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All there was throughout the outside of a planet was empty space with an array of stars and other planets that make up a solar system. Amidst this side of the Digiverse, it was a solar system with many Digital Worlds. This was merely one sector of the vast Digiverse, there were three others.

However, there was a massive flow of activity taking place in the Northern sector.

Floating in the middle of this vast universe was the so-called 'Earth' planet of the Northern Digital Sector. This was the Northern Digital World. Like it's counterparts, it teemed with life forms known as Digimon.

All was well, until now.


A massive spaceship was seen floating above this Digital World. A sinister being confined to a small hovercraft glared down at the very planet and faced off what looked like an army of digimon garbed in military armor. Suddenly, a blur of explosive light blitzed through the digimon army with sheer ferocity. The blur stopped and a figure faced off against the creature in the hovercraft.

The figure turned out to be a teenage boy. His hair was similar to the style of Taichi Kamiya's. However, this boy did not wear any pair of goggles over his hair. His chocolate brown narrows arrowed as his orange-tan skin was covered in heavy sweat. His battle attire consisted of sleeveless body armor, black spandex pants, fingerless gloves, and a pair of combat boots. He wore a red headband and there was scar visible over his left eye. The left side of his face was coated with sweat and blood dripping out of a wound on his forehead.

The teen sported a confident smirk on his face and chuckled under his breath. Materializing in his right hand was a beam of white light - which extended out and condensed into a long saber. Gripping his weapon, he prepared to do battle with the sinister creature.

"BURIZALOR!!" The young man roared out for all - including the creature - to hear.

The shadowy figure within the hovercraft points his a finger in front of his face and faced the teen with crimson eyes.

"It's over you murderous monster! Your spree of terror ends here! Your army killed my friends and the nearly the entire Digital Knight Council! As their last defense, I won't allow you to destroy the Northern Digital World or even try to destroy the other sectors! Got it? Because I'm going to make you pay for you're sins! I will... DIE TRYING!!"

The teen's hands tightened around his laser sword. He pressed down so hard that a trickle of blood spilled from his right hand. He ignored the pain and channeled energy from the sword. In an instant, he created a Ki ball in his right hand and tossed it toward the sinister being.


The energy blast shot forward at the hovercraft and reached closer to the being. If this would hit, this would at least incinerate the evil creature.

However, the creature laughed maniacally as a massive sphere formed at the tip of his finger. The sphere GREW with gigantic proportions and easily absorbed the teen's Ki blast.

"NO! IT CAN'T BE!!!"

The being known as Burizalor tossed the 'Ball of Death' toward not just the boy but also for the digimon army themselves. The teen roared out with intensity and horror as his life started to replay through his mind.

(Play FF7 theme "Aeris' Death")

I've failed. I've let down the Digital Knights. However, I died with honor. I never turned my back on my friends just to serve this self-centered monster. The Northern sector is gone. My spirit will live on, Burizalor. I swear someone will overthrow you from your seat and humiliate you. Please, let there be a hero out there within the three sectors. Burizalor must die. My time... Taito Yagami's time has passed...

With that, the teen was thrown back by the tremendous force. His body armor and clothing disintegrated from the scorching heat of the 'Ball of Death.' Following his clothing, the young warrior's body was engulfed by the blast. His body buckled while breaking down into fragments of data.

The sphere quickly slammed into the Digital World. The planet started cracking and transformed into a massive ball of magma. After that, it exploded as if it were a ticking time bomb. All that was left was a large flash of light.




The sinister monster witnessed the apocalyptic event and laughed upon at his accomplishment.

All it took was one attack from this icy monster and the Northern Digital World was reduced to planetary rubble.

Nothing remained of the planet.

"WAHAHAHA!!! THIS IS EXCELLENT!! I've reduced it to bits! No more Digital Knights to stand in my way! Now, Machinedramon. Piedmon. Our quality time in the Northern sector has expired! It's time we move on to the Eastern sector! There will shall continue our conquest! No one will ever dare oppose my power!!" Farewell, Taito Yagami. You can die with the rest of your pitiful comrades.

