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(Digimon Adventure opening theme "Butterfly" plays)


Taito Battles on! The Eight Digi-Destined are the Last Hope!

"You guys. I will avenge you. If I can't avenge you, then someone will."

(Play FF7 Aeris' Death theme)

Taito looks down and finds a pair of flowers that had just sprouted from the ground. He kneels over and picks out the flowers. He walks over and drops two flowers for each grave. He gives them one final salute and starts to mound their graves with a patch full of dirt.

"Don't you guys worry. I will not let Cyrus' crimes go unpunished. I swear to avenge your deaths with any means necessary."

After mounting their graves with a pile of dirt, Taito kneeled in honor of his long time friends and comrades. He gave them a final prayer and sits up from the ground. Taito activates his scouter and picks up numerous power levels coming from within the regions of space. One of those powers belonged to the gutless turncoat known as Cyrus. He starts limping his way towards his space pod.

"Burizalor. You want us dead. Well, I'm not about to lie down for a gutless coward such as yourself. You turned Cyrus to your side and I won't rest until I see you two dead. Even if I die, I swear that someone else will eventually overthrow you. I swear on my partners' graves on that promise… If Burizalor does plan on destroying the Digital World, then I have to warn Gennai… I have to inform him on everything that will occur… I can't believe everything I'm envisioning is coming true… I have to at least prevent Burizalor from destroying the Digital World!"

(End theme)

The space pod closes up and takes off through the atmosphere of the planet. It takes off back to the N-Digital World. Taito would inform the Digital Knights about Cyrus' betrayal and Burizalor's plan to destroy the planet. He had to hurry, or he'll put every one of his allies in grave danger. It was now or never.

Burizalor's Main Space craft. 23:10 Hours

After retreating back from Planet Shiekh, Cyrus and his partners in crime arrived to inform Burizalor on the situation. Cyrus kneels before the evil tyrant and extends his hand.

"Lord Burizalor, we have eliminated Taito and his entire squadron as you per requested."

"Oh, did you really?" the sinister tyrant hissed. "Well done, Cyrus. You've just proven to me of your loyalty. I'm quite surprised you even betrayed your former allies just for the sake of gaining power and prestige."

"They were expendable, though I'd like to thank them for allowing me to work on their computer systems. I've also uploaded viruses that will destroy their computers and render their defenses completely useless."

"Excellent, now we can launch even stronger units. Their barriers have blocked out every one of my forces except the special task units. Gennai's armies will finally crumble before me."

"I'd like to ask you a favor, Lord Burizalor."

"What is it?"

"Well, I'm sure I've informed you about this, but I'd like to have a new body. This human form is completely useless and I can't draw out my fullest potential. I now realize that a digimon body is more capable of exploiting its powers within the digital existence."

"You also forget that we can exploit even greater power outside of the digital world if given the opportunity," spoke Machinedramon.

"That's right," Myotismon said.

"So, it's a new body you desire, Cyrus?" Burizalor asked. "Hmph… Very well… You did play your part well and you killed those annoying humans. Machinedramon. Take our newest acquisition, Cyrus, to the laboratory. I'm sure our greatest scientific minds will transfer your being into another body."

"Thank you, Master Burizalor. Your reign shall live forever and I will see to it that it happens."

With that said, Machinedramon walks out of the chamber room with Cyrus. Burizalor turns his attention over the Digital World with a sinister grin. Piedmon sits up and walks over to the warlord's side.

"Lord Burizalor. It will only be a matter of time before their barrier will shut down. Don't you think it's wise you send us, the Demon Corps, to destroy the remainder of Gennai's forces? Without those meddling teenagers, we'll crush them."

"I don't see a problem, Piedmon. I'd like you to infiltrate their main headquarters and capture the crests."

"You know about the crests?"

"Cyrus was fortunate to report this to me beforehand. Yes, there are crests that will be delivered to a new group of children. I want those crests captured before Gennai even has a chance to find those children."

"Of course, my lord."

"Make no mistakes, Piedmon. If those children manage to get a hold of those crests, their digimon partners will eventually grow stronger. I will not allow anyone to oppose my authority! Do you hear me! I will not let any other power to overwhelm me!"

"Understood, Lord Burizalor," Piedmon spoke. "We will not fail you."

"See it that you don't. Once you and your men depart from the planet, I will prepare to deliver the final blow to the planet. No more Gennai. No more Digital Knights. No more Digital World. It will be glorious. Nobody will ever oppose me."

Suddenly, a BlueMeramon came racing into the chamber room and fell down in front of Burizalor's throne chair. The evil one turned to face the digimon soldier.

"Lord Burizalor, I've come to inform you that the planet's defense barrier is slowly being deactivated. We will now send in hundreds of units to raid an attack on everyone of Gennai's bases."

"Excellent. Piedmon, it's time. You and the Demon Corps shall find their main headquarters and steal away those crests. Don't you fail me!"

"Yes, sire!" the entire Demon Corps exclaimed in unison.

The digimon mercenaries quickly fled out from the throne room. They headed off to their space pod carriers in order to be deployed towards the defenseless planet.

Burizalor looks out through his glass chamber and watched an array of space pods penetrating through the planet's atmosphere. They were beginning to look like falling meteorites from a far distance. The evil one smirked and sat back on his chair. Myotismon approached the dark lord.

"I hope you're enjoying the fireworks display, Myotismon."

"I am, sire."

"That's good, because it won't last very long. This is a rare treat and it finally marks the end of Gennai's golden age. I want to be able to see that damn fool die before my glorious might. In the end, Gennai, you will realize that you brought all this on yourself. You should have never opposed me."

