Blackfire's Return

A Teen Titans Fiction

By: Chibi/Warlordess

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Summary: Blackfire's come back to her sister, after breaking out of a top-security cell in the Centauri Moons. She's come back in order to avenge herself for being taken away from Earth; only Starfire isn't the target. When Slade is brought into the picture, the Titans can't help but join forces with her. However, is her story true?

WARNING: This chapter (and possibly the next, as well) will sport angsty and somewhat horrific things. If your stomachs twist at the thought of violence and/or descriptive angst, then I suggest you leave. Yes, I think that I'm going to raise the rating because of it...


Chapter Five: Nightmares - Part One


(Scene: Titan Tower, after midnight, Blackfire's room)


It was two a.m. and all of the Titans were currently asleep. Blackfire had returned about three hours after she'd gone, apologizing and bowing for her inappropriate behavior. She had been given a room only a door down from her sister and was currently sleeping, dreaming of their possible victory over Slade.

Everything was going great; the Titans were congratulating and thanking her for her help, they were celebrating with a pizza party, Starfire was hugging her in excitement and happiness. . . It was all too perfect.


As she slept peacefully on her soft mattress, a small spider ticked as it slipped across her ceiling. She noticed nothing, turning over and pulling up the sheets, and carelessly out cold for the night. It was then that a small glitch opened up where the arachnid's mouth was supposed to be and it spewed out a mist that circulated around the room, devouring all that was normally easy to be seen.

The same thing was happening in all of the Titans rooms. None of them took any incentive to stop it and, though they had no clue as to why, it was fact that all of their sweet and peaceful slumber was about to turn upside down and morph their hopes and inner thoughts into nightmares.

"Dear Sister! We have finally won over Slade, and we cannot thank you enough for helping us!" Starfire leapt at Blackfire and gave her a large family hug. Blackfire returned it and laughed happily, taking the affection as if she'd lived with it all of her life.

Beast Boy had stolen the game controller and was running away from a very pissed off Cyborg while Raven was reading one of her novel-length books drinking the normal green tea. Robin came over and smiled at them and asked if he could borrow Starfire from her sister.

"Well, I guess so." She shrugged, letting the Boy Wonder pull her away and, next moment, Starfire was back in her arms, crying loudly and, almost blissfully, "What's wrong? Did something happen?" Her younger sister looked up with her emerald eyes and, though Blackfire had expected a horribly saddened tear-stained face, she saw the largest smile that was possible, "Starfire?"

"Robin... He-he told me that he loved me. He told me that there was no other he could love and the he wanted me to stay with him forever." If possible, her smile seemed to grow after that statement, "Isn't this wonderful, Dear Sister?"

Blackfire was feeling numb. She didn't know what it was but, by Gods, she didn't think that "wonderful" was the right term for it at all. Suddenly, she had an astrospectual vision. She seemed to have moved from her usual view, into the sky, and was now watching as everyone stared at her, slowly disappearing to the beyond.

"Wha-what's going on?! Starfire?! Where are you? Where have you gone?!" Panicking, Blackfire turned this way and that, finally feeling a creeping edge of pain brewing in her chest. Finally, her gaze met with a distanced Starfire, who stared back at her through dim green eyes, "Starfire, sister? Er... A-are you okay?"

"Do you not feel proud of me, Blackfire? Do you not understand that I am happy? Do you not want me to be happy?" Starfire's voice sounded quiet and almost threatening. Her eyes were now on the ground, concealed by the bangs framing her brow, and not on her sister and so Blackfire couldn't truly make out her expression.

But... Starfire had hardly ever referred to her by her name, rather by "Sister" as a sense of respect.

"O-of course not, Starfire! I want nothing more than your happiness. I couldn't ask for more than that! You know that I speak the truth!" Blackfire bit her lip. What was this feeling? She did want Starfire to be happy, right? Even if it wasn't with their family, with her, back on Tamaran; she wanted Starfire to smile, always, "I would never lie to you if I could help it, Starfire. I'm looking forward to your smiling face whenever I come to see you.. I want nothing more than to see you laughing and living and... Loving."

