: O________o Shinai, maybe we should wait. (means I don't know)

Joey: O_O

Ryou: What happened?

Bakura: I say we rip him off of some stuff than leave this rap trap!

Tiken: Boku kirai omae, aibou!

Tenki: What!!! Why?

Tiken: Because you're making me stay here!

Joey: Maybe he lost his way here...I mean he always yells at us for not being on time and HE'S the one dat's late

Seto: *walks in* If you even think of it tomb robber, I'll set my dogs on you. Urusai Joey! (means shut up)

Joey: ::mumbling bad words under breath::

Yugi: *eyes drooping* Why did you call us here Kaiba?

Malik: About fricken time.

Bakura: ::under breath:: I should send him to the shadow realm right now.

Seto: *glare* It was actually Mokuba's idea. I don't know why.

Phone: *ring...ring...ring*

Malik: Stupid phone.

Bakura: Stupid rich ass phone..

Seto: *sigh* *picks up phone* Hello?.......where are you?..........WHAT!!! What do u mean 'stuck?'...did you call someone?........remind me to sue those people........fine.....bye. *cursing under breath*

Yami: And that was..........

Malik: You have a wonderful vocabulary Kaiba.

Seto: I need to call my lawyer.........shut up! It seems the limo that went to pick up Mokuba from school is stuck in mud, and the tow truck can't get to them. *curses even more*

Malik: Again you have a wide variety of words.

Bakura: Great...


Anzu: *jumps up* What was that?

Joey: Huh?

Lights: *turn off*

Yami: Well the lights are what?

Malik: O_________O....lights are's storming outside...

Joey: O____________O....and we're stuck in Kaiba's house....

Seto: *cursing in 3 different languages*

Anzu: O....k. Its not that bad Kaiba.

Bakura: ::evil grin:: Let's play Dark Killer...

Yugi: O_______O How

Malik: I'm up for a game

Yami: -__- Of course you are.

Anzu: How about a different, non-lethal game?

Bakura: It's not what you think. We write victim and a certain type of victim, like cheerleader or game freak, and killer and a certain type of person on pieces of paper. Then each of us picks a piece of paper. Then we sit in a circle, play out our characters, and then we turn off the lights.errr.close our eyes and the killer goes up to one person and 'kills' them then we have to find out who the killer is.

Seto: *sits next to Joey* As long as no one actually dies, I'm up for it.

Malik, Joey: Okay.

Yugi, Yami, Anzu: Okay.

Bakura writes the choices for the victims and the killer and puts it in a bowl. Everyone picks from it and this is what they got:

Bakura-the bookworm

Malik-the spunky cheerleader

Joey-the PSMing girl

Anzu-the Goth

Yugi-the body builder

Yami-the shy lesbian

Tenki-the shy lesbian's partner

Tiken-a perky cat

Seto-a drunk sailor scout

Ryou-a psycho perverted freak

Malik: O________O'''''''''''''

Yami: Noooo!

Yugi: Uh....^ ^'

Joey: -_-....screw the damned hell!!!!

Seto: *curses in 5 different languages*

Bakura: ..........

Tiken: WHAT!!!!!

Ryou: O___________________O""""""""""""""

Tiken: -______- I must kill the person who invented this game! Damn you!

Anzu: fair

Malik: Yes I agree no fair!!!

Joey: ::still in shock::

Bakura: I can't work like this.

Ryou: Let's just start.

Malik: Fine.

Bakura: I'm going to kill the person who invented this game.

Tiken: After me.-_-

Joey: Let's just start...::all PSMing:: YOUR A FREAKING ASS WIPE!!!

Yami: You suggested it Bakura.

Bakura: ::bookwormish:: That's right isn't it?

Ryou: -_-

Yami: Grrrr.lets just start.

Everyone sits in a circle and looks at each other wondering who the killer is.

Yugi: *mind link* Yami are you okay? You look pissed.

Bakura: S-s-s-o....who wants to go first?

Yami: *mind link* I'm fine aibou...just fricken damn fine.