Elsewhere within the spacecraft, Cyrus and Machinedramon were heading down toward the laboratory. They approached the entrance door, until Cyrus noticed a space pod flying through space. Cyrus quickly picks up an energy reading from his scouter and gasped in utter shock.

"What's the matter, Cyrus? Have you had second thoughts?"

"No! I can't believe it! He's still alive!"

"Say what? You mean to tell me that human boy survived our attacks? We viciously slaughtered him back on Planet Shiekh!"

"Apparently, he survived. I'll have to put schedule my body transfer for another day. I'll make certain he stays dead."

With that said, Cyrus hurried through the hallways leaving Machinedramon. He turns to another corner and finds a Vilemon about to board a spacecraft. Cyrus viciously pushes the Vilemon aside and hijacks his space pod.

"Hey! That is my assigned carrier!"

"Watch your mouth, fool. I am Burizalor's new lead commander. If you ever speak to me in that tone again, I'll make certain you meet death soon. So, I'd cherish my life if I were you."

The Vilemon nodded wholeheartedly and backed away. Cyrus activates the carrier's launch systems and sets the coordinates for a landing to the Digital World. After typing in the necessary commands, the space pod quickly flies out into space and makes a trip down to the Digital World.

"He sure is desperate about this assignment. Something really must have boiled his blood."

"He wants to finish what he set out to accomplish, soldier," a sinister voice spoke out.

"Commander Machinedramon, are you aware of this?"

"Yes and Cyrus choose to take this assignment. Apparently, Cyrus hates that boy more than I ever expected. There will be blood that will be shed."


"I predict that one of the two warriors will fall and the other will never be the same again."

"I don't quite understand."

"You'll see soon enough. Cyrus had better not let his rage get the best of him."

"I see."

"Cyrus, we shall see if you are indeed worthy to serve our clan. Burizalor will indeed be paying close attention."

N-Digital World. 23:30 Hours

The space pod, which carried Taito, landed in front of the main headquarters base. The pre-adult warrior made his way through the front gate and started to inform every guard knows about the situation.

"You have to inform everyone on the situation! Burizalor is going to be launching an attack!"

"But are you certain Cyrus has turned traitor and joined Burizalor's rankings?" a low class private asked frantically.

"How many times do I have to repeat myself? That bastard killed my entire crew! You guys have to get prepared! There's no time to lose!"

"Taito! We've been just informed that the planet's defense barriers have been shut down! A large horde of Burizalor's forces are penetrating through the atmosphere!" another soldier calls out.

"What! But our systems should be strong enough to maintain the force fields!" Taito exclaimed.

"Apparently, someone had uploaded a virus into the systems. We'll need time to destroy the virus and regain control of the systems."

"What about anti-virus programs?"

"It seems someone had broken into our files and had stolen each one of the anti-virus programs."

"And that was another one of Cyrus' tasks. He helped you create that force field in the first place," Taito said. "That rat bastard! He had this planned all along!"

"What should we do, Taito? Burizalor's forces will attack at any moment."

"Remain calm, men. I want you to get every one of your units and gather at Sector A-46. I'm sure they will begin their assault on those regions. Hurry! We don't have time to waste!"

"Right away!"

Suddenly, Taito was picking up high power readings from his scouter. There were five space pods plummeting from the skies above. The warrior was well aware of the five major powers and could only mutter one response to this event.


"What is it, Taito?"

"Big trouble! It's the Demon Corps! Move out!"

"They must have come to capture the crests," a man's voice spoke out despite the crowd panicking.

Taito quickly turns around to find Gennai with his sword intact. The teen could only manage to smile despite his mixed emotions.

"Don't you think you're a little old to get yourself involved in this?" Taito teased.

"Hey, I'm not that old. I heard everything about the incident on Planet Shiekh. I'm sorry about your crew. I'm sure they had fought with all of their hearts."

"Cyrus… I won't let him get away for his crimes…"

"Well, you have one more chance to avenge your fallen comrades. Our scouters were able to pick up Cyrus' ki reading from the eastern section. I'm sure you will want to settle your differences there."

"You bet I do. Now, what about these crests?"

"I'm sorry that I haven't informed you on the crests, but they were to be confidential."

"In other words, they were meant to be a secret?"

"Yes, until the time was right. Now is that time. I have to do everything I can to escape the planet with the crests and digi eggs."

"You're going to flee the planet!"

"I have no other choice. The future hangs into balance and these items are our last hope."

"Don't you realize that everyone last of our men are going to die! Burizalor plans on destroying this planet! You're going to risk the lives of a thousand of our loyal men just for the safety of a couple of unnecessary items! You're insane, Gennai…"

"I don't care if you question my actions, but I know what I must do. Our men will be avenged, Taito. Please understand that. I swear on my own grave that a warrior will overthrow Burizalor and restore peace to the digital universe."


"Unfortunately, you will not be that very specific warrior. But I'm proud of your efforts, Taito. I commend your loyalty. Now go. Cyrus must pay dearly for his crimes. Avenge your fallen comrades."

Taito replied with an assuring nod.

"You bet I will."

The warrior quickly charges up his ki and launches off into the distance. He sets off to locate Cyrus in hopes of slaying the traitor and avenging his comrades' deaths.

"Your deaths will not be in vain, my friends. I'll stake my own life to send Cyrus to hell where he belongs."

Gennai and his forces were prepared as the Demon Corps approached their headquarters. Piedmon came walking out from behind his crewmembers and faced off with the Digital Knights. The clown jester smirked and waved his hand in front of them. With a powerful force behind his wave, he sends the group of soldiers flying backwards. Gennai managed to hold his sword with his sword and rushes inside the headquarters.