She hesitated. She wanted her sister to live beautifully, right? She didn't care if she lost her to that Robin of Earth, she didn't care if she lost her to a human justice member, she didn't care that she lost her to time, age, love, and fate. She didn't...

"I... Do not believe you, Blackfire--!" Starfire's shriek rose from her throat, making Blackfire fall back in ill concealed shock and, unmistakably, fear. Peals of cackling, evil laughter erupted from the younger Tamaranians throat as she waltzed up to her frozen sister and touched her with a glowing green finger, "I do not believe you feel pleased by my accomplishment sister. So selfish you are, to believe that I'd wait for you, and exist below you, forever. I will never let you overcome me again!" She was laughing as she held Blackfire at "gun point", her emerald enveloped finger right on her arm, raising up to her shoulder and then back down to her elbow. And then it roved around the curve of her breast, to her chest, right above her heart.

"But..." Blackfire started before feeling a white hot pain enter the left side of her upper body, just under her neck and shoulder cap. She looked down to see Starfire's aura-ed finger penetrating her flesh, driving into her organs like a drill as scarlet blood began seeping uncontrollably down her body, onto the floor. She was falling, she was dying, she knew. She could feel a soft heaviness welcoming her behind her eyelids... She could see her sister staring at her through white-green eyes, her pupils dilated and her normal orange-tan skin erupting with a mighty aura.

"I do not believe you. I am not second-best to you any longer, older sister. Never again."

Blackfire looked up with a sense of last-minute strength and replied, "But... I do not lie."

Unable to awaken from her nightmares, Blackfire continued to writhe and scream in her bed, failed attempts to save her mind from the thoughts of her own death, her sister's crude attitude, and the lies and truths of which she fended from.


(Scene: Titan Tower, after midnight, Raven's room)


In Raven's room, the pale, fair-skinned girl lay stiffly on her mattress, meditating even in her sleep. She chose not to acknowledge any sounds that would be made and stood situated rather strangely for someone who was trying so very hard to rest.

"Azerath, metrion, synthos... Azerath, metrion, synthos..." Her murmurs were quite generally spaced and she heeded no movements from the other Titan members. They were feeling rather agitated, she knew, but it was nothing of concern to her. She continued to ignore them as her meditation beckoned her absolute focus, "Azerath, metrion, synthos..."

"Hey, Rae? We're going out for pizza; do you wanna join us?" Beast Boy asked, walking up to her as she tried to continue on with her ways of control. She gave a mere shake of the head and heard him sigh, again agitated at her lack of sociality, "Okay... Well, sorry that we bothered you, anyways." His tone was laced with something along the lines of sadness and regret. "We'll just bring you something back." And she heard the main door close a few seconds later.

Why had she not gone? Why did she sit there, forcibly controlling her emotions, instead of following after her friends as they went to enjoy the crime-free day together? Why did she let her lonesome life and unfriendly attitude get the better of her?

"Raven, do you wish to join us in a movie-ing night, perhaps?" Asked Starfire, hoping to edge her friend towards the couch and allow her a chance to interact with the other Titan members. Her wish wasn't granted as Raven only opened her eye and stared defiantly at her until she chose to leave.

Days spent in a want for everlasting peace and silence soon caused her to grow away from the team and they evaded trying to question her for her companionship. Soon, the only one attempting to lure her away was Beast Boy, and he only did so half-heartedly, not really thinking that his strategies would work against her. And he was quite right.

"Rae, do you wanna play a video game with me?"

"Hey Rae, I just made some tofu burgers; do you want one?"

"Rae, the town's being attacked by some angry elephant man! We could really use your help right about now!"

But she did nothing to heed his hopes for attention. She merely ignored him, as some part of her seemed to order her conscious mood to do, and continued to meditate in silence. It was for lack of outer conflict that Raven was inwardly praying that the other Titans would attempt to force her rousing... But her hopes were never made true.

