I guess all stories need to have a beginning. And an end. I suppose we all need to live a little once or twice, screw up, break our hearts and shatter our dreams at least once before we die, right? You know, I used to find it pathetic that people would reflect on the past, but here I am, sitting here dreaming of the past. All of it, and there wasn't really much to beginning with.

Jeez, Iv gotten ahead of myself here. My name is Zack Flame. I was a member of SOLDIER. First Class. From Gongaga, if you happen to have live in a time where SOLDIER no longer existed (perhaps your world is more peaceful then mine was?). My burial grounds are just outside of Midgar. Well, least, that where I fell.

Burial grounds you ask? Yes, I am dead. I have been for a few years now. I'm not sure how you can hear me. Perhaps I am in your dream. In your mind, speaking to you because I have no one here to speak to (besides my beloved Aeris, but she knows my story, and Sephiroth doesn't wish to listen).

Oh, don't wake up! Please, I need to tell someone on The Planet about me. I know some have tried to spread about my memory, but they have lives of their own. I need someone to know me. I don't wish to die completely! Not yet…Please, stay where you are. I'm going to tell you a story…No… show you my story. Don't be frightened; you'll not be harmed. You will just be there, watching us, not being we you see. Please, don't wake up. Stay with me…