"There he is, boys. I'm sure Gennai knows the location of the crests," Piedmon spoke. "You handle the small fries. Gennai is mine."

"Don't worry. We'll leave nothing left of them," replied Marine Devilin.

"They don't stand a chance," Skull Satan stated.

Piedmon did not hesitate to waste anymore time and walks through the front doors of the base. Several guards attempted to stop him, but he merely flicked them away by using an energy resistance force. The jester digimon was unable to pick any ki readings from Gennai. However, there was a sight that managed to catch his attention. The laboratory was just ahead of him with a security barrier over it.

"Well, it seems I've just found the treasure box I was looking for. That fool must been keeping those crests inside. It will be a matter of time before I deliver them to Lord Burizalor."

Meanwhile, Taito was still flying over the distance as he began to search for Cyrus. He was unfortunate to pick up any ki reading from his scouter. He grabs his scouter and crushes it under his hands.

"I won't need this piece of crap. I'll seek out that bastard's energy signal my own way!"

(Play Inuyasha OST 1 "Shikon" theme)

Suddenly, there were images that started to cloud the teen's mind. He saw images of his own comrades being slaughtered by the Demon Corps. He saw countless others being slain by Burizalor's forces. He saw every one last of the Digital Knights being massacred and dismembered torturously.

"No! The soldiers! They're dying! They don't even stand a chance! I could have just left them behind! Gennai, how can you send me off like this! No, I have to avenge my friends! Cyrus is responsible for the death of the Digital Knights! I will be sure to find him and kill him by my own hands! Do you hear me, Cyrus! I'll find you!"

Just then, he was foreseeing other disturbing images that clouded his mind. There was an image of himself standing near a lava pit. Followed by that image was perhaps the most disturbing and gruesome image a human being could ever vision. He visualized a burnt corpse lying next to the lava pools with perhaps the most twisted and horrifying appearance. It was the burnt corpse of Cyrus. His body was completely burned; his left leg was completely torn off, as was his right arm. There were barely any hairs on his head due to the heat completely burning off his hair. His face was nearly skull like and half of his face was gone.

"What is this! Is this what's going to happen if I settle my differences with Cyrus? I'd never imagine…"

"Taito. Can you hear me?"

The teen turned to find a boy wearing a blue shirt, brown cargo pants, and a pair of goggles. The boy's hair was chocolate brown and spiked up with a pair of goggles wrapped around it. Taito looked at him and thought he was looking at a younger image of himself. He was mistaken. This unknown messenger was ready to once again speak up.

"Taito. It's not too late to change your decision. You don't want to end up like a murderous mad man like Cyrus or Burizalor himself. You cannot lower yourself to their levels. You are better than that. Please, do the right thing, Taito. If not, then it will come back to haunt you for the rest of your life."

"Who are you! What do want!"

"A messenger from the future. As a matter of fact, you saw me in your visions."

"Yes! I saw you with an Agumon! How can I not kill Cyrus? He killed my friends and I will never forgive that worm."

Taitio quickly looks back to what the Gyrogsmon informed him. These were the exact words the Gyrogsmon had said before his passing.


"Now you have been given the gift to foresee every event that takes place in the future. Before you're very eyes, you will see everything that revolves around you're faiths."

"I remember those exact words. He wasn't lying."

"You will bear witness you're own destruction just as we were forced to witness our kind get wiped out by you're irresponsibility. You humans will pay dearly for your sins. In the end, I will die happy and you will perish. Do you hear me? You will perish. Ha. Ha. Ha."

"Damn him! He did this to me! Since when do I deserve to be tortured like this! How can foreseeing the future events of these painful images be a gift! I don't deserve this!"

"Now you see the future, my boy? All you can do now is wallow in self-pity. You're deaths will ensure that we have been avenged. You better make these last few days of you're life count, because destiny has chosen death for you."

End of Flashback

The pre-adult teen flies down and slams his fists through a rock wall. Every hit created dents on the walls and his anger reached new heights.

(End theme)

"Damn you! I will make sure that this world stays intact! I will ensure that we will survive! I will not die that easily!"

"Aw, are we talking to ourselves again, Taito?" an arrogant voice spoke out.

Taito turned completely around with his eyes fueling with rage and veins were already popping at the sides of his head. The source of the voice had come from the traitor himself, Cyrus. The arrogant blonde flies down and faces off with his former ally.

"You know you're like a cockroach, Taito. We step all over you, but you still manage to get up. I really thought we had done you in."

"I can ensure you that I will not die that easily. If I die, then you are coming with me!"

"It's a shame you won't live up to your word, Taito. This time I will make sure you do die. Machinedramon was a fool to think you would have died. Once I'm finished with you, then I'll become Burizalor's lead commander. He told me so himself."

"Shut up. I'm sick of hearing your voice. I will never forgive you, Cyrus."

"So be it. You've sealed your fate, Taito."

However, Cyrus was not expecting to what Taito was about to deliver. Taito quickly phases out from sight again and left Cyrus surprised. The turncoat looked around to pick up any traces of Taito until he felt a thunderous elbow shot to the side of his head. Taito continued this assault and viciously rammed his fists into Cyrus' chest. Unable to put up his guard, Cyrus received a devastating punch to the face and was sent flying backwards by a spinning back kick.

"I can't even touch him!"

"I'll make sure you do suffer, Cyrus! I will not let you walk out of here alive!"

