Author's Note: After finishing More Than Sympathy - a story that is so sweet at parts that it nearly gave me cavity - I wanted to write something more angsty. This is the product that came out after I decided that I would write something that is scarier and has a more gruesome background, I hope you like it.

Disclaimer: Haruka, Michiru and all other mentioned characters from Sailormoon are property of Naoko Takeuchi. All other original characters and the plot are mine.

Dedication: Dedicated to Victoria...keep rocking girl.

Out Of The Dark

Prologue: Fights

"Haruka, if only you would listen to me." Takeshi spoke, his voice sounding so desperate that it would have touched any person who had a heart. It didn't touch the blonde he was talking to though. "I told you to shut up." The said blonde named Haruka snarled, her fingers grabbing the neck of the whiskey bottle that stood in front of her harder. "I can't let you drive! Not again! I let you drive the last time although I knew better, and I can't take the risk again!" Takeshi suddenly yelled at her, his anger overtaking him. "Do you get that, Haruka? I will not let you drive!" He just took in a deep breath to continue his yelling when suddenly the whiskey bottle came flying towards him. The breath he had been sucking in shot out of his lungs again in form of a small, shocked squeak, and somehow he managed to duck just in time. The bottle sailed over his head and smashed against the wall behind him, shattering, splinters of glass flying everywhere while the whiskey ran down the wall in thin, brown rivers, the smell of it filling the room. "You will let me drive." Haruka now spoke, her voice low and dangerously calm. "Will you let me drive, Takeshi?" Slowly, Takeshi nodded, his fear getting the better of him. He knew that he had had more than a lot of luck when he had managed to duck before the bottle smashed against his head, and he knew what Haruka could do to him. He hadn't forgotten about what happened to Keiichi yet - poor Keiichi who still was in the hospital, three weeks after he had made a witty comment about Harukas drinking habits. Of course, nobody else knew that it had been Haruka who had nearly beaten him to death - and officially he didn't know either. Haruka never had told him, and he never had asked her, but he had seen the look in her eyes when she had read about the mysterious attack on her fellow racer colleague. And he had seen the wounds on her knuckles that just had started to close over that day. "I will let you drive." He softly spoke, and slowly, a grin spread out on Harukas face. As always, the grin didn't reach her eyes; they stayed cold and hard. "Under one condition." Takeshi now added, raising his index finger while Harukas smile slowly faded away again. "A condition, eh?" the blonde repeated, her eyes drilling holes into Takeshi's head. "Yes." The elder man replied, speaking slowly, hoping that Haruka wouldn't explode on him again. "The condition is that you visit the meetings of the Alcoholics Anonymous. And not just once, but every week, until you don't drink anymore." Haruka let out a short, bitter laugh and shook her head. "Never." She then replied, crossing her arms over her chest. "Then I will make sure that you won't race anymore. Not today, not next week. Never again." Takeshi promised, trying to make his voice sound as hard as possible. Haruka looked at him in silence for a few moments, realizing that he was serious. "I can make sure of that." The chief mechanic continued, holding the blondes gaze with his. "I just have to tell the manager about the bottles of whiskey you empty every day. And there's still that incident with Keiichi." "You have no proof that it was me!" Haruka shot out, not caring if she practically admitted her fault by saying that or not. "I don't need proof. I know that it was you, Haruka, and Keiichi will probably tell that it was you too if he gets the feeling that you won't kill him after he told." Takeshi calmly replied, though inside, he was shaking with fear. Fear that he might be the next who ended up in hospital. Instead of attacking him though, Haruka looked away for a few moments, before she spit out. "Fine. I'll go to the fucking meetings if it makes you happy." Takeshi couldn't quite hide his surprise, but he nodded, glad that Haruka had accepted the condition he had put up. He wished her the best of luck and left the room she owned at the race track, closing the door behind him. Haruka stayed where she was, staring down at the sad remains of what had been a half filled whiskey bottle only half an hour ago. Deep inside, she wondered why she had accepted the condition her chief mechanic had put up; but even deeper, she knew why. She had accepted it because she knew that driving was the only thing that made her happy. If she wouldn't be able to drive anymore, she probably just would drink herself to death.she let out a small sigh and tore her eyes away from the broken bottle and the whiskey that still ran down the wall. A thought came up in her brain, but she quickly forced it away again, knowing that she didn't want to hear it; it didn't stay away though, it came back. Driving isn't just the only thing that keeps you's the only thing that keeps you from losing your sanity, and you know it. Letting out another heavy sigh, Haruka shrugged to herself and left the room too, slamming the door close behind her.