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Everything You Want

By: Sirea


The Farplane Glen stretched before them, the last leg in their long journey home from the depths of the abyss. The three women started across the ethereal plain towards the teleporter that would bring them to the surface. Vegnagun was defeated. The lovers, Shuyin and Lenne, had been reunited, destined to spend the rest of their days on the Farplane together. Most important, they were all safe, alive and well; no sacrifices had to be made this time for victory.

First, there was solemn Paine, in her black leather and silver studs, inwardly happy about rescuing her three lost friends, but showing no indication of joy on the outside. Instead, she was thinking about one man in particular; Nooj. There had been something between them all those years ago, something that only the sphere recorder had picked up traces of. She had to be sure that it was still there. With new resolve in her step, she journeyed onward through the field of wildflowers.

Then there was spastic Rikku, walking beside Paine as if there were springs in her shoes, her fingertips lightly grazing the tops of the flowers they walked through. They were going home! Then she would have her chance to tell Gippal how she really felt; she never had the chance three years ago, when he up and left to join the Crimson Squad. But all the old feelings resurfaced when they went to Djose temple to sign up for the dig. Rikku smiled. He hadn't changed a bit.

Finally, there was Yuna, walking several yards behind her two comrades. She was also thinking of a man, a man that she had not seen in two years time. The man that had started her journey as a sphere hunter, searching for any trace of him she could find. And now, after this long and trying journey, there was still no sign of him. Was it all for nothing? Was all lost? Yuna's head snapped up when she heard a familiar whistle echoing through the wind.

It can't be... She looked at her friends; they kept walking, having not heard a thing. Another whistle. Yuna spun around, looking for the source of the whistle. Scanning the glen, and the cliffs high above, she saw nothing. A pyrefly floated past her, then another. She turned her head slightly, not daring to look behind her. The pyreflies swarmed around her, until a transparent, but familiar set of arms wrapped around her shoulders from behind. Yuna smiled; he had come to see her after all, but it was not to last. Choosing her words carefully, she began to speak the last sentences she ever would to the man she loved.

"It's you." Yuna paused, as if waiting for a reply. "You were with me the whole time. I kept thinking you might be. Kept hoping. But you know, I'm not worried anymore."

She fought the tears she felt stinging at her eyes. She couldn't cry, she had to be strong for him. Show him that she was going to be all right without him. "You will always have a place...here in my heart. We will always be connected."

As the pyreflies began to disperse, the arms holding her slowly disappeared, until he was gone. She stood in her place for a few moments more, securing an image of the blonde-haired man in her mind to keep forever. That was all she would have from now on, was her memories.

"I love you."