As he made his declaration clear and known, Burizalor lowered himself through the open-door roof and descended inside his cockpit. The roof sealed up and the ship soared off into space while entering hyper drive mode.

Watching the tyrant's ship depart into the farthest area of space, the ghostly spirit of Taito Yagami appeared. His face sneered as he glared daggers at the departing ship.

It's not over yet, Burizalor. Mark my words. It's not over by a long shot until you're dead.

(End theme)

Digimon Fusion Zero Remix

Taito's Destiny



This unique Digital World stood peacefully in this northern sector of the vast Digiverse. There have been many wars that have conflicted between an evil race of digital beings known as Corrupts and the unification of digi-warriors known as Digital Knights. This on-going struggle has occurred over the past thousands of years. Perhaps even more.

How exactly did the Digital Universe start off? What happened before the rise of digital life forms.

It has been foretold by ancient prophets that the very first computer, known as Atanasoff-Berry Computer, laid down the foundations of this Digiverse in addition to thousands of Digital Worlds. However, the creation did not stop from there. The first patented digital computer called the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer, ENIAC, came into realization. Upon its activation, the foundations from ABC were laid out. Thus, the entire Digiverse and the Digital Worlds were created.

It did not end there. Thousands of Digital Worlds started to develop along with the various Earth realities. One by one, each Digital World supported a different sector of Earth. Each Digital World also ran closely parallel to two other unrelated dimensions. One dimension consisted of a power to transform all thoughts and dreams into realities. The other was a 'World of Darkness' where everything considered negative surfaces and is the location of a grim, foreboding ocean that has the ability to make dark thoughts come to life.

Unfortunately, this dream world has yet to be inhabited by any life form. On the other hand, this dark realm became a refuge for many seeking power. Among those were a powerful group of dark creatures with unknown origins.

Each of these Digital Worlds is connected to these two dimensions. They absorb fractions of the dream world's power to make every thought into a reality.

As many years went by, more data bytes from the Earth's Internet was added to this vast universe and the Digital Worlds. Each world's portion of the dream dimension's power starts to give form to these thoughts, dreams, etc. of Earth's human population and merged that with the digital data. As a result, this gave eventual birth to Digimon - the first inhabitants of each Digital World. Eventually, other digital beings came into existence including the Digital Knights.

When harmony comes, tragedy would soon strike. An evil being ripped open the wall known as the Wall of Fire. This ancient entity produced many evil beings including a clan of powerful monsters known as the Corrupts. The most powerful and feared of these Corrupts were beings named Mutalior and Burizalor. These monsters were given a massive amount of power from this evil, archaic entity. However, it was Burizalor who was given a chance to experiment with this gift.

Over time, Burizalor's power grew with frightening results. Many Digital Knights attempted to overpower him, but they ultimately fell before the tyrant. However, he was unable to control his form and his power. In order to conserve it, he evolved a weaker but less radical form.

Burizalor sought a conquest for ultimate control of the Digiverse and started a campaign against the Digital Knight Council. He desired power over peace. Tyranny over democracy. Many Corrupts began to gather and form large contingents in support for the tyrant.

The Digital Knights were becoming overwhelmed by Burizalor and his Corrupt followers.

Just as the dark forces were about to take over, the Digital Knights summoned forth Gennai - lead commander of the Knights.

Gennai was requested to call upon five special children from the real world. In order to do so, Gennai opened a digital portal to Tokyo, Japan. One by one, each child was gathered and summoned back to the Digital World of the Northern sector.

Why would an army of trained soldiers need any aid from five inexperienced children? Because the Knights needed them to activate the five ancient digivices that would grant them extraordinary powers.

After many years of training, the five children became experienced enough to do battle with Burizalor's forces. They were successful and defeated the Corrupt army.

The five children were instrumental as their powers successfully defeated the evil force behind the Wall of Fire. They had achieved a grand victory and their legend became famed throughout this Digital World. Soon, the other worlds would recognize their accomplishments and their etched in stones.

