"Another year and another end. It has been a very sad year to say the least with the death of our beloved potions master and several of our dear friends and family. I hope that you have all learnt a few lessons throughout the year, be it academic or to do with life. Some of you have formed new bonds and others have just formed new friendships. In this dark time all I can hope is that we can all strive to make a brighter future" Dumbledore said. Sirius stared at his plate hungrily. April had a hand on his back and was watching Dumbledore carefully.

"I would like to say a few more things before we eat. I wish the Seventh years the best of luck in their lives and hope that they may enjoy their future." All the seventh years, regardless of their house clapped. "And one last announcement. As you can see the winners of both the quidditch cup and the house cup this year is Gryffindor!" All the Gryffindors started cheering. The Marauders stopped clapping earlier then the other students and as the plates began to fill up with food James made a signal to the others. They all nodded and started to eat.

"Ok, I think we should do it now." James said.

"No, wait a little longer, people are still eating." April said. For once the Marauders had let April and Lily in on their trick.

"Ok, five more minutes." Sirius said. April smiled that she'd gotten her way, even if it was only by five minutes. Five minutes later April looked at Lily. Lily nodded and got up, a few people watched her curiously, wondering where she was going. She walked to the entrance of the hall and saw Peeves floating around the entrance hall.

"Can I go now?" Peeves asked. For once he was listening to someone other than the bloody baron.

"Remember which house?" Lily asked Peeves, handing him a bag of ink pellets. The ink had been specially formulated by James and Sirius.

"Slimy Slytherins." Peeves said. Lily smiled and Peeves took this cue to float through the wall. Lily returned to the hall where Peeves was shooting ink pellets at the Slytherins. She stood by the doors and saw the Marauders send small jets at the various house tables. Within minutes the hall was filled with fireworks, confetti, streamers. Everything you could think of that you could have at a festival there was. Everyone in the hall stood up and started cheering. Dumbledore gave a small laugh and stood up. Everyone went completely silent.

"The Marauders!" Dumbledore said holding his hand out to where Sirius, James, Remus and Peter were sitting. James and Sirius immediately stood up and bowed. Everyone started cheering, everyone but the Slytherins, that is, who were covered in ink that she knew wouldn't come off for at least two weeks. Lily started laughing as James and Sirius set off a couple more fireworks, which made the glittering formation of the Hogwarts crest. They slapped hands and sat down.

*    *    *    *

"We're there." April said looking out of the window in their carriage. Lily had been dreading this moment, arriving at platform nine and three quarters. It meant it was really over but also because her parents wouldn't be meeting her. Lily looked at James who was giving her a smile.

"Are you sure you don't want to come to my house?" April asked, "Instead of this slime bag Potter's house?" Lily smiled.

"No, I'll go to his house. I will have to learn to live with him sometime." Lily said.

"I'm sitting right here." James said.

"We know." Lily said. Lily watched Sirius quite interested as he tried to make a turban with James' invisibility cloak.

"He's stealing you away from me." April moaned to Lily, "Please come and stay for a while."

"He's my fiancé." Lily said "I can't stay with you but I promise you as soon as we have our own place you can stay as often as you want." April smiled. Lily got a photo out of her pocket. It was the six of them all in the Three Broomsticks laughing with their mugs of butterbeer.

"It was really nice of Madame Rosemerta to take this photo for us" Lily said happily.

"Even nicer that she gave us all a copy" April said.

"What is it with Girls and photos? It's just a photo" Sirius said as his head disappeared under the invisibility cloak turban

"It's a piece of history. This was our last day of exams." April said like it had meaning. Sirius mimicked April and received a punch in the side followed by a kiss

*    *    *    *

They got their luggage and made their way to the platform.

"Look, it's mudblood Evans and Pothead Potter." Sneered Snape as he approached them from behind.

"What do you want Snape?" James asked.

"You know that now you're not under Dumbledore's gaze you won't be under any protection, be careful, I'll be watching." Snape said. Snape wandered off into the muggle world leaving Lily and James quite confused.

"Come on!" Sirius shouted. James pushed the trolley with his and Lily's things on it and pushed it through the barrier.

"Please?" April asked one last time as they all approached Mrs. Potter.

"Sorry." Lily said. She gave April a tight sisterly hug. They had already made plans to see each other the next day. April hugged her tightly as well. "I'll see you tomorrow." Lily said.

"Ok." April said grinning.

"You come over whenever you want." Said Mrs. Potter to April. April beamed and told Sirius to pushed her trolley for her. "Come on you two." Mrs. Potter said to James and Lily, taking the trolley for them.