"Pride...." Faith said standing up looking to him, "I didn't think I'd...." the words didn't come out of her mouth. She was shocked to see him there. He had come back.....hadn't he?
"Ever see me again?" Pride said finishing her sentence as he entered the hut, his bag over his shoulder, "I wasn't sure either, but here I am..."
"It's good to see you," Faith said rather timidly. She wasn't sure where she stood with him now. Had he forgiven her?
"Faith, I didn't think I was ever going to be coming back here when I left," Pride said, "That was a cruel joke you played on me. Teasing my emotions with the thought of a child. I want to be a father more than anything and I thought that's what I was going to be to that child. It killed me inside when I thought you had destroyed it, even more so when I found you had lied to me. I needed to go think. When I left I thought I would never see you again, I made a promise I wouldn't....but I broke it. I wasn't lying when I said I loved you Faith...I still do....I thought and thought about it, and I kept coming back to you...you, Faith...you're in my thoughts...I want you in my arms...but I need to know...where you lying when you said you loved me?"
"No..." Faith's voice quivered. She took a deep breath, "No...I wasn't lying...I do love you Pride...I thought, I thought that you would never come back. And it was awful. I couldn't sleep...I couldn't eat, I couldn't do anything...I didn't realize it until those few moments after you had said you loved me...that I truly love you...and I don't know if I could..."
Her words were broken off by Pride's lips. He had come over to her during her words and moved to her wrapping his arms about her and then when during a sentence he kissed her. It took Faith a moment to recognize it and then she kissed back, her arms wrapping around his neck.
Pride moved her back to the bed as he kissed her and laid her back softly onto the bed kissing her, his hands roaming her body. He had missed her. Missed her kisses. Her body. Her.

Pride stayed with the Protectors awhile, but he couldn't just leave his friends in the Mall Rats. So it was decided that they would live back and forth between the mall and the Protectors village. This way they were getting the best of both worlds, but have each other still.
I'd like to say they had a happy life ever after, but it's hard to say. The difference between Pride and Faith is always a thin line.....