Enraged by his losses of men, Burizalor attempted to finish off the five original children with his Deathball attack. If he had implemented this planet-crushing force, he would have destroyed the entire northern sector's Digital World. Fortunately, the four Holy Beasts united and banished Burizalor back to the dark dimension. The tyrant and the evil presence would then reside there for many years to come. At last, peace was restored to the digital universe. Until now.

Burizalor and Mutalior made an agreement with another evil force to that attempted to break through Wall of Fire. This resulted the entire Digiverse to alter along with the many worlds. This threw time out of synch with Earth. This new evil force produced evil digimon. Thus, many evil digimon evolved and formed elites. Among them consisted of those serving under the Buriza Empire: the Nightmare Soldiers, the Dark Masters and the Demon Corps.

Given a second chance to redeem his failure, Burizalor had launched a second campaign. This time he had the full support of every evil digimon created from this second evil being. His armies were advanced and the Digital Knights were forced to do battle once again. The Digital World, of the northern sector, was in danger of being conquered - or possibly destroyed - by Burizalor.

Mutalior, considered Burizalor's father, mysteriously disappeared since Burizalor's second campaign launched. He was never heard from again. He knew that his 'son' would carry out his dream of Digi-universal conquest.

The Digital Knight Council now had one alternative left to counteract the enemy's growing numbers: the five original five Digi-Destined to resume their duties.

This time it would be a war to the finish.

One side must fall.

The entire Northern Digi-Galaxy was at stake and there was no turning back.

Let the wars begin.

Digital World-N/Outside of Digital Knight Council Base/19:45 Hours (Military Time)

"TAITO!!" a teenage girl's voice shouted from the distance.

Standing on top of a desolate cliff, 19-year-old Taito Yagami looked out toward the sunset horizon. His chocolate brown eyes shifted as a pre-adult girl came into view. This girl was approximately Taito's height. Her long red hair tied into a ponytail. Her eyes were red as cherries and there was a bright smile on her youthful face. Her hourglass figure was hidden under a sleeveless armor halter top with a pair of spandex shorts and a pair of white, combat boots.

Taito turned and smiled back to the girl. He walked over toward her and places a hand on her shoulder.

"What's up, Sara?"

Sara smiled as she placed her hand over his. "I was looking all over for you. I was just going to inform you that we have another meeting."

The young man scoffed with annoyance. "Another one? Didn't we just have one just an hour ago?"

"Yeah, but you know how Gennai is. Burizalor's forces have been persistent lately."

"Damn. I don't see why we don't just rush through his army, sneak into his ship and blast that unforgiving bastard to kingdom come," Taito growled as he tightened his fists. "I mean we beat that great evil! I don't see why Burizalor can't be taken down so easily!"

"First of all, that wouldn't be smart, Taito," Sara sighed as she crossed her arms. "Can't you just use your brain for once?"

Taito pretended to collapse and moaned. "It takes too long to strategize! Not to mention it hurts my head! Besides, we've been taking out their armies rather easily."

"That kind of bothers me."

"Huh? How so?" Taito queried.

Sara sighed as she stared at her feet. I have a bad feeling about what's been happening lately. She kicked a few pebbles away from her feet. Burizalor's soldiers have been getting more and more problematic. It's like they're already one or even two steps ahead of us. If only we didn't use up all of our full power to defeat that great evil. Otherwise, anyone of us could have beaten Burizalor on our own. Now, none of us has any hope of matching that monster's power. We're weaker than when we started off a long time ago.

Taito expressed concern for his female colleague and couldn't believe she would be worrying. Taito has always been known to be a confident soldier with a positive frame of mind. Even if he acted on impulse and rarely used his head, he was always the first to confront the enemy head on without any second thought.

"You shouldn't worry, Sara. Their armies can't even touch us. It's Burizalor himself we should worry about, but we'll send that creep packing to the World of Darkness again," he reassured his friend. "We may not be as powerful as we were during our showdown with the great evil but we can work our way up. We will get stronger."