"Are you insane! You wouldn't kill your own comrade, would you?"

Taito merely smiled and flies out towards Cyrus. The warrior snatched Cyrus by his left leg and slams him through the ground. Taito lifts himself up and grabs Cyrus' right arm. With one snap, the traitor's right arm snapped and bent completely backwards. His cries did not manage to penetrate Taito, as the warrior had a completely ice cold glare. Cyrus' right arm was rendered useless and a sickening bone was exposed.

"Damn you… I can't believe you! You're willing to stoop this low as to dismembering me! Do you not have a conscience!"

"You should have said that when you killed my friends!" he hissed. "You deserve everything you're about to receive!"

Cyrus gasped in utter horror as Taito snapped his left completely. It was bent at a 33-degree angle and bleeding profusely. Cyrus cried with tremendous pain and struggled to crawl. Taito walks over to a near by pit and looked down to find a pool of magma. He turned to face Cyrus with eyes full of burning hatred.

"No… you wouldn't dare… You wouldn't!"

(Play Inuyasha OST 2 "Miasma" theme)

Without uttering a single word, he grabs Cyrus and drags himself across the dirt. The dismembered enemy attempted to blast him with small ki blasts. None of which were effective as Taito completely ignored the painful shots. He was completely driven by a new motivation and that was to kill a former ally without restraint.

"You wouldn't! That's hot magma! Surely you're not… You're insane! How can you even live with yourself! You can't!"

Once again, Taito did not utter a single word and continued dragging Cyrus down toward the magma pit. Cyrus struggled to break free, but Taito held a firm grip on him. Taito looked down toward the magma pit and faced Cyrus. His eyes were completely fueling with the burning desire to avenge his deceased comrades.

"Sara. Leon. Mimiru. This one's for you."

"No! You can't! Please, I promise that I'll change… I promise…"

"You change?"

"Yes, I only joined Burizalor in order to infiltrate his space ship. I can get you any information that is confidential. Please, spare my life… They forced me to kill our crew. If I didn't comply to their orders, they would have killed me..."

"Is this true?"

"Yes, you do believe me, right? We are comrades after all…"

Taito looks deeply into Cyrus' blue eyes and slowly dropped Cyrus. The blonde turned to face Taito and smiled. However, the mood soon changed as Cyrus spat a spit wad across Taito's right cheek. The warrior had dealt with enough of Cyrus' antics and picks him up.

"Don't do this, Cyrus! I was only playing! You know how I love to joke…"

"Oh really… Well, guess what?"



With a loud battle cry, Taito hurls Cyrus across and watches as his body started to plummet towards the magma pit. Screams began to echo throughout the landscape as Cyrus was beginning to suffer his painful end.

The scene was perhaps too gruesome even for a seasoned warrior such as Taito to bear. Cyrus wasn't completely thrown into the magma pit, but was close to it. His skin was now beginning to melt away due to the extreme heat temperatures. His severed right arm and left leg were had fallen into the magma pit to be completely disintegrated. Every trace of hair on his head was reduced. Nearly half of his entire face was skeletal and too gruesome to bear.

Taito had seen enough and looked out towards the base. It was severely being devastated by the Demon Corps. He looks back to the pit and sighed.

"My friends have been avenged. It's over, Cyrus. Now you can burn in hell."

(End theme)

As soon as he turned away, Taito takes off and heads back towards the headquarters. He didn't even attempt to question his motives and had avenged his fallen comrades. Cyrus would now linger in eternal damnation. The turncoat had received the well-deserved threshold punishment filled with pain.

"Hang on, Gennai! I'm on my way! Don't you go dying on me."

Digital Knight Main Headquarters. 23:56 Hours

The Demon Corps quickly overwhelmed the Digital Knights and there were no signs of any recovery from the onslaught. Skull Satan snatches a knight and grabbed a remote control from his hand. He then pressed a red button on the control, which in turn deactivated the barrier around the secret laboratory door.

"Piedmon! We've managed to deactivate the barrier. Those crests are all yours!" Metal Tyrannus calls out.

Piedmon blasted through the doors and looked inside to find the eight digieggs stocked up in a row. Piedmon waves over to a soldier group and heads on over towards the eggs. The soldiers turned out to be Mekanorimon. Just as he was about to grab the digieggs, there were eight objects that lay next to them. Yes, the eight crests were there before his very own eyes.

"Ah, the eight crests. Courage. Friendship. Love. Sincerity. Reliability. Knowledge. Hope. Light. Perfect, you're coming with me."

Piedmon blasts open the capsules and snatches up all eight crests and tags. Suddenly, he turned as he saw a hooded figure rush out with his sword.

"Piedmon! Hands off of those crests!"

"Well, well, if it isn't Gennai."

"Let those crests go!"

With that said, Gennai unleashes a sword slash. However, Piedmon was able to phase out and reappear behind Gennai. A black orb materialized in Piedmon's hand, which Piedmon used to plant on Gennai's back. Gennai felt the orb penetrate through his skin and he retaliated with a sword slash that cut Piedmon's face. Gennai rushes over and hijacks a Mekanorimon.

"Stop him, Mekanorimon! Don't let Gennai out of your sight!"

Gennai controlled the machine digimon and quickly flies over towards the digieggs. He snatched up the eight digieggs digivices. Keramon instantly went into hiding as Piedmon shoot out a ki blast. Gennai was able to manuever away and crash through the ceiling. With that accomplished, Gennai took complete control of the machine digimon and flies out towards the heavens. There was nothing he could do. He failed to protect the crests, but he secured the digieggs and the digivices. As far as the Digital Knights were concerned, he could do nothing more to save them.

