Blackfire's Return

~*~ A Teen Titans Fiction ~*~

By: Chibi-Suiko

Summary: Blackfire returns (Just as she said she would) only this time she comes with her version of why she betrayed her sister! And all of what she says is part of a much bigger deal than they know... Contains Robin/Starfire moments.

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Prologue: Escape


(Scene: Unknown Astrological Belt, Voided Universe)


She shouldn't have held trust in such a devil. She should have told her sister of the truth before it had captured her and held her prisoner, as it was at the moment. This was where her lies had gotten her, in a highly defensive cell within the Cryptonic Meteorite Belt (Uh... Can't remember what that place was called). A Hell she'd been sent to and locked within for little more than six months. This was not worth the safety of her friends. At least, not anymore, she had decided.

And so now, she was going to get out of here. And she was going to profess to her sister exactly what had forced her into thievery.

She felt her arms roped in front of her. They had been placed in a self-secure magnetic trap, the same as her ankles. As long as she was held under its grasp, she would never get back to Earth. That was the main reason why she'd waited so long, she could determine the pattern of the cores of her bindings and tell from there how to malfunction them.

Her soft, ebony hair strung over her shoulders and upon her face, mingling with a slight sweat that she'd worked up over the last few hours trying to contain her Tameranian aura. The only way to escape would be to infect her bindings with a very small pulsated disruption. It would slither through to the core of her hold and produce a small explosion.

The only problem would be that if her aura was even the slightest bit too strong, it would surge straight to the alarm system and then she'd never be able to escape back to her sisters current residence. There was no reason to be effected by sound here. This containment forum held only the most proficient of the tyrants, those with the ability to crush buildings with the stroke of a hand and demolish planets with a shake of their head. Those like her who were thought of as a true threat.

But now she knew that the one who'd planned this conniving capture on her sister was not at all truthful when he stated she was assured safety. So, not only were her sister and her friends left in an unknown peril because of her allegiance with such an evil, twisted mind, she had to worry about a safe, untroubled journey that could very well take weeks (If she were followed) in order to rid her sisters' unpleasant demise from her head.

She felt her aura start up within her eyes, sort of glimmering within her before declining down her shoulders and past her fore-arms into the circuitry keeping her stationary where she was. The only way to run. The only way to beat the wrongs she hadn't done of her free will. She felt her Tameranian fighting sensation descend even further along her waist and legs, before settling within the locks holding her feet down.

There was a brief moment in time before she felt a shuddering coming from her manacles before the solar powered core rejected its continuity of use and shut down. She felt them loosen enough for her to slip her hands and feet out of them before they fell to the ground with such an affliction that they burst into brief flame such as a miniature detonation and the wiring shattered into hundreds, or even thousands, of pieces.

Immediately, alarms sounded around the entire passage and heads turned to try and see who'd escaped their fate of waiting in their cells for death. There answer was a young Tameranian alien girl, throwing her head back for a slight laugh before dropping to the ground to retrieve four pieces of what was left over from her formerly secure hold. She jumped up and obliterated the roof of her prison before soaring out the ceiling and floating towards the direction of the barrier holding her back from the universe she wished to be in.

She heard voices of panic and anger behind her, such as those of civilians and guards and commanders who were forced to relegate those who'd chosen not to place tighter security on her floor as she blasted her way through the weakened obstruction and out into the darkness of the unignited holder of worlds.

Blackfire turned in the direction of one, Earth, where her sister had last placed residence. There were lightning clouds hanging adrift over the marble colors of blue, green, and silver pearl. Another challenge she'd have to force herself through in order to respond to her sisters' confusion of her last visit. She needed to get there before He decided that it was time to rid himself of all the Titans.


(Scene: Two weeks later, Titan Tower, Upper Metropolis, Earth)


On Earth, it was Spring. A beautiful season where offspring were produced, warmth was regained... And chores were at there highest of primes. And unfortunately for the Titans, they were also included.

"Dude, why do we have to submit ourselves to Spring cleaning?!" Beast Boy shouted as he pulled up the rug that had been settled right in front of their television and feeling the strength of the dust begin to flutter into his nose. He coughed, gagged really, and ran to throw it over their balcony in order to be whipped clean, "I mean, shouldn't we have some sort of technical device for these things?! Or at least a butler!"

Robin turned from vacuuming the dust from the curtains and replied, "Well, I'm sorry that I left Bruce with all the goods. We have to learn to do this for ourselves anyway. It's a good chance to learn responsibility, Beast Boy." He concluded and turned back just in time to see his vacuum suck up the bottom half of the curtain, "WAAAH--!" He shouted uncharacteristically and jumped to turn off the vacuity so that he didn't damage them, "Though it wouldn't be so bad if we could just clap our hands and have everything just disappear..." He grumbled as he separated the shades from the end of his cleaning device and looked into the snout to be sure nothing was wrong.