She smiled as her worries started going away. "Yeah. I'm sorry for worrying like you. I've just had these bad vibes recently. Call me crazy but I feel that something catastrophic will occur."

"That's enough out of you. Come on. We have a meeting to attend, right? Let me see that smile, Sara!"

The girl lifted her chin up at Taito and brightened his mood with a comforting smile. Taito felt much better every time Sara would put on that bright smile. This reminded him how much he knows that everything would turn out exactly as he wanted.

If anything had happened to Sara, Taito would be in despair.

No, more like devastated.

Taito and Sara have developed a strong bond ever since Gennai recruited them several years ago. It's been a long while since they've returned to their birth home: Tokyo, Japan.

"If there's anything I really miss, that would be my family," Taito reflected on his memories on Earth. "I wonder how they're doing."

"Same here. It's been many years since then."

"Wait until this war is over, Sara. We'll be reunited with our families again."

Sara nodded in agreement with everything Taito had said. She knew that she could depend on him and his word. Nothing was going to stop them from accomplishing their duties. Once Burizalor falls in defeat, the team would finally be granted their release back to Earth and live normal lives again.

Though that would mean back to school.

Bummer for them.

"C'mon, we're late for that meeting," Sara said as she flew off into the distance.

Taito shouted as he flew off after his girlfriend. "Cheater!"

The pair glided over the desolate landscape and played a little game of tag using their Bukujutsu - the flight technique. Just like school children, they tagged one another and raced over toward the main headquarters of the Digital Knight Council headquarters.

Walking outside of the building was another 19-year-old male. This young man had spiky blonde hair, glistening blue eyes, and a combat uniform similar to Taito's. He watched as the pair playfully glided across the skies.

"Those two always act like little kids," the blonde young man snorted as he observed them. "They ought to know we have plenty of work to do. I can't believe how carefree they are. Don't they realize Burizalor is sending a squadron on Sector-B29?!"

"Cyrus!" another youthful voice called out

The blonde answered to his own name mentioned. "What is it? I'm out here!"

"Ah! So glad to know you're still on base!"

A shorter figure came walking out from a doorway and stepped in front of Cyrus. The figure was another teenage boy with red, spiked hair and a white, lab outfit. He carried a PDA in his right hand and a small device equipped with a tiny glass shield.

"Leon? What is it?" Cyrus turned his attention toward the red-haired male.

"Just came to inform you that..."

"I know the meeting will start at 20:00 hours," Cyrus answered as he focused his sights toward the skies. "We have only ten minutes left before we meet Gennai at the meeting hall."

"By the way, where are Taito and Sara?"

"They were just playing another game of tag again. Those two will never grow up."

Leon chuckled. "We maybe war heroes, but we're still considered kids."

"Hey, Taito! Sara! We only have ten minutes left! It's time to attend the meeting!" Cyrus exclaimed at the playful couple.

With that, Taito and Sara phased in front of Cyrus as they caught him completely off guard.

"Sorry, we just couldn't resist it!" Taito grinned with delight. "So, ready to get going?"

Cyrus nodded and led the trio through the entranceway.

The meeting was set to begin in ten minutes. Gennai may possibly have news regarding Burizalor's forces attempting to infiltrate the Digital World and the possibly the Digital Knight Council.

"So, where are the others?" Sara inquired as she entered the room.

"They're probably at the meeting hall as we speak," Cyrus replied. "All I know is that we might get another assignment."

"Assignment, eh? I'm getting a little bored beating around Burizalor's wimps he calls soldiers," muttered Taito. "Can't we just infiltrate Burizalor's ship?"

"That would be the motive of an incompetent idiot," Leon remarked. "Besides, we would have to fight through his highest ranked soldiers. And they completely surpass our current strength levels!"

"Yeah. Machinedramon managed to wipe out a group of knights over on Planet Kashia," Cyrus informed the team.

Sara scowled as she slammed her fist on her desk table. "Damn! Isn't Planet Kashia already occupied by Burizalor? I'm sure we can take Machinedramon if we work together."