Seto: Sooooo not me. You should it was your idea.

Yami, Yugi, Tenki, Tiken, Anzu: Yeah. Bakura should go first.

Malik: ::spunky voice:: OKAY here we go! Ashes to ashes and dust to dust,

you can try to reveal them but they won't give up when we're up we're up when down we're down...when you mess with us you're upside down!

Bakura, Ryou, Joey: O_O'''''

Tiken: ^ ^' I don't wanna know what that was.

Seto, Yami, Yugi, Tenki, Anzu: O______O

Bakura: I think we should just skip this part and go to the killer...

Malik: ::spunky voice:: As much as I would like that we have to each take

turns talking and playing our characters!!!

Tenki: You're just saying that cause you don't wanna do your part.

Bakura: Yes I am...I just want to be safe.

Malik: ::spunky voice:: SO DO I!!!

Joey: -_-...I hate you all...

Yami: *in character* *shy voice* Too bad guys, you have to.

Ryou: ::sitting next to Anzu and touches her ass::

Anzu: O_________O What the fuck!!

Ryou: ::Acts like nothing happened::

Tiken: Ugh! *in character* Meow! *Embarrassed*

Joey: O_O What the hell was dat????

Tenki: I'm guessing his character.

Joey: -_- Duh you ass...

Seto: *slurring* Come on. Only peace will make the world happy.

Ryou: ::leans over and whispers to Anzu:: Ya know we can just leave these

assholes and get a room.

Anzu: Ugh! No way. I'm more into the dark arts and all that junk.

Ryou: ::still whispering:: Come'll be fun...::grabs her ass::

Anzu: Ryou!!!!!!!!!! Bakura control your other half.

Bakura: I'm afraid.... to

Yugi: Why are you afraid to? *flexing muscles*

Bakura: O_O...

Malik: OKAY! Give me a F-R-E-A-K-Y!!!

Yami: *shy voice* Can you please not yell?

Ryou: Don't be a party-pooper Anzu...::puts his arm around her shoulder::

Tenki: *thinks* I'm going to die* *wraps arms around Yami's shoulder*

*sweet voice* Are you afraid of him? I am too.

Malik: X_X

Bakura: X_X

Bakura: ::thinking:: My putting his arms around HER?!?!?! Grrrrrrrr....

Yami: O_________O *shy voice* Um.... um...

Tiken: *mind link* Aibou!!!! What are you doing? *out loud* Meow!!!! Meow!!!!!

Bakura: Too weird...I need a book to read...

Joey: -_-...Why do I hang out with you people?

Anzu: *inches away from Ryou* thanks

Ryou: ::gets closer to Anzu:: You sure you don't want a ride?

Bakura: ::thinking:: MY KOI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yami, Yugi, Tiken, Tenki, Seto: O__________O RYOU!

Anzu: -__- If you don't get your arm off me, I'll personally kill you and hang you by your small intestine!

Ryou: Really? Sounds fun...

Bakura: X_X...

Yami, Yugi, Tenki, Tiken, Seto, Anzu: O__O'

Bakura, Joey, Malik: O_O

Joey: Perverted freak!!!

Yami: *backs away* *shy voice* That's a little.............mean don't you think so Anzu?

Malik: Okay...I'm getting a little F-R-E-A-K-E-D OUT!!!

Yugi: Will you stop that?? *still flexing muscles*

Malik: ::spunky voice:: N-O!!!

Tenki: *wraps arms around Yami's waist* Don't listen to her. She's just a little weird.

Bakura: ::faints::

Malik: ::spunky voice:: That's just D-I-S-T-U-R-B-I-N-G!!!

Seto: *slurring* Come on Joey. That's not nice to say. *hugs Joey* We should all be friends* *thinks* WHAT THE FUCK am I doing??????? But...he does look cute when he's angry.... what am I saying?????!!!!!!!

Yami: Uh... *mind link* Yugi! Help me! Please T____T

Malik: O_O

Anzu: Um... Seto?

