New Hyrule Order By Ryu-Gi

A/N: This is my first fan fiction to be posted online. Please don't hurt me! This story takes place a year or so after the events in Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, and is based on not only the games but the manga versions of Ocarina of Time and the Oracle series. I hope you enjoy!

My name is Link Raven. I am age 18, and a member of the Hylian race. Like all Hylians, I have long elfin ears and an elfin face. I have blonde hair, blue eyes. I live in the realm of Hyrule, which lies on the eastern side of the continent of Zildross. It is a beautiful land filled with towering mountains, deep lakes, and vast flower-laden plains. There are six tribes that exist within Hyrule. The Hylians are the master race, and they are responsible for most of the trade and politics of Hyrule. We Hylians are partial to the element of light. The Kokiri are the race of the children of the southeastern forest, each have their own guardian fairy that they are assigned to at birth, and they never grow up. The Gorons live in the caverns of the volcanic Death Mountain, to the north east of Hyrule. They are responsible for metalwork of Hyrule, and are the creators of the world-famous dish, Rock Sirloin. The Zora are an elegant water-dwelling race that exists within the underwater caverns and oceans to the far eastern side of Hyrule. The Shiekah are a supposedly extinct race that live in the shadows. There have been several rumors going around, however, that there are still some shiekahn descendants living in Kakariko village at the foot of Death Mountain, and even several colonies in the northern mountains. The Gerudo are the outcasts of Hyrule, and they live in the desert far to the west, and are partial to the element of spirit. They are a thieving, all-female race that interbreeds with the other races in order to bear children. Every one hundred years, however, a male child is born to them, and law automatically makes that Gerudo, the king of thieves. It was one of these kings, named Ganondorf Dragmire, which managed to take over Hyrule using the power of the Triforce, a mystical relic that holds within it the essence of the creators. However, He only had one part, the Triforce of Power. He went on a rampage during the seven years he ruled, but it was at the end of that seven years that I emerged from my slumber within the Temple of Time, after my spirit had been sealed within it's walls by Ganondorf himself at the beginning of his reign. What he had fatally mistook for the sword he trapped me within was actually the legendary Master Sword, the sword that rules all mortal blades, and the weapon of the Hero of Time. Me. With the help of one of my closest friends, Zelda, the princess of Hyrule, I discovered that the Triforce of Courage existed within Me, and with her Triforce of Wisdom, we both managed to overthrow the dark lord, and with the power of the seven ancient sages behind us, we sealed him for all eternity within the inescapable Dark World. After the quest, I decided to leave Hyrule for a while, to go in search of an old friend. I was unable to find her. While I was traveling with only my horse, Epona, for company, I decided to go just by the name "Raven" so as to hide my identity. After traveling to the neighboring lands of Termina, Koholint Island, and Labrynna, I finally made the long journey home. Zelda was pleased to see me again after I had been traveling for months. For my services, I was appointed the personal bodyguard of Zelda. It's been pretty quiet in Hyrule, with the exception of a few monster attacks on a few of the villages. I've made friends with the captain of the guard, Kirk, and he's been itching for some real action, like a Dodongo attack or another one of Ganondorf's old court members attempting to take over.

Unfortunately, had we known what was to come within the following month or so, we would have never wanted to brandish our swords ever again.

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