"Maybe we could," Taito replied. "There's no arguing with that, Cyrus. I'm telling you if we gang up on these guys we can win."

Cyrus couldn't help but agree with Taito - for once. "True. Who knows? Maybe we'll be sent to Planet Kashia."

"We'll know when Gennai tells us," stated Leon.


As soon as the four got to their seats, another girl and a blue-haired adult turned around to face them. The girl was wearing a pink battle suit that covered nearly her entire body. Her hair was of a strawberry blonde variety and loose. The older blue-haired male wore a lab coat and a pair of glasses.

"Hey, guys!" the girl chimed, waving happily to her colleagues.

"Hey, Mimiru!" Leon greeted the cheerful girl.

"Ah, I wonder what Gennai has assigned for us. I really hope he'll let us infiltrate Burizalor's ship. I've been waiting to get a shot at that bastard for the longest time," Taito said while yawning.

Rubbing his temples, Cyrus' patience was tested again. "Your arrogance is going to get this team killed one of these days, Taito."

"At least I don't go make a jackass out of myself. Besides, I'm confident we can defeat Burizalor! We'll send that rat packing to the World of Darkness, dark dimension or wherever he came from!"

"You're not thinking straight, Taito!" The blonde male snapped as he directed his hostility toward Taito. "Have you forgotten that this is the same maniac that can destroy a single planet with a tiny blast from his finger? He's a TYRANT for the love of...!"

"And? We stomped his army once and we'll do it again. Yeah, I'll admit the Holy Beasts bailed us out from that jam. But a victory is a victory. That's all that matters," Taito reassured Cyrus. His mood showed optimism as usual.

Sara simply smiled and nodded in agreement with every word that shot out from Taito's mouth. All Cyrus could do was put his hand in front of the teen's face.

He's not thinking straight. Well, don't come crying to me when you experience death. Cyrus thought carefully.

"So, what have we managed to calculate, Jero?" Leon asked the older guy.

"So far, nothing. We just discovered a minor epidemic on Sector B-12," Jero informed everyone. "But nothing too serious for us geniuses to handle."

"I take it you guys are ready for combat," Leon pointed out.

"Unfortunately, it's during my week off," Mimiru sighed heavily. "I really wanted to know if these new suits would fit. This one's pretty cute. What do you think, Sara?"

"Couldn't you use a little more variety? You're wardrobe is already pink as it is," the redhead rolled her eyes.

"Honestly, I really wished you would have agreed with me. Maybe I can let you borrow some of my suits. You might like them."

"We'll see after this assignment, ok?"

Mimiru nodded. "Deal."

"Hey, pipe it down you guys! He's coming!" Cyrus said to his team mates.

The five were completely silent as Gennai came walking through the entrance door. Gennai did not look like the old man that he would eventually become. He was fairly young and attractive, which added a certain charm to him. His hair was fairly light brown and in the hairstyle of a Padawan - with a tiny patch of hair tied in a small ponytail. He wore a teal-colored robe with a brown belt tied around the waist. His eyes were a refined blue.

Escorting Gennai were a group of guards. Each Digital Knight gave a full salute to Gennai and quickly took their seats. Gennai waved his hand as an orb materialized in his hand. A detailed map of the entire planet was fully displayed with each sector panned out and highlighted.

"I understand why each of you are here. There is another expected invasion by Burizalor's Special Task Units. Taito. Sara. Mimiru. Leon. Cyrus. I'm sure you five will be able to accept this mission. You are to go in and stall these Special Task Units while we handle Burizalor's elite."

"Yes, sir!" they called out in unison.

"Jero. I want you to tend to the wounded men in the infirmary."

"You got it."

Gennai directed his attention to the five digi-warriors. "Taito Yagami! Cyrus Fujita! Sara Masaki! Leon Shinomori! Mimiru Mitsuo! Good luck and fight at your best, Digi-Destined!" He hollered as he fled through the exit with his guards.

"You heard the man, ladies! Let's make this happen!" Taito said to his team mates.

"I hate when he calls us ladies," Cyrus muttered with irritation.