Ryou: ::grabs Anzu's ass again as well as one of her boobs::

Anzu: HENTAI! *hits Ryou with a shoe*

Ryou: @_*

Malik: ^_^ GO ANZU!!!

Anzu: *proud smile* ^ ^


Tenki: *hugs yami tighter* You did deserve it.

Ryou: Shut the fuck up!

Joey: Harsh words Ryou

Seto: *still hugging Joey* He's almost like the way is he awake yet?

Bakura: ::gets up:: I need a aspirin...

Yami: *tries to get free from Tenki* *shy voice* Maybe we should continue.

Tenki: *hugs tighter, puts head on Yami's shoulder* We should get on to

the killer part.

Bakura: Okay...I think we can close our eyes and let the killer kill whoever the killer wants to kill.

Yami: *thinks* Help!!! He's still holding me!

Seto: *unconsciously hugs Joey tighter*

Joey: ::Thinking:: HE HUGGING ME!!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!!! ...well he does smell good... ::enjoying the hug but still putting on a shocked expression::

Tenki: *hugs Yami more, resting head on shoulder* *thinks* As soon as this is over I'm going to therapy *closes eyes*

Ryou: ::grabs Anzu ass again:: You think a bump to my head will keep me away?

Joey: ::thinking:: Hugging...I like hugging..

Seto: *unconsciously puts head on Joeys shoulder* What are we supposed to do now?

Bakura: ::thinking:: MY KOI!!!!

Ryou: ::touches Anzu's ass::

Anzu: *sigh* Stop. *slaps hand away*

Ryou: Come on....

Anzu: -__- No.

Tiken: Meow! Meow meow meow! *translation* Aibou! What the fuck are you doing???

Joey: ::thinking:: I wonder wut shampoo he smells great...but then again he always smells good...

Seto: *thinks* Joey's so soft and warm. It feels nice.

Yugi: *watching everything that's going on* *thinks* Jeez. This is really a crack-headed bunch.

Joey: ::thinking:: His head is on my shoulder...awwwwwwwww

Bakura: ::getting pissed at Ryou's behavior towards Anzu:: ::bookwormish

voice:: Ryou please stop...

Tenki: *falling asleep on Yami's shoulder* Can we get to the killer?

Joey: -_- Why are you in such a hurry?

Bakura: I think we should.

Tenki: *thinks* I wanna stop this soon. Hugging the pharaoh is just...weird.

Joey: ::enjoying Seto's warmth:: ::thinking:: If we get to the killer than Seto will stop hugging me...

Anzu: *twists Ryou's ear* How many times do I have to say NO!!!!!!!!!


Yami, Yugi, Tiken, Tenki, Seto: O___________O Bad move.

Bakura: ^_^ ::thinks:: He does learn from me...

Joey: ::leans into Seto a little more::

Anzu: O_______O *twitch* WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST SAY??!!!! HOW DARE YOU!!!!! *beats Ryou into bloody pulp*

Ryou: ::hits Anzu back::

Bakura, Joey, Malik: O_____O Did he just hit a girl?

Ryou: ::wipes the blood from his face:: Never beat on me bitch.

Joey: O_O Whoa.... Ryou gone bad....

Seto, Yugi, Yami, Tenki, Tiken: Um.................maybe we should stop

Malik: N-O!!! This is good stuff!!!

Anzu: *grabs a vase and throws it at Ryou*

Ryou: ::ducks::

Anzu: *keeps grabbing vases and throwing them at Ryou*

Bakura: ::comes up behind Anzu and grabs her:: Anzu calm down!!! I

won't allow you to beat my koi into a pulp.

Ryou: ::ducks again::

Joey: Uh do know they're destroying your things right?

Yami, Yugi, Tenki, Tiken, Seto, Anzu: ...Did you call Ryou koi?

Seto: Feh. I never liked those things anyway.

Rose: ^^'.The next chapter will be posted as soon as we continue theĀ  RPG. JA NE!!!!

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