"My fallen comrades. I'm sorry, but I must ensure the safety of these eight digieggs. The future depends on the eight Digi-Destined. Taito, I'm sorry for everything. I just wish it didn't have to come to this. You could have finished off Cyrus sooner and we could have escaped together. Then again, you'd most likely chose to stay and fight. Goodbye, my friend…"

As soon as the machine disappeared through the atmosphere, all that was left was a shining star of light. Piedmon cursed to himself for letting Gennai get away, but was fortunate to have captured the crests.

"Gennai may have gotten away, but I have possession of the crests. This is all that matters to Lord Burizalor. I'm sure he'll destroy them to ensure that no one ever takes them."

"Sir, we've just been informed that Burizalor is preparing to launch the final assault on the digital world," a Mekanorimon spoke up.

"Aw, it's time to waste this retched planet. It's about time."

"We have report that the boy, who supposedly was killed on Planet Shiekh, was seen heading down these coordinates."

"What? He survived! No matter. He's the only digital knight to oppose us, but he will not succeed. We greatly outnumber him."

"Piedmon! Piedmon!" a childish whiny voice screeched.

"What is it, Puppetmon? We're preparing to leave this planet. Burizalor is ready to waste it."

"Oh really? But I've come to inform you that Cyrus or what remained of him was seen in a lava pit in the eastern sector. He looked pretty bad… More like severely disrembered…"

"You mean burnt to a crisp? Is he still alive?"

"Barely, but he'll need life support back on Burizalor's space ship."

"Very well, then. Inform the special units to retrieve Cyrus and to take him back to the main ship. He's going to need a new body after all."

"Oh yeah. He did say that he desired a new body."

"Let us leave. This planet is practically useless to us now. We have what we need," Piedmon said while holding onto the eight crests.

Burizalor's Main Space Craft. 24:00 Hours

Looking on from his throne, Burizalor had received many positive reports based on the defeat of the Digital Knights. This merely brought a sinister grin on the villain's face. Machinedramon came walking in and bowed his head before the evil lord.

"Lord Burizalor. I have good news, yet I have terrible news to report. Which would you prefer?"

"The good news. I always want to start off in a good mood."

"Very well then. Piedmon has just informed me that he has captured the eight crests."


"He and the Demon Corps are on their way here as we speak."

"And the bad news?" asked Myotismon. "You know how Lord Burizalor despises the bad news."

"Yes, it's about Gennai. He escaped with the eight digieggs."

"Oh did he really? Yes, I was able to trace his energy level with my scouter. It doesn't really concern me. Without the crests, the eight digimon will be unable to harness their full power. You do realize that do you, Machinedramon?"

"Yes, sire. Also, we've just spotted the boy that supposedly we killed on Planet Shiekh. He was seen alive."

"Oh? I'm not concerned. He's only one man against my entire army. He has no chance to win."

"And Cyrus was found burnt to a crisp…"

"What! My future lead commander was done in! Did that boy slay Cyrus!"

"But Cyrus was able to barely survive. He needs to be brought over to our laboratory. He always wanted a new body. So we'll transfer his essence into a new digimon body."

"Have you found a shell for his being?"

"As a matter of fact, we have found the perfect shell."

"Splendid, then we're set to destroy the planet."

"Yes, sire."

"Perfect, this planet was beginning to annoy me anyhow."

Burizalor quickly sits up from his chair and faced the window. He took one final gaze at the Digital World. He noticed a group of space pods making their way towards his ship.

"The Demon Corps have returned. Machinedramon, be sure to have medical staff take what is left of Cyrus and take him to the laboratory. We can't afford to lose him."

"Yes, sire!"

"Myotismon, tell Piedmon to report back to me."

"As you wish, my lord."

"The time has come to rid myself of this digital world. After this, I'll simply target the eastern sector and destroy whatever challenges my power. As a matter of fact, I think it would be wise to seal away the Holy Beasts. Azulongmon and his fellow Beasts will never know what hit them."

Digital Knight Main Headquarters. 24:05 Hours

Taito had arrived at the scene where the gruesome battle ended. He was completely horrified at what he laid his eyes upon. There were stacks of slaughtered bodies of the Digital Knights. Bodies were dismembered and blood had completely bathed the battlefield. Taito runs inside and finds no other traces of life activity. Every member of the army was slain, including the medical teams. He noticed that the laboratory door was incinerated. He rushed inside to find out that the digieggs were taken, as were the crests. Little did he realize that Keramon was the only digimon left within the facility.

"Damn! I can't believe it… It's over… The Digital Knights have been slain… It can't believe it had to start with my friends…"

The teen lowered his head and started to tense up. He lost Sara, Leon and Mimiru. Now he had lost the entire Digital Knight army. They were completely wiped out by the Demon Corps. Keramon felt the boy's power starting to increase at an extraordinary rate.

"That tears it… Burizalor you took away what was important to me… Now it's up to me to bring you down…"

With that said, Taito lifted his head and powered up with intense anger. His body was covered by a bright aura and he took off through the devastated roof. Keramon flies out of hiding and takes off to seek shelter.


Burizalor's Main Space Craft. Laboratory. 24:08 Hours

(Play Metallica's The Unforgiven)

The medical team started to cart away the burnt remains of Cyrus and took him into the laboratory to begin body transfer. The Demon Corps had taken a good glimpse of Cyrus and their expression said it all. Cyrus' condition was much worse than previously expected and he had lost everything that even resembled humanity. His appearance was completely grotesque. His body was nearly reduced to skeletal remains.