Beast Boy grew, he evolved as the others did, and he gave up on ever rescuing her from the recesses of her mind. From the darkness, she watched the world she'd grown to live in slip by, never once able to break the glass case that held her back from it. She never saw how she separated farther and farther from that world everyday...

It was an unconscious scene that she noticed how time slipped by. She could hear the ticking of a grandfather clock; Father Time. She could hear the inquiries of her companions trying to coax her from her place of self-desertion. She could feel the days and weeks and months and years slipping by as she slid further into her bleak world of nothingness.

And before she knew it, Raven was asleep, away from the world, and entering her own, never to leave again.

She could hear more feeble attempts to aid her strange attitude, her friends still trying hopelessly to awaken her as she lay consumed by her dark and angry and sleep-hungry state. She listened to their pleas for her to come back from her place of rest, to come back from her non-existing plain, her dimension of night and stars and the broken Earth...

"Well Rae, I guess that you've gotten what you always wanted: Complete and utter silence. I won't try bothering you again, as you seem to want to be alone so badly." And Beast Boy, the strongest willing to coax her into their lively crowd, walked away for what Raven feared would be the last time.

...And then it was all gone.

No longer did she hear Starfire's simpering cries for her to come back. No longer did she hear Robin's worried leader-like reasoning for her to welcome herself into reality and read a book or drink her tea. no longer did she hear Beast Boy's desperate attempts to anger her with his immature jokes and laughter and kiddiness... Those jokes and laughter and kiddiness that she'd always told him she couldn't stand, even though they both knew at some point that she was lying.

Consumed by her thirst for darkness-entrailed sleep, she'd fallen straight into the trap that was her own mind. She spent eternity walking as her friends lived happily, leaving her forgotten in her own lane of loss.

And she lived for the rest of forever with the one thing she'd always feared: Loneliness.

Raven, usually one who slept stiff and rigid on her mattress, fell limp and slept fitfully with the nightmare's of everlasting silence there to take her away from the world.


(Scene: Titan Tower, after midnight, Starfire's room)


In Starfire's room, the younger Tameranian sister slept peacefully, her dreams of soft light, plants, animals, and song comforting her into blissful rest. But then her eyebrows furrowed in unmistakable frustration as she realized that her lighthearted sweetness was in the center of disruption.

It was the planet of Tamaran. She was back home with her parents, her sister, her world... It was absolutely glorious. She would be seeing Robin and the others again soon but, as her mother was expecting, she couldn't help but return to her planet to be with her.

The atmosphere of her home planet was soft, clean, clear, and pure. A distant ruby moon and twinkling far away planets glittered in the sky above her. the many homes and people around her greeted her with a bow as they saw the young girl walk past and she eagerly returned their kindness before continuing on. As beautiful and generous as Earth's prospects had been, it was still highly satisfying to know that she could return back to Tamaran and relax with her relatives and friends, if only for awhile.

Returning home from her walk, Starfire of Tamaran was not expecting to be greeted by silence and a funny, despicable smell. Truth be told, she had never smelt anything like it. It was like... Rotting, burning, fleshy corpses. Her eyes widened as she flew forcibly into the eating area, again not once suspecting what she found there.

Her mother, father... Both with their stomachs ripped open, protruding their intestines and allowing their blood to seep upon the ground. In turn, their remains were slowly falling away behind a brewing orange-red flame, greeting her with a fiery desire for her own petrified, deathly flesh.

She tried as hard as possible to stop the fire from spreading... Until she heard a cackling laugh from behind her and turned to see her sister. Her arms fell at her sides, disbelieving to the obvious. Oh, how she'd hoped never to lay her eyes upon the current scene before her.

