**The Sweetest Thing**

Duo watched as Heero's lips mouthed the words "Mission accepted." The pink of Heero's lips was quickly becoming one of Duo's favourite colours., and he never thought he'd ever like pink. Heero licked his lips to wet them and Duo watched him and his eyes zoomed in and watched in slow motion. Heero's lips and tongue looked perfect, a perfect mouth for the perfect soldier. Duo could imagine Heero's lips tracing every inch of his body and his tongue tasting him. Just the image made Duo weak in the knees. Duo wanted it to come true and he wanted to learn the curves of Heero's body with his lips and taste every bit of him. Duo imagined that Heero's skin would taste sweeter than the sweetest candy, and Duo loved candy.


**Reality is Better Than a Dream**

Duo stripped down to his skivvies, it was after all bedtime. He pulled his hair tie off and let the long chestnut braid fall apart. He laid down on Heero's bed and was ready to sleep, he wasn't expecting Heero home for a day at least. Duo crawled under the covers and was surrounded by Heero's scent and he loved it. Heero's bed smelled of sweat and other scents Duo couldn't identify. Duo closed his eyes and fell into a peaceful slumber.


Heero quietly unlocked the door, he didn't want to wake Duo. Heero stepped inside and closed and locked the door behind him. He then crept up to the room that he and Duo shared. He looked at Duo's bed it appeared empty, but for some reason his bed looked occupied. Heero walked quietly up to his bed and noticed that Duo was in it. At first Heero watched Duo sleep, his long chestnut hair surrounding him and his mouth slightly opened. Heero sat down on the side of the bed and touched Duo's face careful not to wake him. He then traced his fingers across Duo's jaw-line and softly kissed his neck. Slowly Duo's eyes opened and he saw Heero. At first he thought he was dreaming and before he could test his theory Heero pressed his lips against his. Right then Duo didn't care if he was dreaming, his world was perfect. Duo hungrily returned the kiss and prayed that he wasn't dreaming.