"Did you take a good look at Cyrus? I never seen anything so sickening," said Marine Devilin. "It's a by god miracle he survived."

"No kidding," stated Skull Satan. "So you think he's going to pull through, Piedmon?"

"He asked for a body transfer in the first place. So, consider this as a rebirth for our good comrade. His life as a human being has died the moment that no good human threw him into that magma pit. His essence will be transferred into a digimon body."

"Lord Burizalor really intends to destroy the Digital World, doesn't he?" Metal Tyrannus spoke.

"Of course, that's always has been his intention," replied Puppetmon.

"Demon Corps! We have an urgent situation!" an Elvis-like voice calls out.

"What is it, Etemon!" Piedmon asked.

Etemon came racing out from a control room and stops in front of the Demon Corps. He points out towards the glass window. The crew turned to find a ki blasts being shot and numerous foot soldiers being decimated.

"I think it's that boy that you guys failed to destroy," Etemon said. "Then again, I could be wrong…"

"No, it's him all right!" Piedmon spoke out.

"But how could he be alive!" Skull Satan exclaimed. "We attacked him along with Machinedrmaon and Cyrus!"

"This makes no sense," Marine Devilin stated.

"He actually thinks he can defeat our entire army," Piedmon said. "Just let Lord Burizalor handle this nuisance. I'm sure he'll destroy both the boy and the planet. Long live the Burizalor empire!"

"Long live, Burizalor!"

Taito let out a thunderous battle cry as his body was emblazed with a fiery aura. He blitzed through numerous hordes of soldiers and flew out through the atmosphere to face off with Burizalor's spacecraft.

"There it is! That's the ship where that rat bastard is hiding!"

Suddenly, another horde of soldiers came flying out and began to pile up on the determined warrior. Taito pushes them all away after unleashing a powerful burst of energy. He soon started blasting each of them with devastating ki blasts.

"Eat this, you damn turds! Send a message to your boss for me! I'm not taking this lying down! Hey, Burizalor! If you have the balls, then you'll show yourself!"

Burizalor took a good glimpse of Taito and his fists were tightening with anger. He turns to face Myotismon and slammed his fist on the wall.

"Myotismon! I want you to watch carefully! I'm about to demonstrate how to get rid of cockroaches."

"You're going to prepare your space carrier?"

"Yes, it's time for me to settle this once and for all. I'm through with this sector and it's time to move on. As long as I have possession of the eight crests, this planet is expendable to me."


"Time to send you straight to hell, boy."

Taito flew through the soldier hordes and noticed the ship's capsule top starting to open. The warrior stood his ground as a space hovercraft came levitating over the mother ship. Taito would only grin like a mad man as the evil one has decided to come out of hiding. Burizalor did not take his eyes off of the boy and remained tranquil despite the boy's taunts.

"Yeah, it's about time you showed up…"

The teen sported a confident smirk on his face and chuckled under his breath. A laser saber materializes in his right hand as he prepared to do battle with the sinister creature.


The shadowy figure within the hovercraft points his a finger in front of his face and faced the teen with crimson eyes.

"It's over you murderous monster! You're spree of terror ends here! You're army killed my friends and the entire Digital Knight organization! As their last line of defense, I won't allow you to destroy the Northern Section and by pass through other dimensions to destroy the other sectors! Got it? Because I'm going to make you pay for you're sins. I'll die trying!"

The teen's hands tightened around his laser sword. He pressed them so hard that a trickle of blood started spewing from his right hand. He ignores the pain and gathers energy from the sword. Within a matter of moments, he forms a ki ball in his right left hand and tosses it towards the sinister being.


The energy blast came hurtling towards the hovercraft and was close to incinerating the being. However, the creature laughs maniacally as a massive sphere forms at the tip of his finger. The sphere grew with gigantic proportions and easily engulfed the teen's ki blast.

"No! It can't be!"

The being known as Burizalor tosses the apocalyptic sphere towards not just the boy but towards the digimon army themselves. The teen screamed out in horror as his life started to replay through his mind. Even after his life flashed before his very own eyes, he saw images of that same boy accompanied by the Agumon. He quickly visualized Burizalor going face to face with War Greymon and a golden silhouette of a powerful warrior stood in the background.

"I've failed… I've let down the Digital Knights… However, I died with honor… I never turned my back on my friends just to serve this self-centered ego maniac… The Northern sector is gone… My spirit will live on, Burizalor… I swear someone will overthrow you and humiliate you… Please, let there be a hero out there within the three sectors… Burizalor must die… My time has passed… I and everyone else slain by this monster will be avenged… We will be avenged!"

With that said, the teen flew in defeat and was engulfed by the blast. His body broke down into fragments of data and the sphere quickly slams into the Digital World. The planet started cracking and transformed into a massive ball of magma. After that, it exploded as if it were a ticking time bomb. All that was left was a large flash of light. The sinister monster could only look on and laugh hysterically at his accomplishment.

(End theme)

"This is excellent! I've reduced it to bits! No more Digital Knights to stand in my way! Now, Machinedramon. Myotismon. Our quality time in the Northern sector is finished. It's time we move on to the Eastern sector. There will shall continue our conquest. No one will ever dare oppose my power!"

The Demon Corps bare witnessed the entire event unfold. Myotismon and Machinedramon were also astonished by their leader's actions. A big celebration was being thrown within the mother ship as soldiers praised for Burizalor's triumphant victory. The evil one lowered himself through the open-door roof and lands inside of his cockpit. The roof closes up and the ship flies off towards the farthest regions of space.

