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Paring: Harry/Lucius

Summary: Harry tests a theory of his with some reporters.

Warnings: slash

Rating: G


A theory

"Mr. Potter, sir!" a shout edged with more than a little eagerness broke the calm.

   A mass of reporters stared hawk-like after two men who completely ignored the shout and kept walking. One was petite and dark, the other proud and light.

   "Mr. Potter, how did you defeat He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named?" one of the reporters shouted again in the vain hope of being answered. The fates smiled on the man, to some degree.

   Harry stopped and eyed the man coldly. Then after glancing at Lucius Malfoy, who had walked by his side the entire way, he asked: "Would you believe me if I told you Mr. Malfoy here pushed Voldemort..." They all flinched at the name, though the young man took no notice. "...off a cliff and we then used the Calciner curse on him?"

   The reporters looked gob smacked, then started to laugh nervously.

   "Now, please, Mr. Potter, tell us what really happened!"

   The brunet muttered to himself: "I thought so." He turned again towards the mass of reporters with a "Well then..." He started a quite unbelievable story, about how dear Voldie met his doom from the hands of one Lucius Malfoy helped by one Harry Potter. He described to them how the finale battle had gone on for hours, about the incredible duel and other grand things that 'had happened'.

   As Harry and Lucius left the reporters to drool over the unbelievable story, the elder Malfoy mused: "Why did you bother to mix up that story of yours? Though, I have to say, you would have honored the Slytherin House." A thoughtful expression came across the blonde's face.

   "Why thank you, Lucius. The Hat actually wanted to put me there in the first place", the younger man replied amused.

   The Malfoy patriarch muttered under his breath: "That explains things."

   "And with them", Harry said, motioning towards the crowd, "I just wanted to try a theory of mine."

   Lucius glanced his lover sharply. "A theory, Mr. Potter?"

   "Aye, a theory."

   "That is...?"

   "That they, the Wizarding Community, will eat, without biting, any good story - or bad if you ask me - and aren't exactly interested in the truth."

   "Perhaps. But why did you lie to them?" Curiosity could be heard from the blonde's voice.

   "I didn't lie. I told them the truth first if you didn't notice. They merely decided to understand me wrong when I told the story to them. It's not my fault if they didn't listen to me the first time around." Harry smirked at the other man, who merely nodded amused.

   They walked in silence for a moment.

   "To Slytherin, Harry?" the older man stated questioningly, quirking an eyebrow to his young lover.

   "Aye", Harry admitted nodding, clearly amused. "And I had quite a hard time telling it I didn't want to go there..."

the curse:

Calciner - burn to ashes

(The word is originally from French and it is in its original form.)


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