Blackfire stood facing her in the air, her raven hair whipping around her and her hands covered in their parents blood. Her clothes were somewhat torn, proving that, indeed, their parents had tried to fight off the girl, but had failed. Though looking slightly off, Blackfire smirked at her younger sibling, knowing that the sight of their deceased parents would come as a real heartbreaking shock.

"Sister... How could you?!" Starfire really couldn't think of much else to say, "Our mother, another sibling on the way, our father, all proud members of this planet! How could you even live with yourself, doing this?! You haven't even a right to come back to our home!" She was crying, furious tears leaking from her eyes as she stared at her parents mutilated forms, "How could you even succeed in... This slaughter..?"

"Surprise is the most unsurpassed of elements, dear Sister. I had to end their lives; I was growing weary of them. I am doing so of this entire world, or course," She broke off and her maniacal grin widened, "however, I can easily end that suffrage as well."

Surprise..? Growing weary..?! SUFFRAGE?! Starfire's eyes blazed with fury. She would fight. She would not let her sister end their lives this way; she was born to defend their home and so she would do so.

She soared into the air, a green emittance erupting from her entire body; death was a small price to pay to save her home and avenge her parents. She didn't care if her sister would murder her in the process. Being a warrior, she would pay with her life if that was what it was worth.

Flying straight into her sister, who was not expecting such an upfront approach, she managed to grip her arms and stop her from sending any of her Tameranian aura through her body. Her eyes were still glowing and she was able to blast her sister back with her beams but it was not nearly enough to stop her.

"Sister. You wish to defy me? You wish to fight just to die, to gain nothing from a worthless battle? You know that I am better. You know that I will succeed over you. You know that you will fall forever here and that you will never be seeing that Robin of Earth again." At the mention of Robin, Starfire fought harder, not wanting to listen to the facts that, since her sister was willing to kill, she would be the one most likely to win.

Striking Blackfire with two more of her Starbolts, she was not aware of the deathly trick that she was going to be forced to bear in her grave. Starfire, furiously agitated, shuddering away her horror at the prospect of her older siblings capabilities, aimed a well-balanced kick and hit her square in the chest, sending her falling towards the ground.

However, in an unmistakable surge of power and triumph, Blackfire arose from her follied position and stared, determinedly faking fright, as though there was something to truly dread from the younger girl. She soon found it no use, grinning superiorly at the "child" and slowly rising higher and higher into the air.

Starfire was stunned that her sister wasn't attacking her anymore, that she was almost defiantly ignoring her attempts at battle. But what was eating away at her the most was that she was slowly pressuring herself higher into the Tameranian planet's atmosphere, her hands behind her back and not an inch of her embroidered by her lavender-to-violet aura.

But she was soon condemned as wrong-footed as Blackfire emitted a very precise beam of energy through the upper crust, mantle, and cores of the planet of Tamaran, igniting a chemical reaction that began to cause earthquakes... Volcanoes... Anonymous natural disasters to strike the planet in various places. Soon, a deep chasm had appeared in the ground and Starfire, finally coming back to a decent state of mind, attempted to use her powers to feed off the angry world as the inhabitants screamed and disappeared beneath the surface, their bodies dismembering and vanishing in the terrorized enflaming of destruction.

Her sister was laughing... The Tamaranian people were shrieking... The planet was about to burn away into the ball of gases it had once been... And Starfire couldn't stop any of it at all; not by herself... As she felt a deadly pulse of Tameranian power hit her in her back and send her to the ground, she could only think of her friends on Earth, her dead parents and people, and the fact that she could do nothing to save any of the fellow inhibiters of the anonymous worlds from another villainous being that was now to take the universe by surprise... And then, she could think of nothing as death stole her being from the physical existence.

"I regret killing you, Sister... However, your death was only a single turn in my game of deceit..."

Starfire whimpered and turned in her sleep, trying as much as possible to get the visions of burning, decapitating flesh and destruction from her mind.

All of the Titans still slept, unaware of their inhalation of the gas and the fact that the very action was what spurred their demonic, lively, and realistic deliberations.


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