Inside the Mothership of Burizalor. Laboratory.

A pair of insect like eyes widened as they scanned the laboratory room. The figure sits up from an operating table and stretches out. Suddenly, the figure jumped back as he caught a glimpse of his own reflection.

"What! What is this!"

"Commander Cyrus. Oh thank goodness you've managed to pull through with great success," spoke a doctor's voice.

"What! But I was done in! I died when I fell into the magma pit! I could have sworn that I would..."

"You were near death's doors, but I can assure you that you are very much alive."

"So, then the body transfer was a success?"

"Of course and we've disposed of your human body. Commander, the human known as Cyrus is no longer of this world."

"I see. So what body have you chosen for me?"

"We've managed to capture a Shadramon and we felt it was best suited for a caliber soldier such as yourself."

"Shadramon, huh? That shall be my new identity? I like it. So tell me, has Taito managed to escape the Digital World? After all, I remember so little after my near death experience."

"I have wonderful news to report. You'll be happy to know that Burizalor has destroyed the planet and that incompetent boy that dared to challenge his godly power."

"So he was done in… Good… Good… Finally, I have been avenged… Who's laughing now, Taito! I'm a survivor and you're not! I told you that I would be the one alive! I told you! Now you can join that slut of yours for eternity! You're meant to be together!"

"I can tell you hated that boy."

"More like dispise him more enough to kill him. I've been avenged. Long live, Burizalor!"

(Play Inuyasha OST 1 "Evil Naraku" theme)

Burizalor twiddled with the eight crests and noticed Shadramon walking into his chambers. Burizalor turns around and faces the newly revived warrior.

"Ah, Cyrus. I see you've chosen a new body."

"Cyrus? Cyrus has died. I am reborn as Shadramon."

"Shadramon, welcome to my clan. It's good to have such great talent on my side. So, tell me. What do you suggest I do with these crests?"

"I suggest you scatter them on our next destination. We are heading over towards the Digital World of the eastern sector. We can spread them over and make sure that no one ever finds them. I can ensure you that."

"That's brilliant, Shadramon. I couldn't have thought of that myself. I can simply ask Devimon of the File Island sector to hide these tags. As for the crests, I'll scatter them throughout the Continent of Server."

"You sure do know your whereabouts."

"I don't space travel for fun, you know. Alas, a dawning of a dark age has begun! The Digital Knights are extinct!"

"Yes, it's all about evolution and progression. Gennai's forces are nothing more than a faint light from the past."

"Long live the Corrupt Age!" the evil warlord said while boasting in laughter.

(End theme)

From then on, Burizalor continued to terrorize many parts of the digital galaxy. Numerous planets were conquered and destroyed. The people of those planets had no choice, but to serve him or be executed. All of hope was lost without the Digital Knights to protect the innocent.

With Shadramon's assistance, the evil one arrived on the Digital World in the eastern sector. He gave the seven tags to Devimon of File Island and he banished them into the deepest parts of the oceans. As for the crests, Shadramon made sure to separate them in different areas of Server Continent. Burizalor handed the Crest of Light and it's tag to the Myotismon who resides within the Gothic regions.

After that, Burizalor lead his forces on an assault on the four Holy Beasts. The Beasts had put up a valiant effort, but were overwhelmed by the dark forces. Piedmon's Demon Corps helped to steal away four digicores and rendered the Beasts' powers useless. This would ultimately lead to Burizalor sealing away the weakened Holy Beasts.

There wasn't anyone who could oppose the tyrant and his forces. Eventually, his evil campaign started to influence the eastern sector. As soon as he found out that the Digi-Destined would arrive, he ordered every virus digimon to kill them without hesitation. Among the first to be informed was File Island's Devimon.

File Island.

Burizalor, who was accompanied by a Devimon clad in armor, approached the vile devil digimon. Devimon sat on his throne and eyed the tyrant suspiciously.

"Lord Burizalor. I take it you want to converse alone?" Neo Devimon asked.

"No, it's fine. This will not take long."

"Very well, my lord."

Devimon sits up from his throne and spreads his massive wings over his sinister stature.

"You've come to ask if I discarded the tags? Yes, they've been sent into the ocean. The children will have no chance of finding them."

"Excellent. I take it that you'll take care of them."

"I shall crush them! This is my domain! I shall not fall!"

"Good, because if you do then you'll have to answer to me. Devimon, you are such a fool. You don't what you are getting yourself into. Eventually, the children will aid the digimon to increasing their power. It will be a matter of time before you fall."

Elsewhere on the island, there was an activity occurring over near the forests. There was a group of eggs that seemed to have already hatched. Then, a group of baby digimon came hopping out from the bushes with digivices attached to them. One of which looked like a black glob with yellow dot-like eyes.

"I hope you eventually come soon. We're destined to fight together."

Many years have passed since then...

The seven Digi-Destined eventually arrive on FileIsland. They were ultimately introduced to their digimon partners. The leader of team, Taichi Kamiya, is partner to the digimon known as Agumon. Their Crest is that of Courage. He bore a big resemblence to Taito and even has similar traits to the deceased hero.

Sora Takenouchi, the motherly tomboy, became the partner for Biyomon. She possesses the Crest of Love. She is much like her counterpart, Sara. Both of which possess love for the ones she calls friends.

Yamato "Matt" Ishida, the lone wolf, is partnered with Gabumon. He possesses the Crest of Friendship. He shares little resemblance to the traitor known as Cyrus. However, this boy didn't seem to hate anyone within the group. After all, he does take care of a younger brother of his.