"Who wants responsibility anyway?! I'd be happy with just my N64, my chew toys (For his wild-side purposes), and of course my--"

"--Tofu?! B.B.! I told you not to fill up our snack stash with this stuff! C'mon! Where's the Doritos? The hamburgers?! WHERE ARE MY HOTDOGS?!" Cyborg's voice was heard from the kitchen, "That's it, this has gotta stop--" The next sound to reach their ears was that of things being thrown in the trash and Robin was willing to bet it was anything like snacks and meat.

"Hey, Cy! Leave my tofu alone! I spent thirty bucks on all that and it's not gonna be wasted on your B-Ball practice so don't be shooting for the trash can!" With that, Beast Boy ran into the kitchen, deforming into a field goat along the way and the next thing Robin heard as was a long, mess-making crash.

He sighed. This was the life he'd settled for when leaving training with Bruce Wayne? He was forced to settle the dispute between two of his most trusted friends by throwing one of his wing-darts so that it just whizzed by their heads. They looked up expectantly to the supposed leader and waited for him to state something. Obviously he wasn't that full of wisdom so he cleared his throat and called down the hallway, "Raven! Starr! Come here, both of you!"

The next minute, a black shadow formed on the farthest place from Cyborg and Beast Boy and Starfire soared gracefully through the doorway, a smile bright on her face and landed beside Robin, "Good afternoon, dearest friends! Shall we move now to another part of the Tower of which needs concentrated effort to clear it of such things as dirt particles?" She ended as her grin widened into over-excitement and Robin could tell, though he wasn't facing them at the moment, that Cyborg and Beast Boy were sweatdropping a storm. He probably would too, she was so ecstatic about cleaning. Was this normal for teenage alien girls or was it just the ones they hung out with?

Starfire grazed the front of Robins uniform with a feather duster she was holding in hand, producing a great amount of filth to appear around them. He coughed up what he breathed in and took the thing from her hand.

"Starr, stop for a moment, would you?" He asked as politely as possible and she turned to him, still grinning.

"Are you saying that we're finished for the day, now Robin?" She was still acting a little eccentric for someone who was being reduced to sweeping the Titan Tower spotless during the thunderstorm that still brewed outside, and that was one big tower. They had figured that since it was a quiet and stupor-filled day, they might as well clear up the issue of Spring Cleaning now, rather than later when they could be enjoying the sultry Spring air.

"No, Starr. I just thought up a better, easier strategy to do this with. We're gonna separate into individuals and complete cleaning in that order." He ended and watched Beast Boy trailing a bit of drool over his lower lip. He scowled, knowing he should have explained it simpler.


"He means that we're going to each be doing separate rooms. So settle for something now before you're stuck with the toilets." Raven said in her cold drawl.

"I call kitchen!" Cyborg immediately quipped. This got Beast Boy's attention and he jumped up at his friend.

"Nuh uh! I know what you're planning to do! You're gonna get rid of all my tofu!"

"You think?! What else is clearing out the refridgerator good for?!"

"Fine." Robin halted them where they stood, "Cyborg, kitchen. Beast Boy, you work in the rec. room, and NO arguing. Starr, can you handle the hallways, foyer, and balcony? And me and Raven will settle for the bedrooms." They all nodded (Though B.B. cried miserably over what he knew would be a great loss) and headed in their respected directions.


Raven walked into Starfire's room and gazed around. There was nothing much to clean here. It seemed that the other female member of the team was a neat freak of an alien. She still entered the room, just to check and be sure that there was nothing she could be accused of missing. Using her powers, she muttered in incantation and ripped the many things including her friends dresser, bed, and small entertainment center from the floor.

There was nothing there. Tameranians were deathly tidy. She turned her gaze to the closet and noted that it was a part of the room, and therefore also needed looking through. Stepping beyond the sill-lifted furniture, she opened the doors and gazed inside. There was nothing out of the ordinary in here, either. She leafed through the clothes and boxes, making absolutely sure that everything was clear, before she noticed a small oval fixture in the back. It looked slightly familiar.

She reached forward and plucked it off of its secure attachment and held it in her grip. Her eyes widened as she realized what it was and, because of her release of emotion, she heard the clutter of Starfire's things hitting the ground. She quickly rearranged them in the best order she could remember (Hoping that Starfire wouldn't mind a bit of redecorating) and flew from the room, heading towards Robin's position in Cyborgs'. When she reached the door, however, there was no one inside so she rushed to the rec. room.

She found all the Titans there and waited for Robin to explain the calling.

"Trouble, Titans. Looks like we're gonna have to skip on the storm surge today." Robin cleared up and Raven noticed B.B. hiss a silent call of glee.

"Robin, there's something you may like to know..." She started in that same drawl from before but Robin put a hand up.

"I'm sorry, Raven, but whatever it is will have to wait. There's a mass thievery going on downtown and the authorities can't handle capture over all the convicts. We don't have time to wait." She nodded and watched them all fly off in the direction of the railway, a separation of sorts between downtown and the upper Metropolis.

Without knowing what to do with her find, she tossed it upon the tabletop of the rec. center and followed after them. The small, almost cylinder-shaped, object rolled on its side before finally resting in its back, a certain familiar red 'S' etched on top.


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