Rewriting History
A Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Fanfic

Note: this story takes place in DS9's fifth season, between "Empok Nor" and "In the Cards."

Disclaimer: Star Trek Deep Space Nine is the sole intellectual property of Paramount Pictures, Inc. I'm just playing in this world, and claim no ownership or profit in doing so.

Chapter 1

Benjamin Sisko was in a bad mood this morning.

On his way to Ops to begin his morning duty shift, Sisko had the great displeasure of watching a vast armada of Dominion ships burst out of the wormhole en route to Cardassia. It was the third such convoy to emerge in the past three weeks, their numbers adding to an already-imposing array of forces gathering in Cardassian space. Worse than the unceasing passage of their ships, however, was the knowledge that Starfleet and the Federation continued to eschew any attempt to blockade the wormhole. We are still working towards some form of diplomatic settlement, the droll communiqué from Nechayev read. As much as he wished for a peaceful resolution to the crisis, Sisko knew better than to hope for the impossible. Besides, it's doubtful we could physically stop them now even if we wanted to.

Bad as the ongoing convoys were, the immediate cause of his unhappiness was the ongoing task of preparing Deep Space Nine for the coming conflict, a job as distasteful as it was necessary. So far the civilian population had remained relatively unaffected by security measures, but that time was rapidly coming to a close. In addition to heightened patrols and inspections, Security Chief Odo had just recommended that children and nonessential civilians be 'relocated' to Bajor. After thinking for a short while, he decided against it for the time being, ruefully imagining the look of subtle scorn that would come from the Constable when he told him.

Other matters were not so pressing, so as Sisko entered his office he pushed aside the data pad and picked up his baseball, idly rotating it in his right hand to relieve his stress.

An alert bleeped out over the speakers. Touching his communicator, he said, "Sisko here."

"Captain," Major Kira replied, "an unscheduled Vulcan transport has docked at the station. Her captain wishes to speak with you."

"Acknowledged, Major," he replied. "Put him through."

"Sir, he wishes to speak with you in person. Aboard his ship."

That was unusual. Sitting up straighter, he said with the hint of an edge in his voice: "Major, I'm busy right now. You know what station protocol is. Please explain it to our Vulcan visitors."

"Yes, sir. One moment." The comm went silent. Sisko reached for his data pad, then stopped. For some reason, he had a feeling his business with the Vulcans wasn't finished yet.

Sure enough, a minute later Kira called him again. "Captain, I'm very sorry, but the Vulcan captain won't take no for an answer. He says, and I quote, 'It is vital that we meet with discretion.' What should I tell him?"

Sisko considered, then decided the change of routine might be worth dealing with. He said with a playful tone in his voice: "Who am I to say no to a Vulcan?"

"Sir?" Kira asked, confused.

Smiling, Sisko got up and said, "Tell the captain I'll be with him shortly."

"Yes, sir. They're docked at Lower Pylon 2."

"Acknowledged. Sisko out." He left his office.

Exiting the turbolift, Sisko walked down the darkened corridors towards the airlock entrance, flanked by two of Odo's Bajoran deputies. As he turned the corner, he noticed that two Vulcans were standing by the entrance, dressed in dark, featureless civilian clothing. He had a sudden sense of unease; he couldn't say why, but the Vulcans appeared—he fumbled for a description—off-kilter. Their gazes had an ineffably hard tinge to them, and their postures were, for lack of a better word, aggressive. Normally he wearied of Odo's security precautions, but for now he suddenly felt reassured.

The Vulcans watched him approach silently, not saying a word. When he was right in front of them, the one nearest to him said, "You are Captain Benjamin Sisko of Deep Space Nine?"

Flashing a grin, he replied: "That's what it says on the plaque on my desk."

The Vulcan turned to his counterpart, who nodded. They stepped aside and gestured towards the airlock. "Captain."

Sisko walked forward. One guard took a step after him, but he raised his hand. "It's all right." The guard didn't look happy, but remained behind.

Entering the cramped ship, there was no one there. "Captain?" he called out. A door opened behind him. He turned and stopped, filled with surprise.

Ambassador Spock was staring back at him.