That younger brother is Takeru "T.K." Takaishi. His digimon partner is Patamon and he holds the Crest of Hope.

Then there is the self-proclaimed "girly girl" of the group. Her name is Mimi Tachikawa. Much like Mimiru, her taste for fashion is no different. She adores the color pink. Her partner is Palmon and she inherited the Crest of Sincerity.

Of course, the team needs a genius in the group and that role fits Koushiro "Izzy" Izumi. His talent with computers and calculations has helped the team get out sticky situations. He holds the Crest of Knowledge and his digimon partner is the wacky insect known as Tentomon.

Joe Kido is the eldest of the team, but he was quite cowardly at the beginning. He eventually realized his responsibility as a Digi-Destined and became an asset to the team. His partner is the witty Gomamon and he inherits the Crest of Reliability.

Through their journey, they have managed to overcome many enemies. Devimon of File Island was the first to fall at the hands of Angemon. Later, Agumon evolved into his ultimate form and vanquished Etemon of Server. The digimon were getting stronger after every battle. They ultimately returned to earth to stop Myotismon. The villain sought out to find the eighth child, who was later to be revealed as Tai's sister. She is identified as Hikari Kamiya. Gatomon, who once served Myotismon, united with Kari to help bring down the villain. This ultimately led to Gatomon evolving into Angewomon with the Crest of Light. After harnessing the full power of their crests, Tai and Matt enabled Agumon and Gabumon to digivolve into their mega forms: War Greymon and Metal Garurumon. By doing so, they destroyed Venom Myotismon and restored peace to the planet.

Unfortunately, they noticed that the sky was beginning to rift. The Digital World had somehow become connected with the real world. The Digi-Destined knew that they had to return and investigate the urgent situation. As soon as they returned, they noticed that the Digital World was out of proportion.

Tai and Matt eventually found themselves in a squabble after a fleet of digimon attacked their team. Matt argued that he should have led the team since he felt that he wasn't as incompetent as Tai. This led to Matt disbanding himself from the group and sought time to think about these actions.

Burizalor find out about the Digi-Destined and became interested to meet the lone wolf of the team. He felt that if he could draw Cyrus into his dark forces, then drawing Matt in wouldn't be any different. Ultimately, the tyrant personally appears before the boy and offered him a chance to become stronger than he already was. Matt wanted to become stronger than Tai, but never felt the need to kill him. That is until…

"So, you want me to join your rankings in order to prove myself as the strongest in the digital world?"

"You can do so much more than gain more power, Yamato. You can ultimately become a leader of my forces. You remind me so much of a boy I used to know. His name was Cyrus and he craved nothing more than a chance to join my rankings. In order to prove himself worthy, he murdered his comrades."

"So you want me to kill my friends?"

"So, what do you say?"


"I would agree with this proposal," a hissing voice spoke.

Matt and Gabumon turned around to face an insect digimon clad in fiery-red armor platting. Gabumon stood his ground and protected his friend.

"Don't be alarmed. I am not here to cause you harm," Shadramon spoke. "Yamato. I would really consider this proposal."

"But, how can I kill them? They are my friends…"

"But don't you seek complete power for yourself?" Shadramon asked. "Don't you want to become better than your rival? Hell, my rival died years ago and I've grown much stronger than he ever will be."

"So, you must be that Cyrus guy?"

"That's correct. I once had a human body, but this new digimon body has allowed me to exploit the full depth of my power."

"You sold your own soul for the sake of power? You want me to do the same…"

"So, what do you say, Yamato? Will you kill off Taichi and become the strongest in the Digital World? You have the potential to do many great things," Burizalor spoke.

"Matt? Don't tell me you're going to give in to their needs?" Gabumon said. "You can't! You're the Digi-Destined of Friendship!"

"Yeah, but I've been less of a friend. T.K. doesn't even look at me as a brother after the way I blew everyone off. I have to do this, Gabumon… I won't let Tai overshadow me anymore…"

"So, what's it going to be?"

"Burizalor. I agree to your terms, but I will spare everyone else including my brother. I will only execute Tai."

"Excellent. I knew you would agree with our terms, Yamato. Come with me. I shall baptize you to the dark side," the tyrant spoke.

"Just think of it as an honor," Shadramon said.

"I just hope that this is the right choice," Matt thought. "TK, I'm sorry but I have to do this. I will return and defeat you, Tai. Just you wait and see..."

In the end, Matt agreed to Burizalor's terms and was offered a spot in the forces. He was eventually groomed to be the next lead commander and was greatly influenced by the tyrant's word. Matt was slowly becoming "baptized by the darkness" and helped train Gabumon to grow stronger. Matt now realized that strength was everything and that the weak had to perish. The darkness had completely consumed the boy to the point where he grew hatred for his rival, Taichi Kamiya. Everything since then would never… ever… be the same again.

It is clear Burizalor has ultimately affected the balance of the entire Digital Universe. Did his sudden appearance ultimately cause a shift of time and a new beginning? Was he even meant to be apart of the Digital Universe? There are still many mysteries to be answered and other worlds to be uncovered. All that matters is the fact that a warrior would eventually arise to overthrow the tyrant, just as Taito had prophesized.

"My spirit will live on, Burizalor… I swear someone will overthrow you and humiliate you… Please, let there be a hero out there within the three sectors… Burizalor must die… My time has passed… I and everyone else slain by this monster will be avenged… We will be avenged!"

Will a new hero be born and carry out Taito's word? Hope rests on the shoulders of a boy and his digimon: Taichi Kamiyaand Agumon.

(Play Digimon Adventure ending theme "I Wish")

The End...

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