I'm a little disappointed we weren't given an infiltration assignment. One of these days it will be Burizalor and I head to head! I guarantee it before I roll over and die. Taito thought as he tightened his fists.

Burizalor's Spaceship/Main Hall/20:04 Hours

A large spaceship calmly settled above the massive Digital World. Looking on ominously through a glass window were a pair of devilish, crimson eyes belonging to the tyrant.

Standing in front of a door was a pair of Metal Etemon guards. Behind the door were the private chambers of the head of the dark campaign: Burizalor himself.

The seated warlord appeared to be a relatively short humanoid, albeit with a large chestnut-shaped head. Two, black horns protruded in near 45-degree angles. The large oval-shaped dark blue chitin embedded his forehead. Coming down the sides of his cheeks was rough, scaly purple skin. His arms and tail were also purple and scaly. His tail hung on the side of the hover chair he sat in. It was long and relatively thick in width with the spiked end of the tail being dark blue. The armor he wore was dark blue with brown shoulder padding on the sides, which was the basic uniform worn by the soldiers serving him. The most notable features of his face were fear-inducing red eyes and his lips covered by black 'lipstick.' Though, in his species' case, this lipstick was part of his natural features and he often described as androgynous. However, what he makes up for small size and odd appearance, his power was feared throughout the Digiverse and many have trembled simply by the mere mention of his name.


Immediately running across the corridor was Piedmon. He wore green, puffy pants with yellow markings around his thighs. His boots were yellow with curled-up tips around the toe area. Wrapped around his waist was a golden buckle with a heart in the center. He also wore a red shirt with long sleeves and the skull Ace of Spades sigh on both of his shoulders. Strapped on his back were four swords - which referred to as his 'Trump Swords' - as each one had four symbols on each. There was an Ace of Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts and Spades. Extending from the back of his shirt are two, wavy blue ribbons. Extending from the top of his head was orange hair. The mask covering the top half of his face was black-and-white. There was a notch around the eye and a red heart symbol on the white half side.

As Piedmon approached the door, the Metal Etemon guards stopped him at his tracks. Piedmon simply confirmed his identification and the guards pressed a button to open the private door.

"Ah, Mr. Piedmon," the tyrant spoke in a low, hissing tone.

"Lord Burizalor. I've come to inform you that our Special Task Forces are preparing for another attack on the Digital Knights Council base."

Burizalor stared at the of his viewing screen. "You're already telling me what I already know. Tell me, Mr. Piedmon. Do you think they will succeed?"

"Well, I have been doubting their chances. They have been unable to defeat those teenage humans. Their power alone has been growing slowly but surely."

"Which means the Task Forces are useless. This is the last time I will ever depend upon them," the tyrant scoffed as he turned and faced the evil jester. "Mr. Piedmon, I will be sending Machinedramon down the next time with a group of elite contingent members."

"Sire, but isn't Machinedramon still conquering lands on Planet Kashia?"

"He can abort his mission. These nuisances are becoming pests. I can't allow their power to grow. I will not let any other power rival mine."

"Sire, nobody can ever rival your strength," Piedmon reassured the warlord.

"You flatter me with such words, Mr. Piedmon. Machinedramon's battle power is currently at 18,000. Each of those children's levels hasn't even exceeded the 10,000 mark. He will slaughter them with ease. I want him to bring me their heads on a stick."

"Oooo such a gruesome and fitting end for those troublesome brats."

"With a power level of nearly 530,000, who could possibly comprehend or even challenge my power in this Digi-Galaxy? I want Gennai to beg for mercy when I have his precious children at my grasp," Burizalor grinned, savoring at the thought of mounting the childrens' heads on his walls. "Their heads would make such nice ornaments to decorate my walls."

The evil one sported a smirk on his face and took a sip of wine from his glass cup.

"It will be a matter of time, Mr. Piedmon. Everyone of those pitiful Digital Knights will die and I shall shatter all hopes of the reemergence of a Legendary Warrior. No fantasy will ever defeat the terror known as BURIZALOR!"

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Visions of the Future

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