In The Morning.

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Jack walked down the corridor towards the infirmary his good hand fiddling with a old penny. His bad hand was wrapped in bandages. The witch's spell thingy had put all the little bits an pieces of bone back in place and she told him that it would heal within the week! Doc 'Fracture' put his hand under the x-ray and found that out for herself.
Walking into the room he saw Sam... -THE MAJOR Jack! Major/Doctor Carter USAF!-. He was making that mistake far too often. She was still asleep. There were some of the doc's wires coming from her head. 'What's that about?'
'Colonel! Sorry, you startled me. When I got here she was wide awake from a nightmare. She thought it might have something to do with this "Slayer" business.' Jack could tell Janet was sceptical despite the evidence but said nothing. 'How is your hand today, I better have a look.'

Janet was not happy about this, any of this. Sam was obviously going insane. If that wasn't enough of a problem, The colonel's hand should be a mulch of tissue and bone after the accident. Not whole and healthy with a few, admittedly sever, bruises.
She was still inspecting his hand when the ECG started bleeping for attention. Moving over to the controls she noticed something –These readings make no sense, there's no pattern, no logic...- That was as far as she got. The screen flickered and died as smoke rose from the computer. The colonel tackled her to the ground a moment before the entire device detonated into a fire ball sending glass and metal over Sam.

Sam shot awake and saw the explosion in slow motion. Grabbing the side of the bed she rolled it over as a shield. She continued the role herself, spinning around at the wall she ended up on her feet, looking at the melted slag that was once a computer. Colonel O'Neill was covering Janet's head in the other corner.
'What the hell happened? Carter!' he was on his feet and moving towards her.
'I guess something overloaded the computer. Something big.' Sam looked at her CO honestly baffled as several troops rushed into the devastated room.
Janet was on her feet 'It's O.K. It was just an accident.'
'Doctor. What sort of accident can case a computer to explode'
'General Hammond, sir,' Janet looked like some one with their hand caught in the cookie jar. 'At Major Carters request I was running a test with the ECG to find out more about the chemical imbalance...'
'And a chemical imbalance detonated that machine?'
Sam at that point was about to jump into the discussion but for the life of her she couldn't think how between one idea and the next her conciseness was pushed to one side
'General, The mistake was that the computer didn't have the power to interpret a Slayer dream. The psychic energy was simply too much and instantly overheated the motherboard'
'Major, how do you know this'
'This is not Major Carter talking. I have borrowed her voice to head off any problems.' For her own part Sam realised how insane she sounded but it was true someone had simply pushed her to one side and hijacked her mouth! –Willow, the witch!-
'If your not Carter who are you?' While the colonel was staring at her Janet was filling a injector with something.
'It's me, Colonel O'Neill' two voices answered his question from two different places every one turned to see Willow standing in the door

Jack was very confused at this point. Things got worse when the witch tried to apologise to Carter in stereo!
'Sorry Major I had to borrow your body to explain the problem you can have it back now' with Willow's last word Carter fell to the floor as if all her bones had turned to water. Jack was helping her up before he had thought about it. Only to find the doc inject Carter with something.
'Doc!' Carter seemed to faint for only a moment Jack was looking into her eyes when he saw it. He had seen this look in Carter's eyes before. Usually when they were in trouble. Fortunately before he had time to worry about it she had thrown him across the room and knocked him out.

Janet had about one and a half seconds to realise she made a mistake before Sam punched her in the face. Then she too fell unconscious.

Buffy had followed Willow, no one noticed because everyone was focused on Willow. When the doctor injected Sam she hoped the was enough to last a short time. The wasn't, the was however just enough to piss Sam off! Moving quickly to stop her hearting anyone else Buffy realised that, if anything, Sam's movements were savage, or more accurately the actions of a savage. The fighting stile of the first slayer.
Buffy moved too slowly to stop Sam punching out the doctor –Good! That saves me a job- the fight was on with her first punch. Sam had completely fallen back on the primitive, savage stile. Buffy however used every form of martial arts she knew. That made the fight fairly predictable. Sam hit back with everything she had, Buffy simply stepped out of the way. Sam kicked, gouged and dived like a tornado. Missing Buffy by a good span. Buffy ducked, dodged and weaved around her, attacking only once or twice. Her own fists connected like sledge hammers!

Jack came back from the black out to see an astounding thing. Not only were the two women fighting but they were standing perpendicular. Quickly reversing that when he realised he had a concussion, he noted that he was the person sideways to the room. Standing on his shaky legs it finally clicked that it was Carter and Buffy who were fighting. The smaller woman was faster and more skilled than just about any one on the base. Dancing from punches and delivering fast sharp kicks that, from the looks of things, were more powerful than anyone her size should be able to.
Jack was muddling through this when one of Carters fists was caught in mid swing. 'Lets finish this!' Buffy matched her words when she pushed Carter into the wall one handed. The impact smashed the concrete and left cracks all over the wall '-SAM!-' The colonel didn't think. That impact could have killed her and that was it. His surprise attack actually had Buffy knocked down. For half a second the full nelson he got her into had held her down. The next instant he found himself flying again, this time with Buffy's hand firmly around his neck!

Sam found herself coming back. Whatever Janet had given her had gone, as had the anger at her betrayal. Blinking to get the dust out of her eyes she heard the colonel shout her first name. Standing up she felt like she had be beaten do death with a car. She was facing a badly damaged wall. –What did this?- Turning around she saw Buffy pining the colonel to another wall. The last few minuets came back in a flash. –No wonder I hurt in so many places. If it wasn't for Janet's drugs I might not be able to move.- She ran to the Colonel and Buffy 'I'm ok Buffy. Sorry sir, whatever Janet gave me wasn't enough. Why she gave me it is something I'd like to talk to her about. Soon sir.' The look she was getting from him was priceless.
'You O.K. Carter?' the colonel's voce was a choked whisper before Buffy dropped him.
'Yes Sir. I might need to lie down in a bit but we slayers heal fast. What I'm curious about is how Buffy bested me?'
'Easy I wasn't fighting you. I was fighting the first slayer. And she could never coordinate her fighting stile.'
'What are you talking about?' The colonel was on his feet and looked confused.
'We all need to talk, but later. I need to talk with Willow and Giles about it.'
Sam didn't like the sound of that 'What "it"?'
'How someone into their thirties is called. It's been bugging the crap out of me and I have an idea why.
General.' Sam had completely forgotten about the crowd of on lookers but Buffy hadn't 'Why don't we reconvene this meeting in that briefing room with all of Sam's team. This is something they would need to know about.'
'Yes and I expect some answers as to what the hell is happening on my base.' With that he stalked off obviously angry and just as obviously confused.

Ha ha ha, a short chapter with a cliff hanger (well sort of). This story will be paused until my other one, "Hunting Grounds" is finished. Have a lot of fun...