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The great hall was filled with laughter and talk as students caught up with what had happened over their summer holiday. On the Gryffindor table a group of four seventh year boys, called the Marauders, were laughing and scheming for a new prank to pull on the hated Slytherins. The two that were doing the most scheming were two boys James Potter and Sirius Black. James had very messy black hair and he would occasionally ruffle it to make it messier. He had black rimmed glasses and dark brown eyes that were filled with joy and laughter. Sirius also had black hair but unlike James' it fell with an elegant grace over his eyes, giving him a slightly mysterious but incredibly hansom look. James and Sirius were two of the best looking boys along with Remus Lupin. Remus Lupin was sitting opposite James and was just finishing off the food on his plate. Remus had sandy brown hair. He looked slightly tired but that was understandable to the other three boys he sat with. All three had very good builds for boys their age, they were strong and fit.

"Did you hear what Snivellus said on the train?" James said to Sirius and Remus. The fourth boy looked up curiously, interested in what James had to say. The fourth boy was Peter Pettigrew. He looked different from the three lean good looking boys. Peter was short and chubby, he had watery eyes and wasn't all that attractive. While James, Sirius and Remus could get any girls they wanted Peter was always left out and had only had a few girlfriends in the past.

"Was it something about your precious Lily?" Sirius said in mocking baby voice. James punched his arm.

"No, well yes. He was talking about getting revenge on all the 'Mudbloods' in the school." James said.

"Watch your language, James" Sirius said in mock shock.

"But I think he deserves a particular punishment." James said.

"Too right. I think I know exactly what it is. Give me a day" Sirius said. Remus gave him a curious look.

"You aren't going to blow up their puddings again are you?" Remus said smiling. Sirius grinned as he remembered the day when James and himself had put a spell on the Slytherin's food, causing it to explode in their faces.

"No, something different." Sirius said, stuffing a chicken leg into his mouth. They didn't say anymore as the headmaster stood up and cleared his throat. The hall went silent as everyone listened to what the old headmaster had to say. Albus Dumbledore was a very old wizard who had long silvery hair and a long silvery beard. The Marauders often caused trouble but the headmaster never seemed to mind, in fact he quite enjoyed their pranks. Albus Dumbledore looked over the students, his bright blue eyes glittered over his half moon glasses.

"I hope you all enjoyed the feast. I will ask the Prefects to escort you all to your common rooms. But before you go I would like to ask the head students to come to my office, I would like to take up a few moments of your time if you don't mind." James got up.

"That's my cue." He said. Sirius looked up at him pretending to wipe a tear from his eyes.

"My baby is all grown up and becoming head boy." He said. James' eyes narrowed and he gave Sirius another punch. "Hey!" Remus laughed and James grinned.

"Serves you right." James said. Everyone was starting to file out of the hall.

"I wonder who's head Girl." Sirius said.

"I think I know." Remus said. Sirius and James both looked at him. "Who is the smartest girl in our year?"

"Lily" James said smiling. Sirius looked at James slightly worried

"I think you have a meeting to get to." Peter mumbled.

"Oh yeah. See you guys in a bit." James said jumping over the seats and rushing to the headmaster's office. He was walking down the corridor when he saw a female student standing by the Gargoyle that guarded the headmaster's office. She had rich dark red hair that fell to half way down her back. Even from James' distance he could see her glittering green eyes. She was slim and incredibly beautiful. She was a few inches smaller then James.

"Evans, so you made head girl." James commented the girl looked at James in Horror.

"What are you doing here Potter?" She asked slightly horrified. James pointed out his head boy badge and she frowned.

"Head boy, it seems that we'll be spending a lot more time together this year my Lily flower." James said. Lily glared at him.

"Don't call me that. My name is Lily or in your case Evans." She said harshly. James put a hand to his heart and pretended to be hurt.

"You kill me Evans." He said. Lily opened her mouth to say something but the Gargoyle moved and a set of steps appeared. "Come on Evans." James said pulling Lily after him up the stairs.

"Let go, I can walk you know." She said.

"I was afraid of that" James said. Lily ignored this comment as they walked into Dumbledore's office. It was filled with portraits of the past headmasters and head mistresses. In the middle was a large desk with a bird perch next to it with an amazing red and gold Phoenix. The room was filled with various metal objects that James had no idea what they were.

"Ah, I see our two new head students have come." Dumbledore said, coming into the room behind them. Lily and James turned casually

"Hello Professor." James said brightly.

"Good Evening Mr. Potter. Planning any new tricks?" Dumbledore asked. James Grinned and tapped his nose. Lily rolled her eyes and looked away.

"I'm glad you both decided to come. I am fully aware of your relationship with each other."

"Which relationship?" James asked.

"Exactly, well I will be needing you two to assist me in planning the Hogsmeade trips and I feel like having a ball this year so it will be up to you when you hold it." Dumbledore said walking around his desk and sitting in his seat.

"A ball?" Lily asked. Dumbledore smiled

"Yes, a ball. I was sitting in my office over the summer when I had the sudden desire to try and match my students together and form couples. It will be a chance for students to get to know each other." Dumbledore said smiling.

"A Valentines day ball." James said.

"That will be up to you and Miss. Evans to decide. Professor McGonagall and I will be holding a Prefects meeting in a week, I would like you to inform the prefects." Dumbledore said.

"Yes Professor." Lily said.

"Good, now you may go and catch up with your friends" He said. Lily and James turned to go and walked back to the Gryffindor Common room. James had to resist the temptation to grab Lily and just kiss her. He had been resisting the urge for Six years. This year was going to be different. He was going to kiss her but not now.

"So how was your holiday Evans?" James asked. Lily gave him a side glance.

"It was great until you turned up on my sister's birthday." Lily said. James grinned.

"I just wanted to show you that I could apparate." He said.

"What made you think that I would be interested?" Lily asked crossing her arms as they walked.

"I also wanted to party a little" James said. He knew that Lily hated him and was surprised when he turned up with Sirius at her older sister's party but what he didn't know was that Lily had nearly been beaten up for it. Another reason for her to hate James. Lily and her sister Petunia had the worst relationship. Petunia and James were the only people Lily didn't like.

"So, did you get my letters?" James asked after a few moments of uncomfortable silence.

"Yes I did. I thought I told you so many times that I don't care about Quidditch or you and your friends going to Egypt." Lily said as they approached the portrait of the Fat Lady that protected the Gryffindor Common room.

"I got you a present." James said. Lily stopped and looked at him.

"You did?" Lily asked slightly touched. James nodded and leaned forwards and gave Lily a quick kiss on the lips. Lily pushed him away and looked at him disgusted. James looked at her hopefully but received a slap.

"Animagus" Lily said. The Fat Lady swung open and Lily stormed through.

"I'd stop trying with her." The Fat lady said to James.

"I'm not giving up." James said determined as he followed Lily into the Common Room.